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  1. Niko, you really are a bundle of joy are,nt you !!!
  2. I must say he played very well for a man who has not played a match for nearly 8 months , he reads the play so well and never stops.
  3. A big thank you to whoever did this, let's be honest he is way way better than that prick Joyce and has the team playing like we have always wanted .
  4. PLEASE PLEASE change the title of ths it seems to me to be very disrespectful of Monbearts !!
  5. I think the big difference between us and Sydney is that they have beaten the sides lower than themselves whereas we have struggled to do that but at the same time we have done really well since Mombearts came as opposed to the crap under Joyce.
  6. Absolutely agree, both Harper and Bozza must have gone home and changed out of their shitty clothes from being up Victory's arse i had to wonder if W U were even playing there at times.
  7. Ah well he got an extended holiday in OZ and got paid for it .
  8. Sorry Shahanga but at that time i had lost interest in Football for quite a while so i can't say i have ever seen Ray Baartz play.
  9. But not everyone can travel to away games !
  10. Latest news is that Fox are threatening the FFA with law suit if the FFA do not accept the so called offer from Fox to take a very large cut of payments for the tv rights . Fox is 21 Billion in the red . If the FFA accepts the cut it would cost approx $88 million per year for the rest of the contract duration.
  11. Actualy it won't matter to us here as my wife is now 80 and i will very soon be 81 and this year we have struggled a bit with the travel so we have decided not to renew. That's not to say that we won't be watching as we have Kayo here at home, we watched every away game this season but as i said the travel is getting hard for us so that's it for us. I will still be keeping in touch via this site for as long as i can. COYCB.!!
  12. Gave my vote to Griffiths , i my opinion the passes which set up goal opportunities where priceless.
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