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  1. Another pic of Brattan at training. Looks a little bit better in this one!
  2. Draw this Thursday 29th June at 3 p.m. http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/article/seven-clubs-to-make-debut-in-round-of-32/123dilmtxoc8218z88ncdr8lxs
  3. And change our name to Melbourne Cuidad de las Estrellas?
  4. Have you received your invite to have pizza with him at some place in Richmond(?) - I've deleted the e-mail now, but the cost is $15.
  5. I hope that your confidence is reflected in what happens on the player front over the next month or so. Of course I don't know the exact numbers, but at this stage prima facie it looks to me that we're up against it in terms of the salary cap and we don't have a squad that can challenge for silverware as we still need major reinforcements in defence.
  6. Why do we need a "new" post-match celebration? I wasn't aware that we actually had one now. I, and a lot of other people on the wings and at the Northern End, have been waiting seven years for the team to acknowledge our support, especially after a win.
  7. AFAIK the proposed cap for 2017/18 is $2.92m. http://www.news.com.au/sport/football/furious-aleague-club-slam-ffa-distribution-offer-for-201718/news-story/9304cea2448d6094f03e756c17be3e72 Cahill therefore around 13.7%. Too much. If we make him our second marquee, then we'll have a bit-player as a marquee. The situation has the potential to be a stuff-up....
  8. From his Twitter looks like Tommy is back in Denmark now. https://twitter.com/TSorensen1
  9. Inside-the-cap "spending money." Confirmed gone from inside the cap so far: Sorensen, Rose, Kuzmanovski, Gameiro and Retre. Coming inside the cap so far: Cahill (rumoured $400,000) and Galekovic. There can't be much space left under the cap. Buggered if I can see how we are going to be able to fit players in.
  10. Can't Petrillo manage to send him back to Adelaide? But, seriously, you're right. We can't keep dumping players anyway, whether we think we've found some one better or whether we think the player isn't performing to the level we want. Especially Australian players, because we're running out of players that we can sign unless if we want to go into the season with a youth squad augmented with a handful of senior players. At the moment our midfield/forward stocks are Arzani, Kilkenny, Genreau, Brandan, Fornaroli, Kamau, Fizgerald, Cahill and Caceres. We can't dump Kamau. The task is to get him performing to expectation.
  11. I don't recall reading the "12 months on the sidelines" (or words to that effect) from a statement by the club at all. It has been bandied around in the media, but I don't recall any definitive statement from the club.
  12. Maybe, but we've gone through this argument plenty of times. There is a certain thing called a salary cap, and we have to replace Paulo with a better Australian player but on no higher wages for us to be ahead. I'd like to know who that better Australian player is. People seem to be confident that we have all our signings - Australian and visa - organised and it's just a matter of announcing them, but I'm not so sure now that training has recommenced.
  13. Suspect that it will be outside the ground. Protection of the food outlets inside the ground.
  14. I thought Genreau was an AM? And he's only just turned 18 anyway. And I rate Malik as just about the weakest link in our entire squad. Kilkenny is our only quality DM. The club has never disclosed just how serious the injury was or the nature of the surgery that he had. It may not have been a full rupture.
  15. UOTYH: Ministers of the Commonwealth Government being criticised for voicing their opinions on sentences being given in our courts. At least these Ministers have been elected by the voters of their electorates as members of the Commonwealth Parliament. Judges haven't been elected by anyone - just appointed. If they don't like the heat then they should get out of the kitchen. It's becoming impossible for anyone in this country to voice an opinion on anything without being taken to task. Ridiculous.