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  1. As long as the sausage stand is running at full productivity levels at round 1, im there.
  2. The fact he keeps getting movie gig after movie gig does I guess in a sense. I watched that Friday film that was supposedly his breakout film the other day and Jesus it was terrible
  3. TTDIM :Watching the pc brigade overreact to the smallest things. Case in point: what Pauline Hanson said today about autistic children in classrooms. FWIW I honestly don't have a problem with what she said, but watching social media go into meltdown over it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Do these people just get offended about anything these days?
  4. hahahahahahahaha
  5. A monster jam sounds sick, where can I get tickets from?
  6. Definitely cavani and Castro. I saw samras in there too.
  7. Fans drop off and come on board with sporting teams all the time. Nothing new to see here.
  8. Take your postivity somewhere else mate, its not welcome on this forum.
  9. So far hes saying all the right things/ I understand the on field results have not been great so far since their take over (outside of the ffa cup win) but i have enough trust and belief that CFG know what they are doing to not doubt this appointment. Just look at how much they have invested in the club already, they would not of made this appointment unless they were 100% sure that wazza was their man. Lets save all the doom and despair until at least half way through the season, where we can make an accurate judgement on whether hes a good coach or not.
  10. UOTIH : ice cube is a great rapper, but a terrible actor.
  11. How many clubs can claim they held the mighty Craig foster cup?
  12. Richmond again lol.
  13. Meant to say i gave the hiring a 7/10 haha. But i'll wait and see how he actually coaches before giving him another rating...
  14. Very much in the "wait and see" camp with this one. It worries me that he seems to be known more for his work with youth teams, but i'm happy to give him a chance. I was worried for a while we were going to get some recycled a-league coach, so i'm happy in the sense that we've picked someone from very much left field. His lack of experience at a senior level worries me, time will tell if he's any good. I'll give it,a 7/10
  15. God help us