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  1. Daniel Arzani

    Absolutely atrocious behaviour. Him playing for Malta doesn't exclude Manny from the WC because he does what ever the fuck he likes.
  2. Daniel Arzani

    Mile Jedinak might have something to say about that
  3. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    Thats cause for some bloody reason , we are the only club that kick away from their active in the second half. Bloody stupid if you ask me
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    You don't replace a god with a peasant
  5. Manny Muscat

    Never knew we were ever on the bottom
  6. Manny Muscat

    He will be when he starts at RB on Thursday
  7. Luke Brattan

    I was only pointing out how hypocritical your comments were. You cant clearly on someones "brain level" (which i'd assume you were implying his lack of intelligence) and then continue with a comment that is just is probably at the same level. That's like Muscat having a go at Berisha being a cunt.
  8. Manny Muscat

    Love reacts only
  9. Luke Brattan

    i had a little chuckle while typing it actually. Thanks to @rass for the assist
  10. Luke Brattan

    Wait a sec @MXG. So you have a go at @Embee for his intelligence which his comment, but then reply with " By the way, nothing can compare with the time you spent sucking his dick here. Or may be not just here" and " Is Luke's not big enough for you?". As Archie Thompson once said... "Sometimes you just need to give a bitch a backhander"
  11. Neil Kilkenny

    where did you hear this??
  12. Talking City Fan Channel

    I'm not sure i can be in the same studio with you this week. Not only has your head gotten bigger, the wobble on it might just knock me the fuck out room
  13. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Read that this morning online and it instantly put a smile on my face. Quality bloke and quality footballer.Not to mention his clear hatred for the visitors. Actually the only bloke i can think of thats played for us that took the derbies personally. I remember him doing an interview for a derby with the wife beater and god you could tell he couldn't stand the cunt.
  14. Tim Cahill

    Why are we still talking about this fuckin mut
  15. Tim Cahill

    Why are we still talking about this fuckin mut