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  1. True. However we were going to lose that game before the send off, so the coach and players successfully capitalised on the advantage. i think those claiming Najjar changed the game should maybe watch the match again. Great to see the kid get a run but we were all over them before De Laet scores, just the shot wasn’t going in.
  2. Wazza "I picked a team..." Joyce

    Yes but worth remembering the following: * He chose not to sign a back up striker * he ostracised the best striker in the league on top of that it’s also worth noting he signed 4 guys who’s best position is #10 and yet is currently playing a 5th in that position we started the season with one experienced specialist winger who the coach wouldn’t play and has now fucked off.
  3. Well congratulations to everyone who went a long. Saw a classic. who would have thought after the last game.
  4. Can we bring the kid on for s holding midfielder already
  5. Well this is where Wazza earns his pay. Atko. Son. You have to score from there
  6. Looked like a straight red to me
  7. Well if you thought we were going to apply the Wazza “sleeper hold” after going up 1-0 early, you’d be wrong.
  8. Who needs a striker when the opposition gifts you goals?
  9. You can see that on reddit? Yuk.
  10. I’m not going. Ultimately a mid week game is a colossal pain in the arse to attend and if I was to suck up the hassle for it, it wouldn’t be to watch Joyceball. Easier to watch on Foxtel in my living room.
  11. Running

    So how have you gone finding some running buddies @n i k o? I sort of thought you live in the northern burbs? If so I’d recommend the Lalor Run Club, who have some great people and a wide range of abilities/paces
  12. I’m a bit disappointed we’ve never given Najjar a look in around the match day squad and no time off the bench prior to this. Now in desperation we seem likely to push him in at the deep end (start). Doesn’t strike me as well managed