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  1. We won the FFA Cup in Season 2016/17, the attendance at the Home Final vs. Sydney being 18,751. The League attendances that season were our highest - average non-derby attendance of 9,417. Thereafter the comparative numbers have fallen - 7,963 in 2017/18 and 6,782 in 2018/19.
  2. I completely disagree with "just for accounting purposes" excuse. I don't pay the guy, but it's bad business to pay an average player marquee wages. You backend or frontend these deals to get better players than average. You don't buy an expensive vacuum cleaner but only expect average quality. I'm not talking about Melbourne City's (sorry, that third goal was scored by "Manchester City" according to the ground announcer - hope everyone picked that up!) or CFG's accounting, I'm talking about a fan's expectation that his club will have a marquee footballer, not a book-keeping entry. This is about a club keeping faith with its fans.
  3. We're going to have to do something like this as the League expands to 14-16 clubs. We're also seeing more A-League club players (senior and junior) being called for international duties, so we're going to have to recognise international breaks in due course. A longer season is also helpful in maintaining people's interest - at the moment the League just about dies for nearly half a year and the public has nothing to keep interest going.
  4. Rapidly endearing himself to the faithful. Some really good blocks and tackles last night, and not afraid to hoof it away when it's needed. Good old-fashioned football. Out-of-contract at the end of this season - I hope to goodness we keep him.
  5. Give me 'arf a mo' and I'll report back on that.
  6. "Beter Thean Crag"? "Gaol Scorer"? I didn't know he played in Norway.
  7. As I reported earlier, the main problem was a group of children - I think some of those who had a kick-around at HT, possibly from a school or other institution - for whom the supervising adults (I use the term loosely) allowed them to feed the bloody gulls from behind the fence at the southern end. Bouzanis gave the kids a shout at one stage but they weren't stopped Absolutely stupid and annoying, and I can't understand why a club official, FFA official, AAMI official, whoever, didn't put a stop to it. We looked totally amateurish last night in this regard.
  8. My point about Florin Berenguer is that he is - according to @Bob Latchford - one of our two marquees. I don't expect him to be flawless, but I expect him, as a marquee no. 10, to stand out above the other City players, be the creative mainspring of our attacks, able to hit decisive precision passes, and at least have the confidence to have a shot on goal when the opportunity arises, not just be another player on the field. I just don't think he demonstrates enough of those qualities. I don't blame the guy either. We offered him a contract, he signed it. But I don't think we should keep looking for excuses if we don't get our recruiting right. Last night I don't think he did enough to justify 83 minutes on the field.
  9. Berenguer was total shit. That's all I can say about our so-called marquee. I thought Najjarine wasted his opportunity by being too elaborate. And Momby still needs to work on the team to get the best out of Maclaren. He's not big enough or strong enough to be wasted chasing hopeful long balls. His team-mates need to learn how to best use his goal-poaching abilities in the 6-yard box. I thought he was often in the right place in front of goal but the final pass to him was poor. Noone easily the pick of the forwards. And Delbridge the pick of the defence by a mile. What I like about him is that he is prepared to to clear the ball out of the danger area. Bouzanis was a lot more impressive tonight, but still needs to improve his distribution. The crowd was piss-poor - 2,900 not good at all. The pigeons were a fucking nuisance because a group of 8-12 year-olds were feeding them, and the idiot adults "supervising" them weren't doing anything about it. Spoiled the evening for fans behind the southern goal, and certainly irritated Bouzanis. WSW were toothless. 3-0 looks good, but IMO we can play a lot better.
  10. Then it's badly worded. As it stands it is ambiguous. If all scholarships are outside the cap, then say so.
  11. jw1739

    Tom Glover

    Not hate. IMO it's dawning slowly on many people that he is just an average goalkeeper. There's just no comparison between him and say Thomas or Kurto.
  12. Probably hand-outs from the Feds more than the NSWG.
  13. Pretty close to direct ownership isn't it? I thought Mansour is Deputy Prime Minister? And all he could send us is a third-class marquee...
  14. @Heart of oakleighYes. You should have received a "Purchase Confirmation" e-mail from Ticketek with the .pdf ticket attached.
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