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  1. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    Unless Wanderers score, Victory will go into third tonight with greater number of goals scored.
  2. Wazza Out

    @Shahanga If you assume that they are all league matches (which is not the case once the FFA Cup was introduced, but it's a close approximation): JvS (1): 72 points, 52 matches: 1.24 JA: 31 points, 39 matches: 0.79 JvS (2): 151 points, 96 matches: 1.57 MV: 16 points 12 matches: 1.33 WJ: 32 points, 19 matches: 1.68 Graham Arnold: 376 points, 199 matches: 1.89.
  3. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    Especially when preceded by afternoon sex.
  4. Wazza Out

    And then you have the amazing Graham Arnold. 199 A-League matches in total, for 108 wins, 52 draws and 39 losses.
  5. Ross McCormack

    I don't think there's a marital issue. He married Courtney St. John in 2016 although they've been together for quite some time, and has two sons with her. He has another son from a previous relationship.
  6. Ross McCormack

    1. Yes. 2. Just a personal opinion, but I would say that Sydney would be a more attractive club to play for than City is at the moment. They appear more stable than we are and actually win trophies. Whether or not a player would sacrifice a few thousand to play for them I don't know. I'm sure that Sydney's books are scrutinised by FFA just as thoroughly as the other clubs - if not, and this became known, there would be uproar from the other clubs.
  7. Ross McCormack

    It looks as though Budzinski would have to be terminated or brought inside the cap in order for McCormack to be a marquee for next season. Even assuming that City and Ross could agree on a salary. I can't see an insurmountable difficulty in retaining Ross for the rest of this season. It would require FFA's consent, but if they agree he could remain as a guest player. McCormack is a perfect example of how FFA's rules restrict what the wealthier A-League clubs could otherwise do.
  8. Daniel Arzani

    Well said mate.
  9. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Football is just another aspect of show biz. You don't remember the chorus line, you remember the show-stopping song sung by the star of the show. In football it's the great goals and the great saves. It's the "Paartalu Derby" we remember, not 45 consecutive sideways passes by Luke Brattan. Fans fill the grounds for the magic moments.
  10. The "Where are they now?" thread

    I doubt that there was any payout to Brandan or to Temperley to terminate the loan. He hasn't lost any wages as far as I can see, and the story was that Temperley were happy to have him back (possibly wanted him back). I guess we'll never know the full story, but my guess is that Joyce just doesn't favour "flashy" players. So exit Brandan.
  11. The "Where are they now?" thread

    23 Nov: "Fernando Brandan is in the final stages of his journey towards match fitness after fully recovering from his ACL injury." (Team news for Round 8 City vs. Perth) 18 Dec: Contract mutually terminated. 16 Jan: Plays for CA Temperley And I suppose we're still waiting for the "like-for-like" signing....
  12. The Olyroos (Australian U-23s) Thread

    I wonder how many people really care? There's only so much that the football public can take - eventually the hype fails to catch their interest. I'm astonished that Slowy and Gallop continue to lead FFA when there is so much to be done and yet so little ever does. Until we have a strong domestic league with better footballers providing a more exciting product more often in more places, other than a four-yearly flicker of interest in the national team no-one is going to take more than peripheral interest in the rest of football.
  13. Marcin Budzinski - At least he's better than Koren

    He's their Head Coach. They're currently top of their league. The header on the club web-site intrigues me. http://nkdravograd.com/
  14. Tim Cahill

    Yes. Cahill was just plain stupid to do what he did. He was supposed to be the A-League's pin-up boy. It's probably rather sad that absolutely no-one in FFA or the A-League has come to his rescue since his departure from City. That tells me just how far he has fallen out of favour.
  15. Ross McCormack

    According to transfermarkt his market value (their estimate of a transfer fee) is 4.5m GBP, his contract with Villa runs to 30th June 2020, and his loan deal with us is to 31st January 2018. TBH, once Bruno is assessed by FFA (process unknown to me - do they just take a club's word on that?) as having recovered from his injury, and Budzinski remains as a marquee, IMO it's difficult for Ross to remain with us. Even if Manchester City bought him from Villa, he couldn't be loaned to us for the rest of this season under the "Caceres Rule." The only thing I can see possible would be a "Guest Player" stint, but that would be subject to FFA approval. I can imagine the squeals from other clubs if we did that.