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  1. The Dri-Fit ones i was after. Do you know if they had those sky blue ones with the pattern on the front
  2. were you taking the piss? Cant find it
  3. Do they have any training kits at all? Is this the store at uni hill?
  4. Not to mention we don't have a manager yet. Would actually be annoyed if the club signs players without having the most important position filled
  5. Mate if you dont want them, just throw it my way. My daughter doesnt get membership pins so can add it to her baby scarf lol
  6. Thats my favorite part as well to be honest. I will say though that i'm liking the key rings as well.
  7. Would prefer to get aids. No thank you
  8. I was wearing the jacket this morning and for some reason i just remembered that you asked the question. Funny enough it does
  9. By far the best piece of merch this season. Would purchase in a heartbeat. You'll see this next year in the Nike factory outlet i reckon.
  10. Just picked this up from DFO South Wharf for $55 Safe to say im fuckin rapt
  11. I'd say both, but more keen on the puffy one. Thanks for that mate. Went to south wharf and they had the rain jackets but a little too big
  12. I'd say both, but more keen on the puffy one. Thanks for that mate
  13. tried that and they reckon they wont get anything in the next few months
  14. Any chance you wanna sell it