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  1. Domestic Politics

    Barnaby Joyce liked my comment on Facebook . Life complete.
  2. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

  3. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Nope. Hate the cunt.
  4. Haz's Dank Meme Thread

    The commie turn is disappointing.
  5. Really unsure what to make of that game. My instinct is that there's probably a lot of work to do. That good sides will eat us alive and won't let us get away with being so toothless in attack. No one really stood out for me, pretty average effort across the board. But OTOH, we may have just played out Joyce's plan perfectly and every week we'll be able to be this solid defensively and just pinch a goal or two going forward. We also have a few players to come into the side so there's improvement to come there. It's hard to say one game into season. I think my concerns outweigh the positives for me. I'm not expecting us to get anything out of the derby. But three points on the board I suppose. Onwards and upwards.
  6. Pretty tough. Might have to be McCormack.
  7. Rd 1 MOTM vs Brisbane Roar

    Can I vote for the back four?
  8. A League Fantasy

    My team is best.
  9. Is Ibra expected to be ready for tonight?
  10. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Kewell has got his team performing above media expectations. People just sticking the boots because it's him.
  11. Talking City Fan Channel

    Loved except one thing irked me. No one pulled up your guest when he claimed Aaron Mooy is the only good number 10 we've had in the club's history. Fred was amongst the best player's in the league in our second season. It was him and Madaschi that delivered us our first ever finals campaign in that amazing run we had. I'm fairly sure he even won the Alex Tobin medal that year.
  12. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    The argument isn't that an armed citizenry would be able to beat any military in conflict. I don't think that's ever been true. But an armed citizenry will be able to do enough damage and any conflict would be so bloody that it's sufficient to act as an effective deterrent to tyranny. North Korea haven't been developing nuclear weaponry for decades because they think they'll win armed conflict. The regime is simply self interested and nuclear capability is a great deterrent for the kind foreign intervention undertaken by the US in the middle east. Plus people tend to treat you with a bit more respect when you have such capabilities. It's the same thing on a different scale. I'm just a humble 62 year old Camel milker.
  13. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    What? I was responding to your "other methods take longer so he would've thought it through" argument. Defending yourself from the state is enough of a reason to own a gun imo. I'm pretty sure that gun violence just dropped off at the same rate it already was and the laws didn't have any great effect on crime from a purely statistical significant stand point. Could be wrong it's been a while since I read up on this stuff.
  14. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    The bloke emassed an arsenal, drove hours and hired out a hotel room. I'm pretty sure he spent some time thinking through what he was going to do.
  15. 2017 AFL Season

    This has gone to a whole new level. So many people wandering around with Richmond merch on. The absoulte worse thing happened when I was stuck in traffic and a bloke in a banged up magna had a tigers scarf in the back window and was just pumping the Richmond theme song on repeat with all the windows down. Kill me.