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  1. Who is Troisi signing for today? I imagine Sportsbet would have a large book. Wellington? Bangkok Glass? The possibilities are endless.
  2. I get amused when Hellas is brought up and they say," oh that changed years ago". As if just (slightly) changing the name changes the culture and suddenly makes the club multi-cultural. Going to take years.
  3. Clubs sueing FFA to reveal their books? In my view for all FFAs flaws, this is terrible for the game. The clubs do not have Australian football at heart (who do you think killed the proposed expansion of the A League). Challenging times ahead. Also am I the only one who finds it ironic that the most corrupt sporting body in the world, FIFA, is preaching to the FFA about being undemocratic? Shouldn't they get their own house in order first? I would like to see reform at FFA but I'm wary what might happen if short sighted and/or foreign owners effectively takeover the game in this country.
  4. Not sure. Obviously he's a greedy/strange cat and would be difficult to handle, but he is a good player, despite his character flaws.
  5. Mate 9 clubs already and he's what, 28? Sums him up really and I think that's why he found getting the deal he wanted harder than he thought it would be. As for agreeing to sign and just not rocking up, Pretty sure "integrity" was missing from his dictionary.
  6. Bloody oath. Old mate and his Colazo can't play in the middle and next minute Colazo should play in the middle, doing my head in. Well neither did I (didn't have my sons student number handy) but if I had apparently I would have got one. Now I find out.
  7. Ungrateful? - yes. Spud?- no. Surprising move. Club is gambling they can get him to shelve his self proclaimed GOAT status and work hard and actually perform. Hes got the talent, but has he grown up enough? I guess we'll see.
  8. In. Same seats as last year. oh for those who may not realise La Trobe students get an additional discount apparently.
  9. And instead other players, such as Mitch Austin, who were sought after, were released on a free and picked up by a stronger club, allowing CCM to reinvest .... umm nothing.
  10. He is when you can play like @nah brah
  11. That's what I thought at the time. All the big shots were watching and we turned in one of those crap performances that had us fans screaming for serious change. Finally these guys got to see first hand what is going on. Result- action. like @jw1739 I'm also heartened that our new coach seems happy to call it like it is. I get that the public and private messages can be quite different, but City's refusal in the past to admit to any problems at all seemed very unhealthy. Can't fix something you won't admit exists.
  12. You should join the Navy then
  13. Oh the fall out would be wonderful!
  14. How much does Mayweather being the wrong side of 40 change things? is so old even a no hoper has a chance?