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  1. Our next manager

    More pissant behaviour. Don’t want to re-sign the coach but lacked the kahunas to tell him. meanwhile players are coming off contract and wondering what their next step is. Just smells of incompetence, no vision and no plan. Its Adelaide so I hope I’m right
  2. But really isn’t that the issue? we show our journeymen the door, only to replace them with other journeymen and nothing changes. The real issue is getting the big signings and the structure right, do that and you’re in business. But we never have. In the meantime rotating the “role players” only makes it harder to gel the side.
  3. Bratts drifts deep because Wazza likes to play 2 No’s 6s and a No 8. The names might change but not the style. The consequence is as you say is tight as a drum in defence and no link forward in attack.
  4. Ray Gatt article reckons Sydney dominated the game and possession and quoted Corica about taking chances. What chances? They were certainly the better side for about the first 15 minutes of each half but that was about it.
  5. In regards to Harrison, playing as a 2nd striker, his job is to create opportunities for his partner and to take his chances if they come his way. he didn’t create much, but he had 2 chances and is going home with 2 goals. Job Done. his anonymous first half is completely irrelevant.
  6. To be honest a performance like this away from home is what you want. Tight defensively and create just enough to win. problem for us fans is that’s how we play at home as well.
  7. Better get that new 3 year deal for Wazza ready for his signature tomorrow morning
  8. Like I said, Harrison looking dangerous.
  9. I can’t understand why our crowds are so low. We play in Manchester City jerseys at home, Melbourne victory jerseys away and every game is as entertaining as Warren Joyce can create.
  10. Doing a good job of shutting Sydney out. At the same time not creating a lot, but we have created more than Sydney. Really at the better end of a typical Joyce game. Griffiths our best at half time.
  11. Bugger me. Looks like a back 3. De Laet and Jammo wing backs 3-5-2
  12. No way it’ll be back 3. That’s named every week then we play back 4. De Laet on the wing I reckon, Dellie at right back. Wazza loves his left footed left side centre backs and he’s gone for La Rocca.
  13. Memberships/Season Tickets

    If Carlton changed to playing most of their games in red and white stripes and used black and white in their promos I wonder how many members they’d have then?
  14. Melbourne City FC Functions & Events Thread

    Sorry I thought I supported Melbourne City, not Manchester City. My mistake.