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  1. Pretty much in the same category as not having an interchange at South Yarra on the new train line. But really the problem with all transport infrastructure is that we continue to funnel more and more people into the CBD while Melbourne grows so rapidly that transport infrastructure cannot keep up with the growth. The only real answer is decentralise. Melbourne is already choking.
  2. Other sources are saying that he's happy to coach SM if they obtain entry to the A-League. e.g. http://outside90.com/south-melbourne-demanding-a-league-place-with-roberto-carlos-in-charge-148/
  3. A bit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberto_Carlos
  4. Wasn't a removals truck taking the last pieces of furniture and closing the place down was it? Seriously though, does anyone know whether Messrs. Munn and Petrillo are back home yet?
  5. I certainly can. Where do you want to start? It's the off-season after all. A good pissing-off now will mellow me for season 2017/18.
  6. TTIM: Enquiries etc. using the benefit of hindsight to savage people in our various emergency services over what they did or didn't do in a particular situation. My experience of "emergencies" has been as a volunteer firefighter in Tasmania serving in two big bushfires. These desk jockeys need to get out there and experience what it's really like to have to make split-second decisions in tough situations before opening their bloody mouths.
  7. Fed up with the Australian media focussing on the minutiae of what the people in the Trump administration are doing.
  8. Yes, it's a bit of a weak colour, but TBH I'd rather get the change over with rather than listen to the same old debates. The hybrids we've had so far have been awful IMO. What p's me off more than a sky blue playing strip is seeing City and Sydney come out for the warm up session and players and training staff from both clubs looking almost identical. That just seems stupid. I can't see how that enhances the "brand."
  9. Brisbane through to the Group stage of the ACL. We can't deny that Aloisi has been far more successful at Brisbane than he was at Heart. I'm beginning to think there's more in the "club culture" issue at Bundoora than first meets the eye.
  10. IMO a good signing for them. They're building nicely.
  11. Quite apart from that, IMO City has to make some "statements of intent" with both our new manager and the player signings we make for 2017/18 and beyond. Recycling an A-League manager and A-League players isn't going to help our club connect with the people of Melbourne. I may be completely wrong, and I may still be suffering from the disappointment of our ignominious end to 2016/17, but I don't sense from our PR that we're really pushing CFG hard enough to get what we need.
  12. UOTYH: I'm fundamentally against recognising any particular group of individuals/people in the Constitution.
  13. I think that's the case with City visa players. I'm also sure that Heart were doing comprehensive medical testing on all players when they reported for pre-season. There was also some medical testing prior to joining the club - as per this article on Kisnorbo: http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/article/melbourne-heart-fc-signs-patrick-kisnorbo/aoan6hzt6b5l177vm2tqw0qjr
  14. Anyone who didn't see a sky blue home kit coming at some point is, I'm afraid, being rather naive. It was always a matter of "when?" rather than "if." CFG have made it very clear that they believe in their "brand," and the kit would have changed right from season 2014/15 unless Sydney had objected. CFG effectively bought the right to wear sky blue by paying the bulk of the cost of the arrival of Cahill in the A-League. In the end they will use their financial power to get whatever else they want, or they will walk away. What Melbourne City costs them is absolute peanuts in their wider scheme of things. It's the choice of an individual to ignore Melbourne City, to follow them, to support them, or to love them or hate them.
  15. The rumour on Sevilla was before the January 2017 transfer window, and the move from West Ham to Seville did not eventuate. Apparently Las Palmas were also interested at that time. No listed rumours since then.