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  1. Wazza "I picked a team..." Joyce

    It's all going to depend on what criteria were set for the club for the duration of Joyce's two seasons. If those criteria are only for what goes on on the pitch then I can see Joyce not being re-appointed at the end of this season if we don't make the Asian Champions League. But if there is fallout from the Fornaroli Affair, more want-away players, and in the light of both falling memberships and falling attendances, then I think it would unfair just to terminate Joyce and not start to question others in the management hierarchy.
  2. Even if you forget about Bruno, you can look at O'Halloran. Maybe he is indeed going to be replaced, but why let him go so early? Wouldn't it be better to have the departure and arrival more or less at the same time? I find it puzzling and I don't believe the "homesickness" reason at all.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I wonder whether A-League rules permit Melbourne City to have two players with the forename "Harrison" on their books at the same time?
  4. IMO people are indeed being unduly negative. You can only play against the team the opposition puts on to the field. By the end of the match we also had plenty of youth on the field - Atkinson (best game from him for quite a while - loved the way he outmuscled Kamau), McGree, Wales and Najjar. Thought the latter gave a nice little cameo - moved around well and pulled the defenders with him - just what we need in the front line. Double yellow cards are a feature of football - every club gets one at some time or other - and you have to take advantage of them and that's what we did. We could so easily have given up last night, but we kept going and ultimately prevailed. We needed the points and we got them. Also I think for the first time this season we were properly entertained with some spanking goals and plenty of near misses. TBH I thought with 7 minutes to go we were done for, but what a finish it was. What a pity that only 5,159 were there to see it - our lowest crowd since the takeover. Seagull Index: Low.
  5. MOTM vs WSW

    Some good comments there. I gave it to Schenkeveld, for his winner.
  6. Wazza "I picked a team..." Joyce

    I gave up watching that after about 6 minutes, because I can't hear what the questions are that are being answered, and then e-mailed the club pleading for them to get a roving microphone so that we can hear both Q and A. If that's what he does say, then that agrees with my own information. I'm given to understand that most of the deals in the mid-season window take place on the last day and even only minutes before the window closes.
  7. Wazza "I picked a team..." Joyce

    Absolute rubbish. A situation entirely of the club's own making. Failed to sign enough forwards before the season started, instead signing a plethora of midfielders and defenders. Added to the defensive midfielders in the January window while terminating Caceres and O'Halloran and suspending Fornaroli. All levels of management failing to resolve the Fornaroli situation, despite the player continuing to train and be part of the club. Failing to use all the options available outside the salary cap (such as Mature Age Rookie). Failing to promote the club's own youth striker. Just more sky blue bullshit from City Football Group.
  8. Our best season for attendances was actually 2016/17, when our non-Derby average was 9,417. Our lowest crowd that season was 7,745. That was the season we won the FFA Cup. Of the players we had that season, only the following remain: Osama Malik; Dylan Pierias; James Delianov; Luke Brattan; Bruno Fornaroli (suspended); Dean Bouzanis (on loan to PEC Zwolle); Denis Genreau (on loan to PEC Zwolle).
  9. Matildas

    There's an update here. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-22/matildas-environment-of-stress-and-fear/10734412 I find it quite difficult to understand what precisely is being said. The report seems to imply that if Stajcic was not dismissed the culture in the Matildas was likely to lead to "violence against women." I find that extraordinary.
  10. I thought I saw that against Perth. A few gesticulations and a little bit of chat between players. Particularly when someone didn't run for the return pass. They're only human, like us. Some of them probably thinking about next season.
  11. TBH, I could not countenance not going. I don't think the club pays much attention to what the attendance is - some attention, but not a lot. IMO if there's a beef with the club, write to them and calmly explain what it is you're on about. I just wrote to them about being unable to hear the questions whenever a video is released of an interview with Joyce - e.g. the pre-match presser for tonight - and suggested the use of a roving microphone so that we could hear the questions. Will action be taken? I don't know, but I think that's the best way to approach these things. If you're a season-ticket holder you do have a right to raise issues with the club. IMO match protests work if the media picks them up. But I don't think staying away does so. But each to his own. That's probably close to the truth. Joe Pala is our longest-serving "Assistant Coach" and IMO he has a good record with the Academy boys. Really like what he's done for the club.
  12. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Mate, I'm truly bewildered by it all.
  13. I think that tonight's match will tell us a lot about what the real state of affairs is within the club. We've seen two senior players depart (Caceres and O'Halloran) and one senior player suspended, apparently irreconcilably (Fornaroli). Jamieson, our captain, and now Brattan have spoken out about the Fornaroli situation. The playing group is not united behind Joyce. It would not surprise me if we see a lack-lustre performance tonight. Hopefully we'll win, but I'm not confident that we will.
  14. Memberships/Season Tickets

    I don't believe that these people are living in the real world. Asking people to renew a membership after all that has happened? If it's true that the Fornaroli Stand-Off is irreconcilable, then all of us should be given a full refund of our memberships and free admission to the remaining matches this season. We have been misled, if not for the whole season, ever since the Phoenix match. Because it's clear that the main objective is not to win silverware, but to make some kind of internal political statement about who's boss. Therefore we have not received what we paid for. Bratts' comments yesterday, and those a couple of weeks ago from Jamo, our captain, show that the playing group is not united behind Joyce. The guy is an arsehole, and so are Petrillo and Munn, and everyother dead-shit involved in the management of City.