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  1. The FFA Management thread

    That do's not say much about us being the Sporting Nation .
  2. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    What i don't really understand is why the assistant referee on the far side kept his flag down when it was obvious to all and sundry the there were three Victory player who were standing offside and were still offside when the ball was kicked . Something smells fishy in the state of Denmark methinks. Everyone should take a close look at the replay .
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Vince Lia has re signed with Adelaide.
  4. my personal opinion is that we have had some (not many) good games overshadowed by too many boring and half hearted performances which were played by two completely different teams although they bore the same names and numbers. Some of the matches looked as though we were going to win by a large margin and then in the second half a completely different team came on and we either lost or drew totaly baffling myself and others around us.
  5. 2018/2019 season memberships

    Well after long discussion with Mrs Johnno we have relented and will now sit in Blue, we have been members since the beginning and we were both not happy with opting out so there it is in Blue for next season.
  6. 2018/2019 season memberships

    Thanks everyone for the polite responses. In response to the comment above, first there are people out there for whom that extra $15 per game makes a huge difference and is the difference between going to a game or not going. This is particularly so when you want to bring the whole family. And the other point is that other sports such as the Big Bash provide a day out at lower cost as they are a more affordable option, particularly if you want to buy any food at the ground. That aside, there is one other point I forgot to cover and that is the scheduling time of matches, Melbourne is a huge city and if you live in the outer east it can take up to an hour and a half to get home if going by train and then car. So if matches are scheduled to finish around 10.00 PM you are getting home really late and mothers are often not happy about children being out so late because they consider that it upsets their sleep patterns or the kids have school next day and they want the kids in bed by a certain time. With this in mind matches need to be scheduled earlier than at present. 7.50 PM is just too late. I would suggest 7PM as a more reasonable option with 4.30 PM for earlier matches. Oh and the other point is that kids up to age 18 should be free if accompanied by an Adult (up to 4 kids per adult). There should also be a very, very cheap membership option for uni and TAFE students who generally don't have a lot of spare cash. You also forgot to mention Pensioners of whom i am one of many, we are opting out of our memberships as we find that whichever way we get to games at AAMI the cost is somewhat prohibitive.If we come by train the travel time getting home and the long walk to the ground do's not help, if we come by car the parking opposite is not always available and adds to the cost $20 if we pre-book provided there is no other event then it is $30 plus the drive down Hoddle street is a nightmare at the times we need to get to the game. Oor memberships cost us $500 for the season they are Silver Concession and are what i call reasonable seats not the best, over the time we have been coming we have made friends with the people that sit close to or alongside of us who do not have concession and they are also not renewing for the same reasons as us and the fact that what we have been watching is very mediocre football. I have been watching football for all my life both here and in the U/K and believe me the standard here is nowhere near as good as the Championship .
  7. Well Ripping flares just for a start.
  8. MOTM vs Brisbane Roar

    I admit to not being a great liker of Malik but i have to admit last night he played exceptionally well but one thing i did notice was that he was getting a lot of coaching from Bart who was not afraid to direct Malik either by hand signals or voice it was interesting watching Bart boss the defensive line.
  9. And you post on here and wonder why!!!!
  10. Spud of the Match - EF vs Bad Luck Aloisi

    I don't think there was a real spud there ;last night, they all had some bad moments but thats all they were, bad moments.
  11. Not to mention a total crap owner who refuses to spend.
  12. 2017/18 Melbourne City Media

    So am i JW but i still get somethings wrong. OOPS there i did it again,(Somethings should be some things.)
  13. Hence my main reason for not renewing for next season, Total crap i am done with it.
  14. Memberships

    Not even interested in the pins, i have a draw full of pins from various sports but they do not help with our living costs .
  15. Memberships

    My point entirely and it's one of the reasons we will not be renewing our memberships because as foundation members we have got nothing more that first year members. Along with the cost of watching dour football for an exorbitant price.