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  1. I'm afraid you're just going to have to put up with it. These sorts of offers come every season. You buy a season ticket for various reasons - convenience, loyalty, you like your seat, etc. etc. I doubt that these offers ever do much more than attract a few hundred spectators, and I also doubt that they result in more members. Even when people are given memberships, if they're not really interested then they won't attend, as evidenced by our current membership total and our actual attendances.
  2. My experience suggests to me that it's not an either/or situation. Rather, it's a combination of science and common sense.
  3. We have to watch this. Our young players play virtually for the whole year - the NPL, the NYL, occasional matches for the seniors, and now the Olyroos. Much bigger workload on younger bodies than the senior players have to carry.
  4. Yes. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/signing-news-dobras-departure-paves-way-rojas-victory-return
  5. Isn't Delbridge on the brink of suspension for accumulated yellows? I see this signing as more of a peek at Hendry for the remainder of this season at no cost to the club with a view to replacing Griffiths at the end of this season when he will be out of contract. Croissant will surely be on his way season's end to create a visa place..
  6. What CFG/the club just doesn't "get" is that continuing on with shitty blue says the opposite - that we don't matter and that we're not being listened to. My annoyance with it all is that I just cannot see that having Melbourne City in shitty blue does anything positive for CFG/"the brand" at all. Still, this is all a bit like dreaming of an old love affair. Better realise it's over!
  7. I suggest that this is quite simple really. The club does not resonate with the people of Melbourne as a Melbourne club. Whether or not CFG set out to destroy what identity we had or not, what they have done is just that, and the new identity doesn't attract the people of Melbourne. And neither do the people who remain see any prospect of CFG changing its decisions about that identity. There are other factors too, but I contend that that remains the single biggest reason. Even the supporters who attend are less passionate about the club than 2-3 seasons ago.
  8. Bloody good idea @mjake1234 . Suggest you put it to Ryan in the membership section. Without City Terrace and their predecessors AAMI Park would be like a morgue.
  9. I'm an unashamed Delbridge fan. It's not only his highlights that grab the fan's attention, it's that you can see his absolute commitment to the cause in every match. That's what we loved about Bruno, and I think Delbo comes close as a defender. City desperately needs some continuity, and Delbridge is the type of player who provides that. I for one would love to see him become a "club stalwart."
  10. Absolutely right. We loved him, but he broke our hearts.
  11. They will trade on being "the royals who didn't want to be royals" for the rest of their lives, and still be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Fucking hypocrites.
  12. Surely any marquee player who underperforms, whether because of the structure of his deal or for any other reason, is poor squad and recruitment management? Whatever way you look at it you have wasted the marquee place on your roster. And that's what we have done with Berenguer.
  13. No, I think you're being quite reasonable. No card whatsoever? If La Reffe interpreted the rule book correctly then the rule book, or interpretation book, or both, is or are stupid IMO. I can't see any substantive difference between the Delbridge and Topor-Stanley incidents.
  14. Thought we made very hard work of what should have been a thrashing. Best game of the night came from La Femme Reffe, who, despite my support for @playmaker to express his opinion showed that people should be doing a job based on their performance rather than any other arbitrary qualification. City were pretty turgid IMO. I thought Atkinson, Delbridge, Good, and Luna all showed well, and Bouzanis for once did what a GK is supposed to do. I remain frustrated by Wales, Noone and Maclaren - we just blow so many opportunities to score it's unfathomable. I also don't understand the timing of Mombaerts' substitutions. Best point about us for me was that we ground out a win when in days gone by we would have coughed up a goal and two points in injury time.
  15. Looked unfit to me, not only as a footballer but as a person generally. "Pale and wan" is the expression I would use.
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