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  1. Leicester City - 2015/2016 EPL Champions

    And Costa should have been red carded before all that in the first half. Do you honestly think we were proactively going out there just to behave like that? The game was out of control in the first half. Dembele's action happened at half time when we were up 2-0, so there was no reason besides provocation for that to happen. Yeah it was a dog act and his season is finished, but geez, people are acting like Chelsea are just an innocent party! Christ, even Andy Maher is crapping on about how dirty we were, and was asking if we played like that all season. No Andy, in fact only last week we were talked about as being the best team to watch this season. Thanks for finally mentioning us though, dickhead!
  2. Leicester City - 2015/2016 EPL Champions

    Our slender chance of winning the league was lost last week. To be honest, I'm surprised Terry didn't have a Leicester kit on underneath. We all know how much he loves celebrating with teams he's not involved in!
  3. Leicester City - 2015/2016 EPL Champions

    I'm not excusing eye gouging, Dembele was an idiot. And as far as the tackles go, I've seen plenty worse than them. My point was there was a reason that all happened and to pinpoint us as the dirty team is a joke! To quote Martin Tyler, "Chelsea played their part".
  4. Leicester City - 2015/2016 EPL Champions

    No it's not. We lost our heads this morning, but most of those yellows came in the second half. In the first half Costa put a forearm and then a forehead into vertonghen's face but didn't even cop a yellow! There were numerous incidences like this that went unpunished by Clattenburg, and the free kick count was way out of balance even before the halftime whistle. It's no surprise we lost our heads cuz Clattenburg didn't do his job. It was always going to kick off, but I suppose the ref will be applauded for keeping it 11 v 11.
  5. Leicester City - 2015/2016 EPL Champions

    Playing at Chelsea, what a surprise! If you think it was all Tottenham's doing, you have your head up your arse! Tell me, who has the reputation for playing like pricks? Chelsea are a vile club. They may have plenty of trophies, but they have nothing to be proud of.
  6. A-League News Thread

    Simon Hill was talking this morning about how the FFA taking over the Jets probably had a bit to do with the lack of promotion. Make of that what you will, just thought I'd mention it.
  7. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    TTIM: People watch Sunrise.
  8. Harry Novillo (gone)

    The biggest issue with this club since its inception has been it's mentality/attitude. Novillo's is shit. Move him on. The biggest issue with this club since its inception has been it's mentality/attitude. Novillo's is shit. Move him on.
  9. Our next marquee....again (btw 1000th topic)

    I have a love/hate relationship with that button.
  10. Melbourne City B are about to win the title

    Redmayne also wasn't responsible for picking the team. Actually hope he wins. Not that I have anything against mate, marrone, or goodwin. But mauk, and the city of adelaide can go fuck themselves.
  11. Nerd Watch

    Almost went with #FashionIsNotACrime
  12. Nerd Watch

  13. City Voice

    The issue is that i'm viewing melbourne city for exactly what it is, Etihad FC. And no, i don't expect that to change. So i'm stuck with the choice of either a club being used as billboard for Etihad/Abu Dhabi. One i view as being completely fake. Or a club with a shitty, arrogant and often violent attitude on and off the pitch. It may be an easier choice for others, but i'm not sure which is worse! So i suppose i would define a decent club (for want of a better word) as a respectable club that plays football, for footballing reasons. Neither melbourne team falls into that category for me.
  14. City Voice

    If JW can come up with a reason that quickly to give me any slither of hope of sticking around, why can't they? I've mentioned twice already on there in no uncertain terms that i am struggling to find a reason to care. Also, one quick glance at my record would tell them that i've been a member since the melbourne heart days, and that i also bought a baby membership for the first time this season. Most of my angst is stemming from the fact i'm wanting a decent football club for me and my boy to support and go watch. And that this one that i had hoped would be it, isn't turning out that way! So not only would they be losing a long-time member, they'd be losing at least one other potential long-time member too! And then there's the other 4-5 others who are members because of me who will also (most likely) have their own kids in the future!
  15. City Voice

    But I did get a reply. So while you're trying to address one issue with a response, just simply acknowledge the other!