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  1. Wazza Watch

  2. The road to the 2018 WC

    Not me. That's for sure!
  3. The road to the 2018 WC

    Fuck I have not been this nervous about a game in a long time
  4. My comment was not serious btw
  5. "You're still evil! And when you're trying to be good you're even more evil!"
  6. The road to the 2018 WC

    Holy shit. How big are their corner flags
  7. The road to the 2018 WC

    Ow my freakin ears. It's like WC 2010 all over again!
  8. RD 5 V Sydney 3/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:50

    *This is why you never leave a game early. You never know what you will miss
  9. TV Series

    I am watching one ep a night and am 5 eps in. Trying to spread out the enjoyment. Watching the trailers before it was released, I was worried it would end up just being the TV equivalent of "only 90s kids will remember" with the story being an afterthought. But have really enjoyed it so far and the pop culture references have been subtle enough not to get stale.