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  1. Are we sure 100% though cause that is piss poor from the FFA. Amazing how the FFA accomidated us with this rule, but did absolutely everything to stop Lampard from coming to us.
  2. As long as i'm there watching, the other 19,999 others dont matter
  3. the blue looks quality
  4. Looks like this is the new polo shirt for next season. Chinese collar style
  5. In the squad and in your gf's pants
  6. Nike DFO South Wharf
  7. Not to mention he did play for City back in the 80's, but that could be drawing a very long bow
  8. Was my way of thinking as well. Could it be possible that it might be Paul Simpson who just managed the England under 20's to the world cup win? Would explain why he isn't here and why its taking so long to announce
  9. Hardback as well. Bloody cheap
  10. Mate i'm a New Era douche so that def wasn't me lol
  11. The best part is that we got it for less than you would of paid for this monstrosity. . If that doesn't show you how insane this club can be, i don't know what does
  12. You know what the funny thing is? When my son was born and in our first photo together and then when my daughter was born, i was wearing a City hat. I think every big moment in my life since the club existed, I'm either wearing something Heart/City or the club is involved in some way
  13. Not me no. I wear that hoodie a lot, but not for work