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  1. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    At least we won't have Muscat to pick up a red card, only LaRocca
  2. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    There'd be occasions when VAR is useful, even in countries with good ref standards, but yes, it wouldn't be the schmozzle that it is here at the moment. I can't see why it works so badly when hockey has such a good and effective system for video referrals
  3. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    The problem isn't the VAR, it's that the bind mice operating the VAR are also drawn from the same pool as the blind mice officiating the game
  4. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Not going so we are likely to win. The whole business of 'buying' a seat is so painful that I'll watch on TV. I'd be likely to be sitting next to some visit0r fans anyway. Hopefully, we win. My threshold for missing games is falling, just as it is for many fans.
  5. Where we are behind is that we take far to many shots on target to score a goal. Teams this inefficient don't win championships He'll make that easier for you by taking Matt Simon to the World Cup as our striker
  6. Aloisi screwed Heart even harder though
  7. Arzani should have come on when Atkinson came on and Atkinson should have come on and played RB after Muscat's red card. Bringing on Budzinski was really equivalent to sending us down to 9 men. You may have guessed, I don't rate him at all
  8. Imagine if it had been Muscat's studs on Bobo, it would have been VAR and a straight red with no complaints, but of course, Bobo plays for Sydney and Muscat doesn't. Muscat deserved his card but so did Bobo, especially as the ref hadn't called the foul on Muscat, it was play on
  9. i think that this was our best game of the season, let down by three moments of poor decision making and again, influence from the VAR (both ways) Positives: we looked more cohesive in both defence and attack and stopped Sydney playing their natural game Yoof - both played well and should start next week if McCormack is unavailable I don't think that we are that far off Sydney but our ongoing failure to convert our chances will continue to cost us. Remember we are still 2 visa players dpwn as well as Carusca (if he'd ever fit) This will be remembered forevermore as the game where Wazza emptied the bench Negatives: 3 stupid decisions cost us the game We looked less effective when McCormack left the pitch Yet another Muscat red card Bobo's cheating is unpunished yet again, and again, and again.... Still seeing nothing of interest from Budzinski
  10. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    It's more serious if the fracture has occurred on an articular surface, that's the smooth cartilage part of the joint where one bone contacts another. The club's provided no info on that one way or another
  11. Nathaniel Atkinson

    I haven't been to a youth games for several seasons but JVS was there at every game I attended, so I imagine that it is usual
  12. The team will only perform as well as the weakest link. Sydney only has one weak link but the rest of the team does a good job of protecting ReddersAs you've pointed out the role of each player protects and compliments the role of others in the team, it's no good having us just create 'scoring opportunities', we need lots of balls into the box and shots on target
  13. Our biggest problem is our very poor scoring efficiency. Sydney won't give us many shots, nor will they require many shots. Predicting a routine 3-1 win for the smurfs
  14. Marcin Budzinski

    Not writing him off, I've just seen nothing to get excited about apart from his single derby goal. I've also seen no sign of improvement
  15. Marcin Budzinski

    He needs to start if the problem is that the team just don't yet know how to work with him, understand his runs etc. The problem as I see it is that he's physically slow but also his decision making is poor and his touch is poor