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  1. The VAR

    Holy hell. Stop this madness!
  2. So, I have moved interstate and don't have my foxtel set up yet which means I didn't get to see the game and had to keep up to speed via Google. I am going to prolong hooking up foxtel for as long as I can so I have an excuse not to watch our matches. Sounds like I missed an absolute classic
  3. Newcastle Jest

    Discuss everything to do with that team that used to prance around in glorious golden shirts "And I said you fly boys crack me up!"
  4. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    You should write for lonely planet!
  5. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    wE wILL NeVEr Win AnyTHIng iF RedmAynE IS oUr KeEpER. iTs HIs FauLT WE aLWaYs LOsE
  6. Tim Cahill

    Pretty mixed feelings about this tbh.
  7. Hahaha. Oh right. Damn autocorrect. I shouldn't go on rants first thing in the morning. My proof reading is just up to scratch. *Edit- I probably shouldn't go on rants at any time of the day
  8. I don't understand what you mean by this?
  9. The masters/Bunnings analogy is a surprisingly good one. Masters were essentially trying to deliver the same thing as Bunnings but in different packaging. Even if they were successful in what they wanted to achieve I don't think they would have survived anyway because there would be no insensitive to change. Much like us, we are failing to deliver even the same thing against a well established brand that people know and trust. Why would anyone willingly choose us?! To complete you need to exploit a gap in the market. Deliver something the competition are not providing. For us, I believe that means delivering football that is entertaining enough to convert the "soccer is boring" crowd. How do you do that in a salary capped league in a country with little interest in even the best leagues in the world? No fucking idea. But I am not the one who bought an a league club and made promises of turning it into an Asian power house.
  10. Dean Bouzanis

    Not a big fan of him but definitely deserves a start next week. Unfortunately as we saw during bizzaro month, when he has the odd good game here and there he is fantastic, but struggles to be consistent. Hope he can keep it up
  11. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    Definitely. Not a fan of him generally, but credit where credit is due. Had a blinder of a game. Saved our bacon
  12. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    What an absolute bullet!
  13. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    How is that no penalty?!
  14. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    I really can't work out why Melbourne isn't warming to this club. The entertainment levels are through the roof!
  15. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

    Hahaha. This. #distribution
  16. Rd. 9, Sat 2 Dec, vs. Newcastle, away

  17. Stadium Porn

    A place to appreciate, discuss and fap over stadiums
  18. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.