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  1. That was one of the very best goals I've seen this club score.
  2. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

    He's doubled up heaps of times before this.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    So much this. The club is being reactive and chasing it's tail trying to solve a problem half the fan base could foresee. I have a lot of time for the glass half full camp on this forum, but this is not good enough. Munn you spud. I know you have cronies read this. You've had almost a decade in this job and it's been a shambles the whole time. It doesn't matter how much money, what facilities, or what players, staff and manager. You're the only common denominator that remains. Time to resign.
  4. TV Series

    Four episodes into the Netflix original 'Mind Hunter'. It's a drama that centers around the theme of criminal psychology. I'm really enjoying it. If serial killers, cop shows or murder mysteries tickle your fancy at all then you'll like this. Also has tits and sex scenes.
  5. Fernando Brandán

    God knows we need some entertainment.
  6. Tim Cahill

    I only like him for 30 seconds after each goal he scores and when someone is about to lob a ball into the box.
  7. Fernando Brandán

    Fucking livid at the thought of wazza giving pinga the flick. The cunt can get fucked if this happens.
  8. Tim Cahill

    I'm not at all suprised that Cahill and Joyce are apparently clashing. Those two personalities were never going to gel well. Wazza is no nonsense and hard nosed, whereas Tim is an arrogant flog who speaks like a B-grade motivational speaker.
  9. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    TTDIM: Getting an EU passport.
  10. Tim Cahill

    Why not? Surely having more depth is always a good thing.
  11. Marcelo Carrusca

    This guy is our most talented player who isn't recovering from injury.
  12. Playing Brisbane again already. This league is odd. Surely Carrusca has earnt a start now?
  13. The "Where are they now?" thread

    I was watching Redmayne when the final whistle went. He lost the plot celebrating. Booted the ball 30m in the air, doubled fist pumps, screaming, viciously hugging his teammates etc. Honestly felt happy for him.
  14. Your Best Heart/City XI

    Sorrenson Marrone - Kisnorbo - Madaschi - Behich Engelaar Fred - Mooy Garcia - Fornaroli - Novillo
  15. TV Series

    Binged the whole thing in a single a session immediately after it came out. I did the same thing with season one. I don't intend on doing it and I definitely didn't have the time to commit, but there's just something about it that makes it impossible to stop watching.