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  1. Newcastle Jest

    Discuss everything to do with that team that used to prance around in glorious golden shirts "And I said you fly boys crack me up!"
  2. "I reckon we are going to get humiliated at this World Cup"
  3. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    Easily the best kit we've ever had
  4. Rather than fill the wsw thread full of posts like "suck shit cunts" and so forth, I figure I would try and bring a tiny bit of class to this place and start a thread for the now champions. Well done to them. Played an extremely disciplined game and well deserved their crown. Ref was a bit dodgy but that's football.
  5. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    Sportsbet are giving out refunds if you bet on a Newcastle win or draw
  6. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    Holy fuck. They're going to have to had tape him back together by full time
  7. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    Newcastle by far the best team so far. Will be so unfair if they lose because of that bullshit goal
  8. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    This pre game is on par with a rock Eisteddfod
  9. Grand Final Predictions

    Visitors win on penalties
  10. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Seeing us fuck things up like this wearing red and white is making me so nostalgic. If only it was against Perth it would have been a perfect night.
  11. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    If we get knocked out because of that I will almost not be mad
  12. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    He is giving me "but his distribution..." Vibes
  13. Newcastle Jest

    Lol. Mad tifo guys. A couple of bogans holding up some bits of cardboard
  14. Newcastle Jest

    Newie apparently have a very impressive tifo planned for tonight. Very curious to see what it is.
  15. The Melbourne Heart Thread

    I assumed it was that community run club that guy from red white unite wanted to start when we became city.
  16. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    Holy fuck what a goal
  17. Discuss everything to do with Aussie kits here. New and old. - National team - A League - State leagues - Best of all time
  18. Australian kits (national and club)

    Now I have had a proper look at the kits the only one that doesn't look like a piece of shit is the purple keeper kit
  19. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    I saw footage of this on TV not so long ago. Holy shit I nearly had a rage blackout
  20. On a serious note, cure brain cancer Foundation will be raising money at this game as part of kick it for brain cancer round. As someone who has been effected by this, I ask if anyone on here sees someone collecting please chuck in a few bucks if you can spare it
  21. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    I still get so mad I can barely see straight when I think about that fucking Adelaide game