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  1. Even though he was a tard, happy with this.
  2. He was the assistant last season, Fishlock was player coach.
  3. Highlights of Gol Gol Mebrahtu scoring twice in a Europa clash against Shamrock Rovers.
  4. You can see the game here.
  5. He's a liability, last time he should have gotten a red against us!
  6. He rejected them, so they did make him an offer, I think he wants serious coin, he will probably go to the middle East or China.
  7. As far as I know there is nothing official, I felt after the GF win she wouldn't sign with us and she wanted to retire to coach. I hope she does come back, she was phenomenal!
  8. I liked the early years, from Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock and Randy Couture, up till when you had guys like Tito Ortiz, Rich Franklin and Nick Diaz. After it became more about the show than the fight I lost interest, the commentators seemed to get more stupid and I swear half of the 'show' came across as bs. Ballator MMA was started by fighters who were continually pissed off with Dana White, I haven't watched much of it though (maybe 4 fights) and that was years ago, I prefer boxing again now, less bs and Don King (now he is involved with UFC). My 2 cents on the UFC thing, but even my sister knows what it is and she hates sports in general, but I guess anything is possible.
  9. Honestly I would have been more happy with Mori or Papas, see how it goes?
  10. If he is the guy, I'll wait to see what happens, hopefully he will be brilliant.
  11. FTFY He's a nobody.
  12. He didn't get enough game time with us, I don't blame him. All the best to him.
  13. I would rather Damian Mori, 6 years now NPL winner. Not convinced this guy is any better. If it's not some big appointment, I would rather a local proven winner than an overseas coach for the sake of it.
  14. Welcome home Eugene
  15. I'm more excited by Arzani than a has been millionaire
  16. Pierias, Azani, Genreaou can come in, that's why I liked this club, the promise of youth development. If Ajax can get champions league football with the average age of 22, with our resources, that's what we should be aiming for.
  17. If his name was Mooysinho they would be jizzing all over him, though not literally. 4 goals 7 assists 96 chances created 2559 passes and 70% were forward passes, all from DM. Compared to their new signing Silva who is an attacker, I think he could do a job for them. 8 goals 9 assists 60 chances created 926 passes Especially when you consider Huddersfield changed the way they played halfway through the season, where they were happy lumping it up the line constantly and ignoring the midfield. The finals were prime examples, Mooy would pass and his teammates would ignore him and lump it up to their wide forwards, so he did extremely well. I can see him doing even better with better players around him and a part of me wants him to rip Manchester City a new one when they meet, hahaha.
  18. Adelaide tweeted they had signed a German manager, they just aren't announcing who right now, they took him to watch the AFL lol. That means we are the only team without a manager, it's starting to bother me now.
  19. No to Davidson, I would rather keep Rose. Holland could be a good pickup as a defensive screener, better than anyone we have atm and is his preferred role.
  20. Yep, the higher levels require you to be in a coaching capacity and to run training drills to accomplish some set tasks and to be graded on afaik.
  21. F I wish he was staying on as keeping coach.
  22. Agree, the Coaching department will be make or break next season and it needs to be done right, it's more important than the playing group itself. A fish rots from the head, so coaches have to be proven winners and well credentialled. Be able to make hard decisions and instill a winning mentality and have a plan that backs that up. People who will shake up the mens team and change the culture and mentality of the playing group. For me: Head coach - the best that we can get, has a winning mentality/record and experience. Most likely someone from overseas and many names have been mentioned. Assistant coaches - Forget this recycling of assistant HAL coaches, bring in some proven NPL winners or the like, to help instill that winning mentality and offer supporting qualities. Coaches who have been successful, but not quite the quality we are after for the head coach. Someone like Damien Mori who has won the SA NPL for the past five years, Pappas has won something like 4 NPL Vic titles, has coached overseas and has sport science and fitness degrees as well as his FFA badges. Even someone like Mirko Jelicic (čić) would be a great addition, but I don't want to see more rotation of failed assistants. CFG need to get this right and make a big statement of intent and it needs to be at all levels imho.
  23. The fans, no player deserves it.