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  1. Did you email the membership department or just reply to that "Your Guide to Sunday's match" email?
  2. ***two to be omitted** -Warren Joyce -The horse he road on
  3. Spot on mate! Dont get what not rocking up achieves considering CFG know our crowds are shite and clearly dont give a shit. If the performance is fuckin crap, a booing at half time and full time has more of an impact and gets attention.
  4. Had junior LIBBA walk out with the players against Wellington. Absolutely loved it. Got Wales who is his favorite player which was a bonus
  5. So you become a 3 game member and you get a free beer at those 3 games and a $25 voucher to use a the merch stand. Yet cunts like us who fork out the money straight up get sweet FA Nice
  6. Was thinking the same when Bozza went off his head. You have a bloke who should be as bias as they come being a club great, but even he had the smarts to be a bit more lever headed bout it then Bozza. I generally like Bozza's work, but that shit was beyond being unprofessional
  7. For me it was his goal in the FFA Cup semi. The way he took his shirt off and ran around swinging it was the "we're in an FFA Cup final. Party time" moment
  8. God i miss that cunt. He was the cunt we needed, but the cunt we didn't deserve.
  9. Problem is that its round 1 and topics to talk about are extremely thin. Especially since we've gone over the new players in pre season pods. Thats why Rd1 Derbies suck the big one mate.
  10. I actually like the personalized cards. I keep mine, but i like them more so for the kids memberships as its almost like a mini photo album for their years as members
  11. Best part was when he was talking about the time he first got the the club. Was loled when he was talking people saying saying g'day, to him and then describing aussie talk as not being normal english.
  12. Question. Could this all be because maybe we have personalized membership cards?
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