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  1. Chapman looks really good, went forward a bit as well.
  2. Interview on the daily football show https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode/408837
  3. Better than Taggart imho, Golden boot coming up I agree, he has been lethal since playing with us.
  4. I am still pissed over Pierias, would be a good sub right now
  5. Wales has been alright, it's more our midfield, we need some creativity.
  6. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-09/olyroos-riley-mcgree-show-cause-cambodia/11577578 Night out in Cambodia during Olympics qualifications.
  7. Perth Sydney City Vic Adelaide Roar CCM Jets WS WU Nix 2 Us 4 Babble 5 Silvera will be the hottest thing since Arzani
  8. Pretty disappointing end, the sending off took the contest out of it. Adelaide it is.
  9. CCM is chalk and cheese from last season, amazing the transformation Stajic has made. I think the two teams are very even so far, who ever we get in the final will be a tough game.
  10. I think he has certainly made a case to start, I'm just wondering what Mombearts is thinking.
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