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  1. Ross McCormack

    Thank God that he'll never play for us again * Not celebrating the injury, but I'm glad I'll never have to watch him miss another soda in front of goal. It is sad it has ended this way and wish him the best for his recovery. True, but I think it's time to try someone else. Ross is just no good from open play, bring on king Crowley!!!
  2. The VAR

    Love it. Hopefully we can get rid of referees and just have the var
  3. Ross McCormack

    Thank God.
  4. Get over it If people think the VAR is the reason we lost the match, then people need a reality check. The team wasn't good enough, simple as that.
  5. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Yes it will be, purple monkey dishwasher
  6. Ross McCormack

    What a stupid asshole for saying this I am He is not good enough, missed another soda tonight, Time to move him on
  7. What is their to say? I thought we utterly dominated today, what cost us at the end of the day was a few very, very silly fouls. But one thing this game reiterates to me, we are not that far off the leaders, if we are far off at all No need to get down on ourselves after this game, we just need to be better at the little things. Such as not giving away dumb penalties or fouls on the edge of the box. But hey, I just got the job of my dreams today, God is great. The sun still shines when we wake up in the morning. Sleep on what you are going to say before you post it. Or at least have a beer or 15 like i have before posting. Life is great. We're third place regardless of what happens this round. We just need to tighten a few things up and we'll be fine. But "ross the boss" is no good unfortuantly, time to find someone else! Stuffed up another chance from open play, he is not the striker that will take us to the championship unfortuantly Did i say unforutantly enough?
  8. The real Maltese Messi is back! Muscat hatrick and a 3-0 win. Book it.
  9. 2-0 win to us Time to show them theirs only only one sky blue team in this league.
  10. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    You remind me of when I use to cheat for my Italian assignments, I would use google translate to translate phrases and sentences from English to Italian. Little did I know that, if you tried to then translate that phrase from Italian back into English, using the same program, the translation would come back just off a little bit. Giving us well, what you see here
  11. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    Nah was not being serious, honestly don't even understand the point of having a star wars round. What the hell does star wars have to do with football? Was serious about having a shrek round though, make it happen ffa or whoever ends up of being in charge of the a-league
  12. He's our for 2 Germanos at this rate
  13. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Genitalia does not equal gender. I hope you know that
  14. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    The fact we won AND it was in the star wars round well, I just didn't know how last weekend could have gone much better Was I the only one who thought that the star wars round was a success? Hopefully they'll implement a Shrek round, or something along those lines