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  1. As FFA stands at the moment, it probably fits quite well into FIFA. What reforms and progress are we seeing out of FFA? I can name the FFA Cup, but elsewhere all I see out of FFA is talk and glossy brochures, backflips and missed target dates. Where are the reforms to the FFA Board? Where is the new funding model for the A-League? Where are the quantitative criteria for expansion? Where are the NYL and WWL going? And so on and so forth.
  2. Sydney looking disturbingly ominous for next season already. Looks like they will have 19 of the 2016/17 squad. Other clubs - including us - are going to have to pull their socks up to get close to them.
  3. If you look at the link I posted above - http://www.mcfcwatch.com/2017/05/17/manchester-city-announce-release-date-of-201718-home-kit-pictures-included/ and look at the video (use the stop feature to get stills) you'll see that it's remarkably like the new Manchester kit for 2017/18. It would not surprise me if it is a replica of what we will be wearing next season. The release of the new ManC kit has been delayed - presumably as a result of the bombing incident there. Edit: If that really is our home kit for next season then I actually like its "traditional" simplicity, but I agree it's really uncomfortably similar to that of the parent club. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if this "mini-Manchester" look is as much to do with gutless local management as anything else. If we stood up for the "Melbourne club for Melbourne people" concept and said that we won't grow as a club in terms of identity, local appeal, memberships, attendances and loyalty to the club etc. until we are more clearly differentiated from Manchester, then I can't see why CFG would refuse us a more "independent" look. NYC can do it, so why not us?
  4. Have we even decided how many players we're looking for? So far there are but four official releases (non-renewals) - Gameiro, Kuzi, Rose, Colazo - and one unofficial release (non-renewal) - Sorensen. Brattan and Caceres officially finish their one-season loan to us on 31st May. There was a rumour that there are "more releases to come" but who knows. If we don't release any players from their continuing contracts then we don't have a huge amount of rebuilding to do.
  5. Certainly very similar to what I've seen as the supposed home jersey for Manchester City next season. If this is to be believed, next season's ManC Home kit will have white shorts and sky blue socks, the latter with a maroon band around the top. (Might we score red there?) But at least there's no darker blue on it. http://www.mcfcwatch.com/2017/05/17/manchester-city-announce-release-date-of-201718-home-kit-pictures-included/
  6. I'm going to look carefully at just what is in the membership pack for 2017/18. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but for 2016/17 I don't recall there being anything about the club at all - just the trinkets, the membership card and lanyard, and the cap/scarf.
  7. Mate, please note that you didn't need to start a new thread for your post. Before you post, look to see whether there's an existing thread to suit your post.
  8. I'll just throw in - and we're getting way off topic here, but it's the off-season... - where is there anything "official" about SHT being our club song, when and where people should sing it, etc. etc.? I don't see it as, say, as a mentioned in the membership pack, so where does a new member, for example, find out about it? There are plenty of members who down't turn up to matches, so IMO they're not particularly "connected" to the club, so why should they be "connected" to the song? IMO too many assumptions are made about memberships and members. This is a basic problem with the club - it does a lot of good things - for example in the community - but IMO most people are mainly interested in what goes on on the field.
  9. IMO it doesn't make sense not to have a replacement. If you don't, you are simply going into the season one short on your allowed number of players, and I can't see any point in that.
  10. One question was missing. "How confident are you that anyone will take any notice of the results of this survey?" I've yet to see quantitative results from any of the previous surveys. And "Sign up to City Voice" when the questions there just go unanswered?
  11. So does that mean that all seats currently held by last season's members are now not available for new members until 1st July instead of 1st June? Just policy on the run because they made a mistake going so early. The staff in the membership department are doing their very best with a lousy policy. The young lady there was most helpful in helping us move from City Gold to City Blue - all done with a couple of e-mails and a telephone call.
  12. Way off topic. The attendance was 10,731. Second highest (non-derby) attendance of the season. There are statistics around from early in the club's history when IIRC our CEO was on record saying that as few as 40% of our members might attend any given match. Certainly in Bay 28 where I have been for seven seasons there are gaping gaps for every match except home derbies, and yet almost every seat is actually sold to and reserved for a member. There are multiple reasons why people don't turn up. Obviously some are working, some have conflicting events that they can't get out of, some have something else they'd rather do, transport problems (such as PT shut-downs), distance they travel and lateness of getting home, illness, holidays,...etc. etc....and some people have different priorities in life. Also see Strider's comment above. Put less impolitely, we're hardly the most entertaining side in the league, and our results are not impressive. 18,751 for the FFA Cup Final on a Wednesday shows what we could do even if all we did was improve what we do on the field.
  13. TTIM: Medicare cancelling my Medicare card before sending me the new one.
  14. Like I said "If you feel strongly about it...." Otherwise it's not worth doing anything. Memberships have been out there since 6th April and realistically I can't see the club changing its position on what is on offer.
  15. Based on experience so far you won't get a sensible response from the club, merely a regurgitation of the standard response on 2017/18 memberships such as there being two home derbies etc. etc.- see City Voice if you want the details. And that's if you're lucky to get any response at all. Adverse comments are usually ignored completely. I'd say the one thing that CFG doesn't like is adverse publicity. If you feel strongly about it, e-mail Michael Lynch about the price increases/cap/scarf etc. and say the club doesn't know how to connect with its supporter base.