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  1. Lol at our defending. It’s that or cry.
  2. Couldn’t score in a brothel
  3. Joyce needs to ring the changes at half time
  4. Looking on track for another 4 nil loss here. Come on boys.
  5. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    No not me, Mark bosnich. Sure sounded like it anyway
  6. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    Had cash on the tards
  7. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    You looked closely into the stuff that comes out of the IPCC?
  8. I wonder...

    Well it’s been a crime for pretty much ever so that’s no change. The thing is the fuckers who do this know it’s not acceptable so they are cunning as to when they act. The ad gets me in that despite the wide variety of people I have hung around with in my life, I’ve never been in a situation where a conversation like that bloke is having on the phone happens. If it helps good o, but I just think it’s not as cute as that and nowhere near as easy for a 3rd party to be aware of it.
  9. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Advertisements for safety barriers. Hello - guess what, I don’t own a road so I’m not in the market to buy a safety barrier. If they are useful why not save on the advertising and use the Savings for more barriers?
  10. Welcome Ritchie de Laet

    If you stick to your apparent plan to follow this team, you’ll need a lot more than one drink, I assure you!
  11. If we win more games than last season I reckon we’ll finish higher on the table
  12. AAMI PARK.

    Acknowledging their superiority. Makes sense
  13. 2018 AFL Season

    Fing oath. The current situation is complete bullshit. ps it won’t change- too many powerful people benefit
  14. Jess Fishlock

    Sorely missed. Pretty much carrried the team last year.