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  1. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    TTIM: our third strip. The shorts and socks are black but the shirt is grey
  2. Photoshop

    Fuck me dead I completely forgot about this. Absolutely amazing stuff
  3. The Official "Simpsons" Thread

    Up next, the Mariners vs Wellington highlights
  4. The Official "Simpsons" Thread

    CFG after they finally manage to get rid of the red and white
  5. Fuck this club does my fucking nut
  6. Perth looking pretty comfortable. Making me nervous

    Fucking Puma. Would rather go back to the kappa rashies.
  8. Said "what the fuck happened?!" On air when a video he wanted lined up didn't play
  9. "I'm not a quitter" this is what aloisi said at the beginning of the end
  10. Scott Munn

    I miss his tweets too
  11. The Official "Simpsons" Thread

    Trust the system
  12. Me last week- "we can't expect the opposition to leave J Mac completely unmarked every week!" Me this week- "hmmm maybe we can"