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  1. Chose not to got this game bc I predicted a pathetic performance with little/no effort put in. Out.
  2. Who would be a better coach from the Forum?

    I'll be the CEO because I get lucky on the stockmarket... that must count for something right?! So I'll be the one making decisions as to who is the new coach
  3. Dean Bouzanis

    Sorry guys, but I have been to Europe & am of European descent, and the way the Romani people treat the countries and people of the countries that host them is absolutely apalling, until they respect them I will refuse to show the Romani people respect. These people pretend to be blind and deaf to effectively steal from bleeding hearts like yourselves who feel sorry for them with total disregard for local laws, laughing and carrying on when approached by police officers. They also leave their rubbish and low/no value belongings on the streets ruining the elegance of what once were beautiful cities. They are not vulnerable, innocent souls.
  4. Flare ripped by Fucktree supporters... Suspended penalty... FFA...?
  5. I genuinely believe Chris Beath has some form of mental retardation. Public hanging imo.
  6. Why was Cahill given a red card whilst on the bench??
  7. Wazza Watch: The second coming of Aloisi

    Fabio Capello??
  8. Business and Investing

    Still not bad, wouldn't mind at all.
  9. Business and Investing

    I'm not sure if I've understood you correctly but do you want my confirmation notice for a trade that occurred at below $1K, using an inverse leveraged ETF [BBOZ]...? I just threw some money in on this trade because my broker does not offer a true short on specific stocks, so I had to make do with what I had available to me, and wanted to have a casual bet that Trump may win and drag the ASX 200 down. I won't be putting my CN on a public forum as it contains sensitive information and without including the information would bring into question the validity of the confirmation notice. I agree with Strider. Give us tips... However I'd be interested to know what your gains and losses have been over time...
  10. Business and Investing

    I shorted
  11. Rnd 5 Vs Roar @ Suncorp. Friday 7.50pm

  12. Dean Bouzanis

  13. Rnd 5 Vs Roar @ Suncorp. Friday 7.50pm

    Dat 8 man defence by Roar tho
  14. Business and Investing

    I'm looking at NAB for the div. yield of ~7% and MQG due to the diversification of the operations
  15. THE FINAL! Wednesday 30 November 7:30pm

    FUCK!! I'm flying to the UK on the 20th!! Genuinely considering cancelling...