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  1. Well as luck would have it I missed the game. Happy Days!
  2. Domestic Politics

    Why is it the worst route? Actually it’s the best route. Good decision
  3. If that was the case La Rocca would be starting as the 3rd centre back, surely. Can’t imagine Jammo playing as a centre back. How about @rassSaw Fitzy training at right back and now he’s starting there.
  4. Nice to see close to our best XI on the field and an actual midfield for a change. Might have a chance of playing some football tonight
  5. I figured @rass was reflecting what he’d seen at training so im not surprised
  6. The road to the 2018 WC

    I think the budget for the appointment is more likely to extend to members of this forum.
  7. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    I’m the only one who ignores Thursday night football?
  8. Matildas

    Not like you, normally you’re all over this stuff. You do know game 2 is coming up in Geelong?
  9. The road to the 2018 WC

    God help us. PLEASE NO.
  10. The NRL thread

    That is an immense shock. Bloke was so highly regarded
  11. I wonder...

    Be helpful if you wanted to sink it permanently. Nice and easy to find.
  12. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Has he actually missed training? We need some perspective with Ross. Truth is he’s been ok (he’s missed chances yes but he’s scored two goals no one else in the league would have) its just that we all expected and the team needs more. i don’t think it’s right to call him promising though. He’s on a short term contract and even if he wasn’t he’s over 30. His best days are behind him.
  13. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    Do it for the forum!
  14. Welcome Ross McCormack

    You don’t think he’s got the runs on the board?