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  1. I got rejected, my daughter is at uni and supports an unmentionable team
  2. yes, they are looking for people with school age kids
  3. Qualifying Stuttgart for Champions League is pretty flashy. Coaching Hertha Berlin to promotion from Bundesliga2 to Bundesliga is not quite as 'flashy' but still impressive, what do you want? I also wished that City had hired the right person for the job of winning.
  4. It does show the gulf in ambition though. Wanderers hire a coach that's coached at a high level in Bundesliga, qualified Stuttgart for UCL, we hire a youth coach from Man U. It suggests that Wanderers wants to win things, we want to develop players to on-sell
  5. Wanderers have just appointed Markus Babbel as their new coach. Played for Bayern and Liverpool. Coached Hertha Berlin, Hoffenheim and Stuttgart. We have Wazza It just shows the gulf in ambition.
  6. A worthy cause for our womens team

    I found this article on The Conversation about Celtic FC and their efforts to combat 'period poverty'. It would be a relatively inexpensive and worthy cause for our team to pick up.
  7. Bundesliga and All Things German Football

    It's now the hubris clock
  8. I think that you're confusing Tesla with Jaguar or Mercedes Authority figures don't drive a car with 'Ludicrous Mode', nor with a stereo that goes to 11.
  9. Bundesliga and All Things German Football

    Hopefully, they beat Wolfsburg. St.Pauli paid for the Millentor Stadium with the money they got from being promoted to Bundesliga
  10. Bundesliga and All Things German Football

    A great template for our Active support. What better reason could there be to introduce promotion/relegation?
  11. Clearly, you have less trouble with authority figures than I do
  12. Perhaps this is just a projective psychological test, a football Rorscarch, but now that I've seen it I can't un-see the sign behind her on the wall that looks a lot like 'seco cunts'
  13. Dylan Pierias

    Genoa has pesto