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  1. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Boogaard back is a big boost for the Jets. His influence shouldn’t be underestimated. So it won’t be easy, but I still think we can win.
  2. Daniel Arzani

    It’s thin margins on the final balls. A fraction of a second off, angle just off and in a tight spot it doesn’t work out. The average punter might think “it’s shit” but actually it doesn’t need much adjustment to start raining goals.
  3. Champions League RO16

    Crazy game. 3 goal lead into the 2nd tie is fantastic and for all talk over their fluke win against Barca, Roma ain’t coming back from that flogging.
  4. Luke Brattan

    Was a bit of press about in the offseason lost 70kg or something (ok maybe it was 7). Great to see, however the fact that he had that weight and was still picked to play was a sad indictment on JVS.
  5. First coach to be dumped this season

    Fun fact. every coach that missed the finals was sacked.
  6. MOTM vs Brisbane Roar

    Sitting at half way I had more opportunity to watch Stefan than normal. He seems to hold his position whilst Bruno roams around looking for the ball, in essence this means his involvement when we have the ball is often minimal. When he did get involved though he did well, with some sharp one touch football and of course he took a pretty difficult chance well. Anyway that lack of regular involvement meant he wasn’t my preferred. I went for Bruno instead.
  7. Domestic Politics

    It’s laughable to suggest that the libs have moved to the right under Turnbull. theyve moved well to the left. This government has economic policies well to the left of those enacted by the labor Hawke-Keating government. to suggest anything else is to to deny history.
  8. And yet Gallop gets his contract renewed. in my view the number one problem with the attendances this year is the leagues decision to place infighting above promoting the game. If Gallop and Lowy had integrity they’d resign for compromise candidates.
  9. Western Sydney

    No smoke without fire, so I could see the board must have been restless. Pretty bloody stupid though if you ask me. Why hire him in the first place? You replace a coach known to prefer counter attacking with a coach known to prefer possession football, the new coach is going to struggle initially. Why not just hire a counter attacking coach at the start?
  10. Talking City Fan Channel

    Great interview with Bart. I thought it might be ordinary (because of his English) but asking about his injuries was a master stroke. Blokes been through hell and has come out the other side
  11. This “the flare went well at training”
  12. Good win. played them off the park. Only criticism is it would have been nice if we were more clinical in front of goal.
  13. I wonder if, during the off season, the club can send Wazza on a short course titled “how to use subs in a football match”.
  14. As the talking city boys said, now that Dads Army have snuck into the finals they’ll be a force to be reckoned with, with all that experience. Can’t write them off, the match will be a challenge. Having said that we would be deserved favourites and need to do the business.
  15. 2017/18 Predictions

    ? read the post again. You won.