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  1. When is the country just going to officially shut down instead of putting in all this half ass measures? Might as well just do a full shut down if you're essentially going to ban everything anyway. Should just go full great Britain
  2. Fuck just had to hang on there but not all bad except Wales as per usual. Just look a little lack luster up forward but i worry fatigue will catch up with them in the second half
  3. Make sure you don't miss this episode @Mork
  4. If the a-league shuts down it'll just prove the common notion that they are Sydney centric. Shutting down the league just because a Melbourne team is doing well. Shame on you
  5. I'd like to know @Mork opinion about this.
  6. Amazing how everyone was so 'generous' when the bushfires were on but the minute something happens to them 'i better start acting like a complete fucking selfish asshole'
  7. Simple correlation really. Why else would be be coming back to Melbourne? Signing for Melbourne city clearly Case closed
  8. Will be a Melbourne city player this time next week.
  9. Very late to the party but unbelievable proud of the team, up there with one of the greatest club wins Ive seen (yes I know it is a bit of hyperbole from me but from an earlier post in this thread you will see my previous opinion about our chances of winning!) . Go you good things.
  10. Being a fan of this club since inception and watching many games all I can say for this one is that we are no chance. 0%, Nada, zilch, zero, not a chance in hell, nope Shut the thread, we never play well against WSW this will be a loss.
  11. If we had another healthy CB Delbridge wouldn't be anywhere near the team but 100% agree with what you're saying. Just looks like a man who's down on confidence atm.
  12. Haha ah yes I remember when I use to be optimistic about us playing in Perth too. 3-0 loss
  13. What is real? How do you define real? If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.
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