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  1. Domestic Politics

    Oh, I thought he meant tax cuts for the LGBTIQ+ community...they are his flavour of the year. Seriously, Malcolm, get a grip. Now that the SSM opinion poll has been conducted and has delivered a result, could we get on with actually running the country for the benefit of all Australians? Which means that we don't suspend planned sittings of either parliamentary house but get on with some serious business.
  2. Specifically, we have plenty of available midfielders to take over from Jakobsen, and Jakobsen can replace La Rocca. In truth there's not a lot between Galekovic and Bouzanis, and therefore I agree that we should make the changes. I'm always a bit suspicious when players have shockers in away matches.
  3. I wonder...

    Don't know much about submarines, but I wonder why they can't be fitted with a simple emergency buoy with transmitter etc. etc. that could be released and rise to the surface if the vessel becomes disabled in any way?
  4. Wazza Watch

    This is a football forum, and it's what you get when there are no clear "official" statements, explanations, rebuttals etc. etc. when a story hits the media. People comment nearly every week about why Fernando isn't mentioned in the team list - all that speculation would be cleared up if the club gave an update on his rehab. Wrt Cahill, a club wouldn't normally comment on an internal matter, but Cahill is an icon of the Australian game and the media is all over the story like a rash. A statement from the club would help clear the air. In the meantime the speculation will continue.
  5. Domestic Politics

    These anti-terrorist bollards and planter boxes - how are they going to stand up against trucks?
  6. Wazza Watch

    @malloy Uncorroborated, but from a fellow member. Reason given was that Joyce just doesn't like him as a player. I'll keep my ear to the ground.
  7. Wazza Watch

    Heard a whisper today that Fernando could be on his way as well. We've got 6 bloody good Scholarship players - Genreau, Najjarine, Roberts and co. - who'll play their hearts out for us and the club. Rather have them than flogs like Cahill any day, even if we come bottom of the league.
  8. Tim Cahill

    Sadly, how quickly it all can change. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/a-league/tim-cahill-to-take-pay-cut-of-more-than-3m-in-his-second-season-with-melbourne-city/news-story/a1ee6a585bdaaf4721a6ee4f06245a64
  9. Tim Cahill

    http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/blog/2017/11/18/cahill-wrong-hold-melbourne-city-ransom "He is without doubt the greatest Socceroo of all time but many in the game believe he tends to make it all about himself sometimes."
  10. Memberships

    @japiedog Thanks. I found membership, but not the first one - which page is that on? However, that's what I used because it was already in my address list. I've had an auto reply and now await a full reply.
  11. Memberships

    My take on it? No point in offering these things now, except perhaps something for the school holidays. Only if our results improve consistently will attendances increase, and memberships will follow attendances if the improvement in results is maintained. The boy has cried "Wolf!" once too often.
  12. Memberships

    Can anyone find a "Contact us" page on the club web-site with a list of e-mail addresses? I can't. I want to ask them about "Cityzens" and "Cityzens Points" but I can't find a "general e-mail address."
  13. The "Where are they now?" thread

    I think one of my saddest memories of football is seeing Tommy end his career sitting on the bench for Melbourne City. After such an illustrious career, couldn't we have done better then that? If not a testimonial match, even a lap of honour would have been a way we could have said "thank you."
  14. Tim Cahill

    If it were not true, TC should have already said so. He hasn't. The pressure is all on Joyce. We don't need that, and it could wreck our season. The situation needs to be fixed immediately. FFS, we needed a season without this sort of controversy. I hope we never sign another prima-donna player again.
  15. Wazza Watch

    @Dylan It's OK mate. I'm not having a shot at you at all. Just trying to be a "moderator."