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  1. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    VICE videos on youtube.
  2. Huge odds for roughies hour.
  3. Literally had it in the betslip, tried to put $20 on it and it tells me it's been suspended, surely there must have been heavy money coming for it at those odds
  4. Load up on Lumosty in the thousand
  5. EPL 14/15

    Not sure why anyone is writing Man United off tbh, yes I remember how poor they were last year, but they are a very different side this time around, LVG will be great for them as well, Moyes just wasn't the right type of manager for them.
  6. EPL 14/15

    1.Chelsea 2.Man U 3.Arsenal 4.Man City 18.Sunderland 19.West Ham 20.Burnley
  7. This is Blackburn Rovers actual new kit ad http://youtu.be/S9mUNFQyT04
  8. New Songs

    I can't breathe. inb4 melb city shuffle crew
  9. World Cup Betting

    Where's the market for this? only novelty market I can find is who Luis Suarez will bite next http://www.sportsbet.com.au/betting/sports-novelties/world-cup-specials?is_ajax=0&is_future_outrights=1&ev_oc_grp_id=1666679
  10. The Sydney FC Thread

    Chasing Cahill's signature http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/article/sydney-fc-reportedly-chasing-tim-cahill/2ryxk2lrc8u31di6e9f0l0t5c
  11. World Cup Betting

    owned Owned once Owned twice.
  12. World Cup Betting

    My bet of Netherlands/Columbia/Uruguay/Italy is looking really good now, as long as Italy don't lose to Costa Rica I'm in for a really healthy 100+ profit
  13. FIFA World Cup 2014

    Don't believe what I'm seeing
  14. World Cup Betting

    Germany and Portugal to go through @$2 is a great option to add to multis imo.