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  1. World Cup Thread

    really? what a dick
  2. World Cup Thread

    I know right
  3. World Cup Thread

    I think this is when we became a soccer nation..
  4. World Cup Thread

    remember some great moment warm up to the cup and bask in the Arzani and Mooy glory. I dislike them quite a bit, but Italy take the cake, with cherry on top for that stake with the dive. Hungary friendly next https://tenplay.com.au/sport/socceroos/fixtures
  5. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Haha, apparently he wants marque wages, more like an old playboy going through a mid life crisis, sporting a comb over
  6. Daniel Arzani

    We get $300k from Arzani being in the WC and $147k with the inclusion of Cahilltex being involved as well. As reported in the Hun.
  7. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Scott Mcdonald is a Melbourne lad and wants to come back, could be pretty potent sitting behind Bruno, solves the number 10 role as well. Problem is he was playing in the Scottish championship, which is probably bellow HAL level, he could add something though.
  8. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I wonder if Bratton will come back? I wouldn't hold it against him if he goes to a championship club or something, have a last crack, but I would be delighted if he played for us next season.
  9. National youth teams have always been NSW focused (SA and FFA have always been NSW focused, at least Melbourne is second rung) , it's football's heartland so we are told. It gives more opportunity to those players and make them stand out. Most players outside of NSW end up toughing it out in Europe. Some are more successful than others like Jackson Irvine, who lived in Cranbourne and went to Scotland. Vince Grella comes from Dandenong and went to Italy, he even played for us. Mark Viduka is a Melbourne lad, Australia's best striker. Simon Colosimo came from Dandenong as well and was a socceroo, another who played for us, but played most of his football in Australia. There are probably others, these come off the top of my head.
  10. Daniel Arzani

    Lol yeah
  11. Daniel Arzani

    I'm really looking forward to this WC, I reckon we are a good chance to get out of the group, even more so if Arzani is there. Not looking forward to the SBS coverage though, I think I'll be streaming a lot, or checking out the telstra deal.
  12. Daniel Arzani

  13. Daniel Arzani

    Kewell was playing in the EPL for Leeds at 17. Injuries and having to play with injections scuppered him later on, outside of Shwartzer, he has been one of our best, Bresciano probably pips him overall.
  14. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Isn't he still playing for a CSL2 club?
  15. They are relying on $124M from the state government for the stadium, similar to the Tassie bid.