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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    That’s great for him. Was really disappointed how Wazza wouldn’t give him a game. A big loss to the club.
  2. World Cup Thread

    No Bud, no chance.
  3. Michael O'Halloran

    I would like to apologise to you, to your family, to other users of this forum, their families, everyone who goes to Melbourne city games,everyone who doesn’t go to Melbourne city games and the populations of Australia and Scotland. What was I thinking! Did I forget it was the off season?
  4. Michael O'Halloran

    Will reserve my excitement until I’ve actually seen him play.
  5. World Cup Thread

    We have only 5 players who belong out there. Mooy Ryan Leckie Sainsbury Arzani with no class striker we are pushing smelly stuff up hill.
  6. World Cup Thread

    Arzani has to start in the next game. Cant believe Cahill couldn’t get in the paddock. In the 6 yard box he’s the man, give him a run.
  7. Ruon Tongyik

    We never have but I thought it was coincidence. Let me guess, another strange FFA policy?
  8. Ruon Tongyik

    My view on Ruon hasn’t changed. Has the football skills but not the football brain. Had no idea what a centre back should do. To learn he needed to play NPL next to a veteran. Mistake not to loan him out last winter. I wish him well at Western Sydney but I wonder how he will get the learning opportunities he so desperately needs when his selection will cost his team games.
  9. Memberships

  10. World Cup Thread

    SBS are broadcasting all matches live for the next 48 hours. Attention @jw1739 (who is unlikely to be a social media fiend)
  11. World Cup Thread

    Or perhaps (as I see it) because he plays in the SPL/NPL he is shocked when he comes up against quality opposition and doesn’t know what to do about it. i agree he was our weak link.
  12. Running

    Plenty gorge
  13. Running

    Down still in RSA, walking like a penguin (quad pain). Totally awesome, brutal, testing, emotional. I beat the buzzer by less than 5 min after running dawn to dusk. I add 30% on the distance if it’s a trail to compare to road. walk the hills, at least initially
  14. Running

    Just ran The Comrades and got the medal to prove it!!!! Theres a reason it’s billed as the ultimate human race! you have to do this @thisphantomfortress