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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    TBH I don't know why the club just doesn't terminate Petrillo and give our Manager the full reins in terms of signings. It's not as if the Manager has a 50+ matches season to contend with - there's plenty of time for him to assess who's available. If we need someone above the Manager to hold the Football Department together, then make that person purely admin. There have been too many poor signings during Petrillo's incumbency.
  2. The FFA Management thread

    I must be dumb, but I can't see what this achieves that isn't possible now. Players of any age can be and are released all the time from A-League clubs and then sign for another. Our John Roberts for example. Releasing him meant we could sign another and presumably more promising replacement to a Scholarship contract - Najjar. If a club values a player so highly that it wishes to loan him rather than release him, then perhaps he ought to be getting more game time anyway?
  3. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    I kind of like the idea of Mubarak doing that, but the reality is that he can't. Gallop and Lowy have repeatedly shown that their skins are as thick as those of a rhinoceros and are prepared to tough it out whatever is thrown at them either from above (FIFA) or below from football in Australia. More jibes at the way football is administered in this country will simply make them dig in deeper. CFG's position is that it either has to stay with Melbourne City and make the situation work by better management all round, or it has to quit. And pride says there's no way it will quit as a loser.
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    @Forever City @kingofhearts Looking at my keyboard I should have realised that. Thanks.
  5. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    You mean "is in the World Cup"? Personally I wouldn't be that sorry about Malik. IMO he's OK, but not outstanding.
  6. If you're going to play football in the Australian summer then I can't see how you can avoid evening kick-offs. Perhaps not as late as 7.50 p.m. though. Not only that, FFA is beholden to the TV deal. Whatever time is chosen there will be at least one group of people who will not like it.
  7. Player Contracts - Season 2018-19

    @HarrisonThe information I have seen from the club indicates that Connor Metcalfe is out of contract on 31st May 2018. As are Osama Malik and Oliver Bozanic. And the loans for both Mauk and Brattan expire on the same day and they return to NEC Nijmegen and Manchester City respectively. Malik, Bozanic, Mauk and Brattan are confirmed by transfermarkt (except they use 30th June as the contract expiry date).
  8. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Well, he put a fair dollop of gloss on the season I'd say. Getting closer to winning the A-League? We were 21 points behind the winner after a season of only 27 matches. Otherwise, fairly neutral. Endorsed Warren Joyce - what else could he do? I think we'll get a better indication of the expectations for next season when we see any further departures and then signings.
  9. Yes, but that's the macro side of things - what FFA needs to do, or part of what it needs to do, to grow the game as a whole. Within that, Melbourne City needs to take steps to improve its appeal in a tight market, both within the football and the general entertainment markets. We need to focus on the latter, because that's within our control.
  10. And Wolfsburg won the second leg 1-0 so remain in the Bundesliga for another season.
  11. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    You could have said that whichever side had won.
  12. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    I wonder why the minnows actually bother considering that we are in effect owned by the governments of the UAE and the PRC.
  13. I think we're talking about the importance of our matches being exciting whatever style we play rather than us playing pretty football. There's no single magic bullet to improve growth. Winning is of course important, but it alone won't do the trick. We need excitement because we're not competing only against another A-League club, or only against several other spectator sports, we're competing in a very competitive entertainment/leisure broad-spectrum market.
  14. I agree that the appointments of Popovic by Perth and now Babbel by Western Sydney are visible statements of intent by those two clubs. However, I'm trying not to get too concerned about our preparation for 2018-19 until we see what player signings and re-signings we make in the coming weeks. I'm not expecting us to announce much, if anything, until we return for pre-season some time in June. It's too easy to get down-hearted at this point in time when there's very little information coming out of the club.
  15. Western Sydney

    Markus Babbel new WSW coach.