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  1. SBS probably read about it here. I hear Iniesta is coming to Melbourne City...
  2. Yep I'm not unhappy with the manager as a person, I don't know him. I'm unhappy with the lack of ambition shown by CFG. I'll still support the team, I'll watch the games on TV, I'll even attend a few games if its convenient but I won't organise another summer around it
  3. I know Bielsa would last half a training session and then walk out because of the low skill levels of the players but I'd want to see Wazza appointed as the development coach and someone who had demonstrated success as a senior coach outside a major league who was keen to test himself in the ACL
  4. I don't like the signing, it isn't ambitious enough for me so I guess that describes me. I'm not bailing on the team just bailing on the season ticket and match attendance until I can be reasonably happy that at least the team will make a consistent effort and I won't leave angry or numb
  5. Just rang and cancelled our season tickets. Sad day for me really but I'm going to need to be convinced before I come back. I hope that I'm convinced
  6. Yes that might be a part of the re-focusing. Things might change if the franchises get to run their own League Do you know anything else about him?
  7. I don't think that its necessarily about getting players good enough to ply for Man City, its more about getting players good enough to on-trade, it becomes a revenue stream
  8. Yes I know, one thing that the Chinese have learnt well from history is to play the long game
  9. CFG have recently had a huge Chinese investment, whilst that hasn't translated into a Chinese League team yet I can't see the Chinese investing in CFG to improve the ACL chances of Marinos or us over the longer term
  10. I don't think that the franchise is a car crash, nor is the sky falling. I'm sure that the team will make the finals I just don't see us winning or playing in Asia and I don't think that we have a coach for us to go far in the ACL. I really hope that I'm wrong. As I said earlier unlike most posters here a trip to the football often involves a 700km round trip down the Hume or a decision to stay away from home for a few days (I also have an apartment in Melbourne, I'm not sleeping at AAMI Park) so the risk for me over the coaching appointment needs to be lower for yet another commitment of money (2 tickets) and our time organising our whole summer schedule around City home games. This appointment doesn't get over the bar for me because it's not ambitious enough. As I said I really hope that I'm wrong. My point about AJAX is that the club board are responsible to the fans for their decisions around the direction of the club, our franchise owners aren't and the success of City is only a small piece of a greater football puzzle rather than the raison d'etre of the club.
  11. Yes but AJAX are a club (not a foreign owned franchise) and are masters of their own destiny and are responsible to their fans. I expect that with Chinese investment CFG are now seeing us as a development team and their other Asian teams are their pathway to the ACL
  12. Not happy. He's come to leave his mark on youth development. Important, yes. At this stage though winning Premierships and Championships is most important, of course they aren't mutually exclusive but I wonder if it reflects a change of focus for CFG that now see the A-League as a development League since Mooy's success and that success in the League is now a lesser priority. I'll still come to some games but I won't waste my money on a season ticket again until success has been demonstrated. I expect a top 6 finish next season but nothing better
  13. Maybe because we are the least successful Australian club playing in the A League
  14. What worries me is that CFG are likely to give him a 3-year contract and then leave him in place for 3 years, even in the absence of success, just as they have done
  15. Damien Mori, although I don't know about the virgins