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  1. This was, i think, the main reason for the poor crowd the weather probably convinced people to stay home and watch it on TV. It certainly was a very impressive performance spoiled by bloody awful weather, i was there and it was very raw cold weather.
  2. Those are my thoughts also it seems to me the system do's not suit him at all .
  3. Surely you must have the Five game membership country and interstate membership gives you five games.
  4. Didn't look too good today either but it was quite pleasant really.
  5. From what i saw on Sunday i think Genreau should get a start he was very good going forwards and as we saw gave a great assist for the first goal.
  6. Oh my, how awefull for you J W please accept our deepest simpathy at this terrible time kind regards from Mrs Johnno and i.
  7. Not to mention they also get called up for olyroos etc during our off season and even during our season.
  8. Do you not think that the other sides have been watching him and decided to double team him as that's what i saw , so they controlled the amount of his influence on that wing ?
  9. I am really pissed of at the moment as i was looking forward to tonight's first home game but i have had a bad week . culminating in being taken to hospital by ambulance on friday as i have got something wrong with my heart so sadly i will have to stay at home for this one .
  10. Then you should get an email telling you that your pack has been sent or ring them they are being very helpful at the moment.
  11. Haz have you thrown away the cardboard stiffener, if you have a suggest you look between the pieces as that is where they will be. That is, if you can retrieve them from your recycle bin.
  12. Playmaker , there are two sides to every story/ fight and we as fans do not know exactly what happened so placing the blame on the shoulders of the club is in my opinion wrong. Or placing the blame on any ones shoulders without corroborated evidence is akin to slander so be very careful .I was as upset about the whole thing as were many fans but as i said before we do not know for sure what really happened.
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