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  1. No to Davidson, I would rather keep Rose. Holland could be a good pickup as a defensive screener, better than anyone we have atm and is his preferred role.
  2. Yep, the higher levels require you to be in a coaching capacity and to run training drills to accomplish some set tasks and to be graded on afaik.
  3. F I wish he was staying on as keeping coach.
  4. Agree, the Coaching department will be make or break next season and it needs to be done right, it's more important than the playing group itself. A fish rots from the head, so coaches have to be proven winners and well credentialled. Be able to make hard decisions and instill a winning mentality and have a plan that backs that up. People who will shake up the mens team and change the culture and mentality of the playing group. For me: Head coach - the best that we can get, has a winning mentality/record and experience. Most likely someone from overseas and many names have been mentioned. Assistant coaches - Forget this recycling of assistant HAL coaches, bring in some proven NPL winners or the like, to help instill that winning mentality and offer supporting qualities. Coaches who have been successful, but not quite the quality we are after for the head coach. Someone like Damien Mori who has won the SA NPL for the past five years, Pappas has won something like 4 NPL Vic titles, has coached overseas and has sport science and fitness degrees as well as his FFA badges. Even someone like Mirko Jelicic (čić) would be a great addition, but I don't want to see more rotation of failed assistants. CFG need to get this right and make a big statement of intent and it needs to be at all levels imho.
  5. The fans, no player deserves it.
  6. Strange statements by Valkanis and the last line puzzles me more. "I have been somewhere where I've seen it happened and how it's evolved over three years." What does he mean by that (it doesn't help that it's written in broken english either), obviously referring to Adelaide, probably under Gumby? He knows it's a problem, but he realises it will take time? The evolution of attacking football and how to score more, let's just forget about defending entirely? He doesn't have the players and think there needs to be a shake up? I don't know what to make of that line, the rest sounds like he is a madman!
  7. Guys from Manchester have said they are slow movers, this season is what it is, don't expect fast major changes, I don't. We all knew JVS was Shite (his team lost 5-0 btw last night) and Valkanis was shafted into the post. Goto try to make the best of it, or cheer our shit kickers anyway, it's what we do.
  8. All good mate, sometimes you mean to try to laugh, but online there is no syntax and it get's construed wrong. Don't get me wrong, I am frustrated with this season as well, it just pissed me off last night when I had a glance at the comments during the game and it seemed to carry on through to today. I wanted to vent or comment, but what I saw was torture, or pure vehemence. It got me thinking actually, we hear talk about the culture of our club and that it's no good, but what about the culture of our fan base? I have posted about shit coaching, tactics and players, but surely we have to get behind the boys, even if it's futile, it's our team right and we have gone through the Heart years, what can be worse than that? Everyone hates us because we are making the right sounds, we have the money, facilities and Cahill Your disappointment is only equal to your expectations - Frederick Nietzsche And we got fed expectations........
  9. Haha, sorry mate, in a shitty mood. It's not everyone else's fault, because he hasn't adjusted his game play (or it's not been coached) to play a bit different, he isn't our main scorer, but he is our man up front if that makes sense. He is still playing like last year, but opposition are aware of it and he doesn't have the service. When he get's marked more he needs to learn to lay off to players, he is good at holding the ball and at times has the flair to go past numerous defenders, but I think he doesn't trust many of our players and tries to put everything on his shoulders.
  10. He seemed as pissed off as us, our Timmy is all heart, we just haven't played him right and he looked right frustrated because he knows it.
  11. I get that, I am frustrated as well, but that is fucked. Why don't I post here often? because it's full of vitriol, I don't give a shit if you want to slag off the coach or team, or whatever afterwards, it's kinda par for the course. But a bit of objectivity and critical dispute wouldn't go astray and a general consensus you want our team to win! I won't say anymore.
  12. 1/ first touch is similar to last year, but teams have done homework on him now, or they swarm him. 2/Agree, I reckon the only players he feels comfortable with are Cahill an Fitzy. 3/See No2 4/Comes down to frustration, because he misses Mooy, defenders swarm him, he get's fouls constantly and see No2 5/He is getting marked more, often he is getting marked by 2 or more defenders and the refs in this league are soft on fouls, when he goes down it's normal in continental football.
  13. Looking at this thread gave me aids, people even barracking for the other team, you make me want to throw up into my own vomit. It was a crazy game, entertaining game and we lost, it happens. But you are all fucked, no wonder the same old cunts just frequent this forum and hardly any newcomers do, you all made me more angry than the game ffs.
  14. We have to win the final to get an ACL spot now
  15. Bouzanis Franjic Malik Jacobsen Rose Fitzgerald Caceras Killkenny Colazo Fornaroli Cahill Subs: Sorensen, Muscat, Bratten, Arzani, Kamau