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  1. marketplace... sales.

    Dublins UK9
  2. marketplace... sales.

    Blokes, Sorry to make a new thread but the old marketplace has disappeared... Selling - Adidas Dublin 2008 - CP company goggle jacket size 52 both in perfect condition.. Could deliver to you at the game on Sunday. PM me in interested.
  3. damn, kinda getting sick of all the characters i like being killed
  4. Tyrion aside... I actually really like Little Finger and Jamie. Jamie is a huge call after just raping his sister.... my fav has got to be Tyrion or his accomplice Bron (gary Ablett snr doppelgänger)
  5. TV Series

    anyone got any outrageous True detective theories? who is the yellow king?
  6. TV Series

    house of cards is back true detective ep5
  7. TV Series

    True detective - fkn quality!
  8. Adelaide Rd 16. 25th Jan, 2014

    Anyone driving across with a spare spot in car?
  9. Melbourne Heart vs Perth Glory Friday 9:45EST

    Ramsay is fkn useless, how he can start over Williams is beyond me..
  10. Sydney Away 15th December 2013

    booked + zave and thalfie (y)
  11. Harry Kewell

    why the fuck would he be made to travel if they knew he wasn't going to be in the matchday squad? Because he's the captain of a pro football team you fkn deadshit
  12. Harry Kewell

    nobody has said it yet but he didnt even travel with the team against Brisbane - something that is pre appalling IMO from a guy that has waltzed into the club and been given the captaincy.