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  1. I can't believe the reaction to some cheap, shitty knock off of our kit lol
  2. I am excite. Please be someone good.
  3. TTDIM: Milo Man i love that shit
  4. What a beautiful kit! Bring in the sky blue
  5. Couldn't care less about the pins tbh. I just throw them in the bin when i get them The keychain is good too as @IssySG has said above. The stickers they have in there are crap too.
  6. This. Hes not the best player in our national squad but fmd we're talking about him like he's a shit cunt. I always thought his national team performances were always pretty solid tbh
  7. 31st of may mate i believe is the last day you have to cancel it before that.
  8. Who honestly gives a fuck if you get a free scarf or not with your membership? Scarf's are too hot to wear in the summer anyway, and if you want a good quality one, just go buy one from the shop if you're in desperate need of one. The only thing i use from the membership package outside of the membership its self obviously, is the fridge magnet with the fixture on it #keepthemagnet #ditchthescarf
  9. I meant professional sporting teams not amateur clubs
  10. Is there a more hopeless team then west coast when it comes to playing interstate?
  11. Can we please not have this debate for the 400th time on here?
  12. Having to watch the shit cunt constantly under perform for Australia is enough. no thanks
  13. On this topic funnily enough UOTIH: Cloud 9 is a great nightclub. Come at me bros
  14. Mitch Nichols on coke? What else is new
  15. Already liked and shared that video mate, way ahead of you