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  1. Tim Cahill

    The frame should be wazza talking to bouzanis "and you asshole! You're lucky to be here!"
  2. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Oh for fuck sake!!!
  3. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    This is comically terrible
  4. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Vintage performance
  5. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    The usual
  6. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    Geez aloisi talks some absolute garbage.
  7. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    I love that he has been given the backing of the owners too after "showing so much promise"
  8. Football Comedy

  9. Football Comedy

  10. All good mate. Was just having a laugh.
  11. Crazy how it took JVS five seasons to make people feel this way, yet Joyce has managed to do it in less than one. It's almost impressive
  12. Honestly don't think I have ever felt so indifferent to seeing us score
  13. Just watch this game and you will be reminded of them.