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  1. The 3peat Granny.

    Can’t help but think that something isn’t right with her off the field. Plenty of talent.
  2. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    “Put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert and in 5 years there’ll be a shortage of sand” Milton Friedman.
  3. Lydia Williams

    Made a top class save at 0-0.
  4. The 3peat Granny.

    I haven’t liked everything CFG have done, but one thing they’ve done, that seems ignored by the media, Is they’ve taken the W League from a comp that the A League franchises treated as a joke, to one that they are fair dinkum trying to win and actually devoting resources to. They deserve so much credit for that. Incidentally given that, the team deserves a lot of credit for still managing to win in that competitive environment.
  5. The 3peat Granny.

    Surely we can get out the cheque book and convince her to come back next year?
  6. The 3peat Granny.

    Oh that’s a yellow surely!
  7. The 3peat Granny.

    For @haz: scum play the ball out from a goal kick. Jess tackles their player and quick as flash spots the keeper off the line and weights the shot perfectly over the keeper’s heAd and into the net, before the keeper had even appreciated the risk. Scum 0- City 1
  8. The 3peat Granny.

  9. The 3peat Granny.

    Taylor truly butchered that chance she had early.
  10. The 3peat Granny.

    De Vanna scores 19 times out of 20 from there. Might be our day?
  11. The 3peat Granny.

    Club colours- good omen!
  12. Jess Fishlock

    Well i guess you must be right but I remember it in two parts. 1. Some (accurate) comments about how we can’t win unless she scores 2. Some later comments about how she’s leaving and how great she’s been (but no questions as to why on earth the club is allowing that to happen and/or what is driving it). Was all very matter of fact as if it was common knowledge, which it wasn’t for me at least.
  13. Jess Fishlock

    Talking city boys had her bags packed and at the airport post grand final (without even mentioning how thst would be a disaster)
  14. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    A red card every day of the week
  15. ACL

    It’s not their fault. The conditions of their parole don’t allow them to go out mid week.