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  1. Gathering a few thoughts in one thread instead of being spread around...is activity in this transfer window just media speculation or is there any real substance to it? I thought we were close up against the salary gap, which makes signings virtually impossible unless we can find opportunities elsewhere for one or more of our existing players.
  2. I thought Genreau was an AM? And he's only just turned 18 anyway. And I rate Malik as just about the weakest link in our entire squad. Kilkenny is our only quality DM. The club has never disclosed just how serious the injury was or the nature of the surgery that he had. It may not have been a full rupture.
  3. UOTYH: Ministers of the Commonwealth Government being criticised for voicing their opinions on sentences being given in our courts. At least these Ministers have been elected by the voters of their electorates as members of the Commonwealth Parliament. Judges haven't been elected by anyone - just appointed. If they don't like the heat then they should get out of the kitchen. It's becoming impossible for anyone in this country to voice an opinion on anything without being taken to task. Ridiculous.
  4. I'd like to know more about how this bloke is going.
  5. I can't go with any of them at this stage. I don't know how to quantify it, but IMO the first thing he is here for is to change the culture of the club. We had a shit culture last season, but we still won a trophy (and won it well). IMO the trophies and ACL will follow once we demonstrate that we have a culture of grit and determination to play every match out to the last second, not to cough up draws after leading or defeats after we've been on level terms, and to come from behind to win. I think we'll know 8-9 matches into the season whether Wazza has been able to make a difference in that respect. Unfortunately I don't think it will come easily, certainly not just because we sign good players because that hasn't worked before. Another reason I don't think it will come easily is because the same old assistant coaching team is there, for the moment anyway, and Wazza can't be everywhere at once.
  6. What should be debated is why there seem to be so many children these days deemed to either be "on the autism spectrum" or supposedly having ADHD. It seems like an epidemic. Methinks much of it is over-diagnosis. I can't begin to think of the potential long-term effects of pumping drugs into these young kids at ages such as 6-8. Maybe what's needed is a bit more of the "Sit down, shut up, and face the blackboard."
  7. Yes, the "standard" 14-match guest player rule still exists. That's not correct. We accommodated FFA, not the other way round. They had to create the "Cahill Rule" to get TC back to the A-League. We had already committed to Fornaroli and Colazo as our marquees, and we were the only club willing to fork out the (bulk of the) money Cahill wanted.
  8. Correct. The "Cahill Rule" for a Full Season Guest Marquee was for Season 2016/17 only.
  9. Will definitely be in.
  10. Of course it does. So do a lot of teams that include four starting players who haven't been signed yet and may never be.
  11. IMO we'll regret losing Retre. Arnold sees him as a useful signing for a title defence and for the ACL and we're prepared to let him go - concerns me a bit. I know it's early days (or is it?) but we seem to be pinning a lot of the Forum's hopes for next season on signings that haven't happened yet
  12. All I know is that unless we get in at least three decent defenders we won't win anything. Once more, the defence - or lack of it - is looming as a critical weakness.
  13. FFS. He's a Lancashire lad, born in Oldham. It'll take a lot more than some wussy journo to put him under the pump.
  14. Apparently Vukovic is going to Genk in Belgium for around $1m transfer fee. And Sydney likely to sign Paulo Retre.
  15. Apparently he's likely to join Sydney.
  16. I think he meas Ian McNamara of "Australia All Over." http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/weekend-australian-magazine/macca-all-over/news-story/520e26c9e49b8ab9a92d6b1085215958 They've held the "Monster Trucks" thing for the past 3 years or so. It doesn't seem to affect the pitch at all. They cover the whole thing with plastic and sand etc. and then remove it all afterwards. I don't think we've started with a home match since Season 1 when we started the season with Heart vs. Central Coast. IIRC we haven't had too many seasons where we've finished with a home match either.
  17. City Voice is not the only platform that is seemingly ignored by the club. On the club web-site the latest up-date from the Fan Representative Group is dated 25th November 2015. I think we know that the FRG does continue to be active on a regular basis, but there is no communication whatsoever from the club to other fans - be they paid-up members or not - as to what is discussed at its meetings. In these days of "instant" communication, there's nothing much worse than having out-of-date or inaccurate crap on your web-site. City is not alone in this, of course, but it doesn't give a good impression of any organization to ignore your on-line presence. The membership "Ts and Cs" (Terms and Conditions) continues to refer to 2016/17 instead of 2017/18, and the links to "Citizens Benefits" and "Member-Get-Member" take you to the membership page and not to those aspects of membership at all. Resounding "fail" to whoever is supposed to be keeping this stuff up-to-date.
  18. Brattan was on a one-season loan, which expired on 31st May 2017. Technically he has reverted to being a Manchester City player, and ManC will be discussing with Brattan's agent what the options are. IMO he'll struggle to find anything better than us - that's if we want him. Just looking at the image and comparing him with the other two players he's clearly got fitness/weight issues. Wazza has already mentioned several times about players working hard on and off the ball, so I don't think he'll tolerate players who can't go 95 minutes every match.
  19. Released today. http://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/article/201617-memberships-on-sale/14nuw8xbtr8321pnunrz6o01lf I have to say my initial reaction is that it's far too early - we haven't even finished the regular 2015/16 season.
  20. FFA might draw up a proposed fixture for the season, but the schedule and fine-timing of the matches is determined by Foxtel. We moved from 7.30 p.m. to 7.50 p.m. for evening matches because of Foxtel. And surely you've noticed that matches don't actually kick-off until the Fox people give the referee the OK? It's all about the TV audience. You will remember the seating arrangements and the farcical trophy presentation at the W-League GF two seasons ago.
  21. Brattan at the first session of the pre-season 19th June. Look at the gut on him. Wazza is going to make him work hard.
  22. Kiwis are visa players for Australian A-league clubs, but Australians are not visa players for Wellington Phoenix.
  23. Oh, come on Bela, man up laddie, man up. You're a boring old fart on here, but we need you. You can't bale out now. What are you going to do when we sweep all before us and coast into the ACL? You'll wish you had been a part of it all along. It's a life sentence, man, a life sentence. Get yourself a couple of City Blue seats high up under cover at the Southern End and be done with it. You know you really want to...
  24. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_Brimmer I reckon Kamau will have to lift his aerobic capacity to meet Wazza's requirements.
  25. I moved your post because it is mainly speculation. Where are you getting these rumours from?