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  1. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Their fans have been complaining about the absence of "star" players for this season, so it's not surprising. Until the past couple of weeks they'd lost only one league match though.
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    With Baccus gone and Griffiths wanting to leave, perhaps even Schenkeveld comes back into the picture, except that we already have 4 visa players so it can't be Schenkeveld and Luna. Windbichler has experience as DM doesn't he? These departures must be giving Petrillo and Mombaerts a bit of a headache.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Interesting. It's starting to look like a very different squad from last season.
  4. Squad 2019/2020

    @Harrison Thanks. I saw Genreau's 17 and then promptly forgot it again! I'll make the changes.
  5. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    No news or rumours whatsoever. Eclipsed, perhaps?
  6. 19/20 Puma Kits

    As I understand it the colours of the badge are not negotiable, and I don't think that they should be brought into this discussion. The badge comes from the Arms of the City of Melbourne, and the club uses it subject to an agreement between the club and the City of Melbourne. The red on the badge is the red of Melbourne, and is nothing to do with the red colours originally adopted by Melbourne Heart. I'm also not sure where the idea of "official club colours" comes from, especially the argument about shorts (and socks). Heart played in both red and white shorts, and various different socks, so I don't see that we have much of a point to make there about blue shorts. Whether we will ever be able to influence the club is one matter, but for me the most significant thing that comes out of these continuing discussions between fans is that we supporters have no formal "voice" that we can use. We can moan away on this Forum, fire in e-mails when we get really upset, go to club events and try personal conversations, etc. etc., but as far as I can see we have no way of being represented or recognised. That is the heart of the matter. (Originally the pun was unintended, but it now seems appropriate.)
  7. Denis Genreau

    Do you know that no-one approached him? Perhaps they did, and he just feels that he'd rather play one or more further seasons here before trying a move to Europe. Many players make the move too early don't they? We don't know the full facts, and we don't need to.
  8. I wonder...

    IW...why the spring on a vacuum cleaner is never strong enough to wind up the power cord all the way?
  9. Denis Genreau

    Good interview. He's intelligent, enthusiastic and articulate. I'm getting this sense of anticipation of something special, so hopefully it's all going to come together for us this season.
  10. Luke Brattan

    The problem now will be any decisions Mombaerts & Co. have already made (e.g. Brillante) on the basis that Bratts was going elsewhere, and of course space under the cap.
  11. Some clubs make a lot of noise about their pre-season, others keep much of it quiet. I think history shows that we are in the latter group. I'm confident Mombaerts knows what he's doing. IIRC we've also got almost all our squad signed and training earlier than in previous seasons, which adds to my confidence.
  12. Replica kits

    I just wonder how many people really care any more? Unfortunately I don't have the actual membership numbers for the early seasons (there's someone on here who does, but I can't remember who it is - they used to produce a graph for each season), but it would be interesting to know and then to have a stab at what % are still members. Some of the attendances last season were very poor indeed - 1,800 for a quarter-final match against Western Sydney for example - so I question how many people are around who were Foundation Members and therefore whether even if a replica/heritage kit were available how many people would actually be interested in buying one? I am fortunate to have kept a couple of the Heart scarves, and I also have the "club scarf" from a few seasons ago which is R&W on one side and B&W on the other, with not a trace of navy - that is my favourite. I also have a Heart cap. I refuse to wear anything with navy in it, and most of that stuff I have thrown away. I suppose your idea was the type of thing that lay behind the idea of a "Supporters Club," but like all of these things you need someone with the time and energy to carry it to fruition.
  13. 19/20 Puma Kits

    Unfortunately I think that this sums up where we are at now. Even the previous conduit for communication with the club (Fan Representative Group) has been shut down - perhaps not officially but it hasn't met for 18 months. I don't know the %ownership we have of the new Chinese acquisition, but, leaving them aside, in CFG only three clubs are owned 100% by CFG - being Manchester, Melbourne and CA Torque. CA Torque already played in blue. The other clubs are all only partially owned, so there can be what I'll call "local opposition" to changes proposed by CFG. That is not the case here in Melbourne. You either do as you're told, or you quit. That's really the curse of having wholly private ownership of football clubs.
  14. 19/20 Puma Kits

    I agree. I know it's a small point, but why not come out with that information from the start? What is wrong with actually saying something like "Our Home and Away kits for Season 2019/20 will be released on 12th July 2019, to be followed (at a date yet to be fixed) by our 10th anniversary kit featuring the red and white colours of Melbourne Heart." I can't see what the club could lose by trying to keep its original fans on board. As it is people get upset every time and fire off tweets and facebook comments etc. The angst all quite unnecessary.
  15. 19/20 Puma Kits

    Even if that's so, that's completely stupid.