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  1. I can't even begin to comprehend...
  2. Let's smarten up. If you're unhappy with Joyce then you can post about it in the thread we have. Locked.
  3. Keen. Ajax have just the five foreigners as well then?
  4. Also, Troisi is a gun and is the perfect marquee. Stop being silly. Futhermore, where the fuck did the Honda talk come from? What is going on here?
  5. Fuck off CFG shill. City blue is a corporate construct.
  6. Good to great signing, depending on how much cap room he's taking. Well done City. Good start.
  7. You gotta learn to listen Lou.
  8. There's this hot new flick called 'The Godfather'. You should check it out.
  9. Well he only left to care for his father, who has now passed away. He should be coming back as a matter of course really.
  10. Corey Gamerio still using the club facilities in full Melbourne City gear. Good to see they're still helping him get his body right.
  11. I've been to CFA lots of times fwiw. It's overrated af. Just a big tin shed really.
  12. Keep it up. I'm enjoying this.
  13. Coffee and sugar free energy drinks are both great. But never drink them back to back. Horrible things happen inside the stomach.
  14. TTDIM: "A football fan reportedly yelled “F**k you, I’m Millwall” as he single-handedly took on the three knife-wielding London terror attackers armed with nothing more than his fists." http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/london-bridge-terror-attack-fk-fuck-you-im-millwall-hero-roy-larner-football-fan-lion-of-london-a7775246.html