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  1. Unfortunately I don't think CFG realise that it's "little things" like this that turn supporters on or off. When you treat an entity as a business then it is very easy to forget the emotional side of things, and supporting a football club is very largely emotional rather than rational. Even in industry you see this time and time again - for example, senior executives talking about a factory closure in business terms and seemingly forgetting about how employees actually feel. Regrettably I can't see us reverting to red-and-white unless we see a quantum shift in the way senior people in CFG actually think. And I don't see that happening any time soon. However, IMO we should keep the pressure on in any way we can.
  2. I found this well worth reading. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-14/digital-detox-at-sea-changes-robert-hassans-life/11685666
  3. As far as I'm concerned we're the only club that has an identity. Ours is the only club that actually has a formal link to the city in our name, our badge being a taken from the Coat of Arms of the City of Melbourne according to a formal agreement between the club and the City.
  4. NSW will have 5 clubs next season.
  5. Oh, the same old stuff repeated over and over again. Boring. Everyone knows by now the mistakes made by CFG, and going on about it isn't going to change anything. And everyone knows that the "membership" statistics don't mean anything. Perhaps the media could be positive for once - the non-stop supply of young talent coming through via the City Academy?
  6. Correct. From my own records, longest run without a defeat also in 2013-14 - 7 matches. Ironically, Season 2013-14 also saw us go 14 matches without a win!
  7. I see that the Sydney-Victory match mas been moved to Sunday because of Sydney's Socceroos call-ups, but Victory will be missing four players! What a stuff-up. https://footballnationradio.com/2019/11/11/victory-made-no-formal-request-to-postpone-big-blue/
  8. Fair enough. It's hard to know what's what. I just get the impression that the ground is not as full as it was when we were Heart, for similar reported numbers. That's all. There were huge gaps everywhere against Central Coast.
  9. TBH I don't believe them for a minute. 5,547 for the Central Coast match? More like 3,000 absolute maximum.
  10. Absolutely correct. Really we shouldn't bother to discuss membership numbers at all - the focus should be on attendances as the measure of interest in the club.
  11. Is this jump the 3,000 gifted memberships given to children participating in a tournament at Shepparton (see page 65 of this thread and a post from @HughJass)?
  12. Relive the first 10 years. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/video/10-year-highlights
  13. A bit cynical there fellers. Any 30,000-capacity stadium with just 5,000 people in it is pretty miserable whatever the weather. And in a country slated to be one of the most affected by climate change, summer football is going to be a real challenge, especially with kick-offs scheduled for 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm AEST - in reality actually 3.00pm and 5.00 pm. FFA must have some sort of death wish.
  14. Ultimate A-League is correct. We have a 13-5-10 record against them. Of the teams we've played the bulk of our matches against (i.e. not counting Gold Coast, North Queensland, and Western United) our record against Wellington is 13-6-10, but the record against all the others is worse. The worst are Perth (7-9-14) and Western Sydney (6-4-11).
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