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  1. Players should be capable of playing two matches a week. However, I doubt that AAMI Park could stand up to two rugby codes, three football clubs and other events if we're all playing at the same time of the year. I wonder about keeping the competition roughly where it is now but having a one-month break in February? Much like some Euro leagues have a break in mid-winter.
  2. We would if we first got ourselves a decent and distinctive jersey that we could all be proud of and then kept it for 5+ seasons.
  3. I feel that we could do well in the ACL under Mombaerts, as I did when JvS was with us - the problem has been getting there. I don't want to sound elitist but I think our players are all what I'd call "thinking players" not just players who are physically tough and can run fast, so when we're in the ACL I think we can adapt our style and approach so that we are successful.
  4. We'll have to open our State borders first. We were too late and too weak on our "second wave" response here in Victoria, and IMO it's going to be a long road back from where we are now. NSW looks dangerously close to its own second wave (why they haven't made masks compulsory yet I can't fathom), so I can't see State border restrictions being relaxed until around Christmas. Agree. Never understand why coaches do this.
  5. I can't see any way that we can suddenly robbed of qualification other than a change in the rules that would allow Wellington to participate in the ACL. If we finish second in our own right even that could not occur. Whether the ACL is held is an entirely different matter however, and IMO we won't know that for a while yet.
  6. No-one knows what the future is for football as we've always known it. It's still a big moment for the club. Foundation members have waited 10 seasons for this.
  7. I miss those highlights shows more than anything else. The ones on the FA Cup were good too.
  8. Sutton were 14th in the National League when its season was brought to an early end. Must be my first "green line" ever!
  9. jw1739


    IMO generally speaking once an issue is shoved up your nose by protests and the media etc. there is a tendency for opinions to harden on both sides, and the issue becomes more divisive than it was before.
  10. As it stands we need one more point to secure ACL football for next season by finishing either second, or third if Wellington are second. If MV can take one point(s) off Perth we don't even need that.
  11. Perth play Victory tomorrow. For once I want the 'Tards to get at least a point.
  12. I agree that much depends on quality on the pitch. IMO that's one of the things that needs to be addressed irrespective of when the season is. We really do need some crowd-pulling players.
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