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  1. Really? the time to make a stand was 3 years ago, but not enough people gave a shit. Still they can't make us Melchester, refuse to spend extra cash to deal with bad decisions (length of Koren & JVS contracts), play like shit and expect us to rush to sign up to renew seasons tickets to watch a team coached by who knows and with no new signings. I don't go to a shop unless they have something I want to buy and that's where my relationship with Melchester City is right now.
  2. I can still remember watching how man city "played" when Pearce was their gaffer. Suggest you watch some of those games before you offer more support. i think John Aloisi made a better fist of it with us than Pearce at city.
  3. Just lazy. Can't be fucked doing research so I'll just slap together some of my own random thoughts. Then get the sub editor to come up with a click bait title and hey some easy money.
  4. And now you've used it again!!!!
  5. Not renewing until they announce the new manager. i don't think that's unreasonable. These guys have known for at least a year they would need a manager now so I shouldn't need to commit my money before they get their shit together. If I lose my seat so be it.
  6. At least he can get that European Kontiki tour cheap now, without having to pay the fare from Australia. Seriously though his attitude (as it appeared in that interview) to being told where he needed to improve was terrible. There I was thinking he was going to Europe to get better as a player, but apparently he was going over there to show them how good he already was. I must say I'm not shocked by his attitude, but its still frustrating to see a young player squander their opportunity due to their arrogance and sense of entitlement.
  7. Appalling article about Mooy on the world game site (please don't click it, you'll reward crap). Apparently Mooy was a "project" of his coach, apparently that's why he's so good, the coach "improved" him. Give me a break.
  8. Excellent article by Les Murray about where reform at FIFA is heading. In case you thought it was safe to go back to the boardroom, it looks like the "open and transparent" days of Blatter are a thing of the past. Really, should Australia be a member of this organisation?
  9. @GreenSeater agree with you re mandatory sentencing. in regards to legal funding I'm not talking about defending people who are charged, in talking about the vexatious stuff, like the cases to defend the "poor children" inside for serious crimes who destroyed the youth detention facility they were in. If a left wing philanthropist wants to spend their cash looking for loopholes to see these people released ok, but taxpayers money shouldn't be going to groups who waste it on these cases. How much of this actually happens? Not sure but I'd be surprised if all these lawyers were volunteers. Oh also these violent crims must be selling their stolen goods somewhere. Cops have got to come down hard at that level too.
  10. Pretty much everything is much more complex than it's made out to be! Andrews hadn't caused this issue but really he's in the position where he'll be blamed if it continues like it is. There is stuff he can do. Heres some ideas: 1.Pass tougher sentencing laws (ie end tag and release). 2. put more police resources into sudanese community 3. Work with the Feds to deport everyone of these crims who is not a citizen 4. Work with the Feds to revoke citizenship of those not born here 5 reduce funding of the left wing legal groups who support these criminals
  11. This could be the one thing that brings down Danny. People have to start taking precautions like you live in the 3rd world. Needs to make sure the " tag and release" policy stops.
  12. Do you really think a left winger like Albo is electable? Need more than the latte set to vote for him.
  13. Anyone who knows "stuff" @Dylan? @jw1739? Know why the game went to pens? Why didn't Huddersfield go through on away goals, I thought it was 1-1 on aggregate? (not to distract from what a gun Mooy is)
  14. You missed my sarcasm. I guess I was pointing out that Mooy was signed by Heart. By transferring him at a non-market rate (effectively for free) Man City had in one move covered their investment here. A financial slight of hand that has received very little commentary.
  15. ? isnt "fucked up" your normal state?