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  1. The VAR

    The League is going to persist with use of a VAR. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/statement-head-hyundai-a-league-and-westfield-w-league-greg-orourke-relation-video-assistant IMO the obvious change that should be made for the rest of the trial is to use the Video Assistant Referee only at the request of the On-Field Referee - this at least would be transparent to the fans watching the match. I think what's pissing everyone off at the moment is that the VAR (who is unknown and unseen by everyone in the stadium including coaches and players) is suggesting reviews to the On-Field Referee via their intercom, so no-one knows who is actually refereeing the match. Also I don't believe that the VAR should be called on to review off-side decisions - that's what the linesmen are there for.
  2. Ross McCormack

    http://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/melbourne-city/melbourne-citys-ross-mccormack-cleared-of-acl-injury-20171217-h063mh.html Same basic source but this is pretty definitive. Also the news that Bruno could be another 6 weeks. Don't think we're going to see much of the latter this season.
  3. Ross McCormack

    We have Budzinski as a marquee player, and two young central strikers on our books - Crowley and Roberts. IMO we should play Budzinski as our no. 9 until Bruno is 100% fit and his ankle is healed as well as it is going to, with Crowley on the bench. Brattan as no. 10, and Arzani and Fitzgerald as our wingers. And make it work as best we can. We could still get something out of this season, but even if we don't at least try and build some stability and consistency for the second half of the season and beyond.
  4. The VAR

    11 rounds in. That means 55 matches for which the use of a Video Assistant Referee can be assessed. That's a perfectly adequate database on which to make a report back to FIFA. So IMO you're absolutely right - stop the use of a VAR now and try to save something out of this A-League season.
  5. Ross McCormack

    IIRC before he came to us - and bear in mind he is an injury replacement rather than a signing - he hadn't played since March? His wife and two children are still in the UK, and so all up it's not that easy for him being here. Despite everything he has still scored seven goals in 11 league matches, half our total. Yes, 6 have been from free-kicks and penalties, but they all count equally and would we have backed any other player we have to get the same strike rate? I have no idea where the club might go next. We have two other central strikers on our books - Braedyn Crowley and John Roberts. I still don't think Brandan will play anther match for us, and so I suspect that if McCormack stays it will be an injury replacement for him - which again raises the question why we didn't seek an injury replacement for Brandan in the first place.
  6. Yes it is. But IMO what we have to look at are things that are under our control. McCormack misses a sitter in the first quarter hour. Bouzanis takes two steps to his left and then, wtf, stops and watches Adrian's free-kick go into the net. And so on and so on. If you want to win the league these are the things you have to have to improve on. There will always be decisions and happenings that go against you, and you have to minimise the impacts of same.
  7. I agree. Blaming the refereeing or the VAR and anything else is just a cop out. We're simply not strong enough when it counts. Eight seasons tell the same story. It's an issue of mental strength - or lack of it - that has plagued the men's team since inception. Our record against Sydney in the "City era"- 2W-4D-5L.
  8. The VAR

    Should be used for goal-line decisions only. These are the only ones that can be determined as fact rather than opinion. And they are the only ones where you can ensure that the camera(s) are actually in the correct position to determine whether the ball crossed the line or not. Even for last night's Brattan goal the camera was not in the position it should be for a satisfactory goal-line decision - it was not lined up along the line but at an angle to it. Everything else that reviews are used for are subjective decisions, and remain matters of opinion whether the VAR is used or not. I doubt that VAR of itself will cause me to stop going to matches, but it doesn't encourage me to go that's for sure.
  9. Let's face it, those are the reasons why we have yet to win a league trophy. We are simply not good enough for 95 minutes every week. No point in being the better team for 92 minutes if you throw the match away in the other three. That's what Joyce was brought here to fix, and it's clear that he has not done it yet.
  10. Killa could get a chance in the Christmas Derby. Jakobsen is on 4 yellows. Hoping we can get at least one point tonight. Trouble is, Sydney run like clockwork, and seem to just pick up from where they left off in their previous match. We're still too erratic with those annoying lethargic patches and wasteful finishing. Here's hoping though.
  11. Memberships

  12. Western Sydney

    Apparently Popovic has indicated he'd like to be the new coach. I posted a link in the FFA Management thread.
  13. The FFA Management thread

    Popovic has apparently thrown his hat in the ring for the Socceroos job. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/socceroos/tony-popovic-sacked-karabukspor-coach-throws-hat-into-the-ring-for-socceroos-top-job/news-story/4f58fdd62b8d2db5b0ab9a5ef02d05b2
  14. Domestic Politics

    @NewConvert Yes, I read that last night too. If there is anything of substance behind these latest revelations/allegations then this is indeed looking a lot more serious than I believed possible.
  15. 10 matches gone - over one-third of the season - and Currusca has just 59 minutes on the field for us. I think many observers would say an ill-advised signing.