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  1. AFL 2014 Season

    LOL! what a win. feels good to beat those smug cats fans. just waiting for those excuses to come in now. hahahahahaha
  2. Shit Footy Tats

    Turns out this was just a joke. He never actually got it tattooed permanently. Just temporarily.
  3. Unpopular Opinions That You Have.

    Ice hockey is more than a bash and crash sports or big guys. Some of the players are tiny and really nimble on the ice.
  4. ***Help Keep the Red & White***

    Great work by all who were a part of the HKTRW campaign. It seems as tho it got a lot of media coverage, social media too. It's amazing how quick things can get done if everyone is working towards the same goal. Have a good off season. Melbourne is red and white.
  5. Unpopular Opinions That You Have.

    According to the media, it's seems my opinion, Melbourne Heart retaining its colours after the takeover, is unpopular. I still believe that we will continue to be red & white come next season. It seems that it's only media generated articles saying otherwise.
  6. IN or Out

    This is half correct. I didn't "follow" any Australian sokkah before heart came along. I was attracted to the team because of the colours. And when I found out Ando was in, I joined a season later. Now I'm a member because of the colours and I have friends here. I don't care what style of football or who we get to play, just as long as we score more goals than the other teams. This is MY opinion, not yours.
  7. IN or Out

    I can catch up with the heart friends I've made, outside of the Heart games, like I have done so on previous occasions. This won't change. Yes that is correct, I am a member because of the colours we wear. I know others are also, but just won't say it. The red and white goes, then so do I. I'll always have a soft spot for the sky blue melb team if that does eventuate, but I'll prob only watch on TV. I don't take offence to you calling me that. That's your opinion. Everyone shows support differently.
  8. IN or Out

    i didnt support any ALeague team before Heart came along, I only chose to support Heart because I liked the colours and I was curious about soccer (I had only been to 2 games before, Aus v NZ at MCG & Celtic v MV at AAMI). Didnt goto any games in the first season, as I was busy. And didnt have any reason to go. The next season however, Ando invited me down. Ive been a member ever since. So to answer your question, if they wore Sky Blue from day one, I wouldnt have been to any of the games. I'd be pretty interested if they were changing from Sky Blue to red and white now tho. But seeing its the other way round, I cant see myself supporting a new name and colours. So I will go back to not worrying about ALeague.
  9. IN or Out

  10. Unpopular Opinions That You Have.

    Lol. I knew I read it somewhere.
  11. Unpopular Opinions That You Have.

    the speed tolerance is 3km/h and 3% of the speed if travelling above 100km/h
  12. Unpopular Opinions That You Have.

    girls that smoke, a massive put off. terrible.
  13. MLS(Major League Soccer)

    they are announcing the logo on thursday... so 2 weeks is a long time for people to forget
  14. MLS(Major League Soccer)

    http://news.sportslogos.net/2014/03/16/nycfc-reveals-two-crests-one-will-become-official-crest/ NYCFC will use one of these logos.
  15. Local Supporters Groups

    Are the Frankston Line Red Coats still in operation?