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  1. And if we could all be more like little Rudiger...
  2. Great Aleague videos

    Best one I have ever seen
  3. Your favourite Heart/City moment at AAMI Park

    Heart/city moment
  4. Your favourite Heart/City moment at AAMI Park

    This! Can't believe there's been no mention of Derby one
  5. Bullshit Watch 2017

    True. Would be better if it was remotely plausible though
  6. Bullshit Watch 2017

    This Ibrahimovic rumour is about as stupid as David Beckham signing for heart
  7. Rather than fill the wsw thread full of posts like "suck shit cunts" and so forth, I figure I would try and bring a tiny bit of class to this place and start a thread for the now champions. Well done to them. Played an extremely disciplined game and well deserved their crown. Ref was a bit dodgy but that's football.
  8. Bullshit Watch 2017

    That's why you gotta be 100% confident before you run your mouth
  9. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    My only complaints are the a-league logo and sponsor on the away look like they have used big stickers. Looks cheap.
  10. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    Taken under a very warm light from behind on a phone. Def not going to be colour accurate. Note how different the white parts are
  11. Bullshit Watch 2017

    Speaking of this thread. There's a lot of red lines to give out for Troisi
  12. Thomas Sorensen

    What a champion
  13. 17/18 Football Kits

    I read an article a while ago that looked into the theory that bright coloured goalie kits are better because it draws the strikers eye towards the keeper. The conclusion was that keeper kits designed to camouflage into the crowd are more effective
  14. Wazza Watch

    I like everything I am hearing so far and he certainly has the attitude we need. Mind you most people said the same thing when they first heard Rob Wielaert interviewed so let's wait and see
  15. Wazza Watch

    Well Shanghai is one of those places. Although it stinks, it is a city for the highly ambitious
  16. Wazza Watch

    Hong Kong I think he said. Or Singapore. One of those Asian countries where people who have ambitions beyond constantly moaning on a football forum go.
  17. Wazza Watch

    Can't say this has made me hyped for next season but at least it's not jvs again. As Bela said. He has my support until he doesn't deserve it.
  18. I wonder...

    I do the same thing. It's like in GTA when you have to wait for a certain time before you can do a mission so you sleep (save) so you don't have to wait.
  19. TV Series

    Is it worth the effort? I got through one season and gave up
  20. TV Series

    Anyone who has an appreciation of garage/grime/UK dnb/chavs should watch "people just do nothing" on Netflix. It's basically the office but in a Brentford council flat