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  1. I'd also like one for $55.
  2. I'd say it's real. There's no A-League badge because the badge is being redesigned for next season, so unlikely to be ready to go on the kit. I'd say it's just a prototype to show Munn and Co but apparently it was found in Malaysia . I don't quite get that part. Either way it's fucking rubbish. But better than the two away kits we've masqueraded as home kits over the last few seasons.
  3. Careful. I've never used my mod powers before but there's a line.
  4. I think you're forgetting the most crucial part of the membership pack.
  5. Sign Kruse and Troisi. Would be brilliant.
  6. Stay strong brother.
  7. Why is being a "round earther" a point of distinction that needs to be pointed out when 99.99% of the population are round earthers? Why not just say he's normal? It reminds me of the term "cis-gender" tbh.
  8. This is creepy. I was making this exact same argument last night to a mate. We were even debating the exact same name.
  9. Pretty vague "inside info".
  10. Slippery slope. It starts like that and then next minute people are being legitimately recognized as "trans-species".
  11. The legal commitment makes it much harder to separate. This helps maintains correct family structures (i.e. a mummy and a daddy. No queer shit) so that people on average have a better upbringing. This has numerous benefits but ultimately just does what it can to help maintain civil society. Less crime, less junkies, less losers.
  12. My drugs go in the pantry.
  13. I can walk into my pantry/cupboard and close the door, but dunno if you're meant to. There's like a foot or so of space. So what's that called?
  14. Chocolate in pantry (unless it's like 40°C) Tim tams in pantry Bread in pantry Tomatoes in pantry Also I don't even call it a pantry. It's the cupboard.
  15. Heisenberg kills Mike.