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  1. How about that belt and road initiative good ol' Andrews has got us into, it's alright, he is creating jobs for Chinese.
  2. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/fox-sports-multi-million-dollar-roadblock-to-a-league-restart
  3. I am impatient for some games again, it feels like ages since I watched any football.
  4. Anyone else hearing that O'Neal (Brisbane Roar) will be a Melbourne City player next season?
  5. No VAR, even FIFA don't like it. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/fifa-gives-a-league-its-blessing-to-get-rid-of-hated-var?fbclid=IwAR3mZC2vjKQkDu3yxzWf2DcS1wHFGMVMnm9anIc6-iKoB22VoeoT9Jh61As
  6. I never understood our numbers, we barely tested anyone and as soon as there is talk of relaxing the restrictions suddenly the government wants to test everyone? but anyway in NSW they are allowing team sports to be played.
  7. I think it's more that Sydney and Queensland have the most lax rules concerned with this covid thing, Victoria has the strictest.
  8. Daniel Andrews has signed a contract with the Chinese government to fund road works, all workers will come from China to build it. I never understood why people voted for him, I work in the construction industry and he is corrupt as, but this takes the cake, especially in the current environment.
  9. Gerald Sibon has had his contract terminated by Adelaide United, Verbeek gone as well. https://www.adelaideunited.com.au/news/adelaide-united-statement-gertjan-verbeek
  10. FIFA just gave the FFA $780,000 and there is another payment coming apparently from a pool of $380M. There are advantages of belonging to a global game.
  11. total bs, we have nothing compared to Taiwan or South Korea. I am working and nothing is being done, a construction site got closed down for one day because of a corona virus dude in south Melbourne, it's all back to normal now, every site is run like normal, deliveries and working close is normal. Imagine how much Andrews is paying the unions to keep business as usual, we need essential workers to pay tax now.
  12. He did get off on his first trial, he was found guilty in the second, now the high court was unanimous.
  13. They take a swab from the sinus and look for the pathogen in a lab, the symptoms seem very similar though. The thing I don't understand is that we keep saying Australia is doing the most testing, when the criteria for testing is people who have been overseas or ones who have had contact with them, or critical emergency services. There are still a heap of people working and none are being tested. I think that is one reason America has such high numbers, they are testing everyone.
  14. Daniel Andrews still going ahead with his 14% pay rise, whilst everyone seems to be on reduced pay, or lost their jobs. Maybe he can borrow more money to stimulate the economy.
  15. Spot on JW, Sydney FC and us I think are the only clubs still paying our players as normal, I don't think we have anything to worry about. Fox is a bit of a worry, but they brought it on themselves paying way to much for AFL and cricket. It could open new doors though, DAZN have sounded interest lately and Optus could be a potential as well. The biggest concern would be sponsors, if companies don't need a tax write off, they will be less inclined to get on board.
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