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  1. You really want to read something into that? These two guys are so far up themselves that liking each other, whether for real or on-line, is par for the course.
  2. I meant who and where.
  3. So if this does eventuate, how are we going to line up?
  4. Wouldn't you prefer to occasionally hear that than the continual glossing-over that used to prevail? I know I would. IMO we're much more likely to win something if our gaffer tells it like it is rather than being preoccupied with "image." Wazza has been hired to put some grit and determination into our club. That's what he's doing.
  5. City face Bentleigh Greens on Tuesday night at Kingston Heath Soccer Complex, kick-off 7.30pm. 2017/18 members will receive a personalised email on Tuesday with ticketing information. Show the email with a valid ID to receive the members price of $5. Tickets are $10. www.melbournecityfc.com.au/article/pre-season-preview-bentleigh-greens-v-city/spwpzz741wzt1t4jgajw6jzzu#uW7bIxfPButt1YlR.99
  6. I can't see anything wrong with it at all TBH. All the other A-League kits are a ghastly mish-mash of colours, logos, sponsors names etc. etc, all produced and changed every season in the name of selling another jersey to the gullible public. As Mr MO says above, this kit is plain, simple, and no-fuss.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I wouldn't waste any more of your time if I were you.
  8. Remind us what that was - are you referring to the kit that was seen in Singapore/Malaysia?
  9. 3399FF would make a great banner.
  10. I thought Killer was uncharacteristically quiet during the match against Oakleigh. In everything, but not mouthing off as he was last season. Perhaps I was ball-watching as always, but that was my impression.
  11. Right now with the squad the way it is we need plenty of rumours. Weren't we promised some "good players in the next few weeks" a couple of weeks ago?
  12. Interesting. We now seem to have 7 Scholarship Players - Delianov, Pieiras, Metcalfe, Genreau, Najjarine, Roberts and Crowley (to be added to the list above). ???
  13. Yes, he's missed Kamau. But Brandan is there as a midfielder.
  14. By now it's hardly a surprise is it?
  15. According to the club web-site it's "Najjarine."