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  1. Red socks and shorts! Lol. I know, I know.
  2. Assuming it's legit I thought the same thing. So much for not trying to turn us into a mini Manchester
  3. Green line for you!
  4. Sorry. I wasn't being serious. But on a serious note i i am not complaining about nobody showing up. I am complaining about nobody being given a reason to show up.
  5. Hahaha. How about you go fuck yourself
  6. I do! Well maybe not a badge of honour. More like a gold star. A reward for making a smart choice. My wife suggested i go but i decided to stay home and watch wreck it Ralph with my daughters and nieces. We had such a fun night. The movie finished and i flicked over to fox sport just as half time started. I saw the score and realised how much time i have wasted on this retarded club that i will never get back. Very happy with the decision i made
  7. Out of likes but pretty much sums up exactly how i feel (only you used a lot less swearing than i would have)
  8. Like "we were unlucky"
  9. The thousand yard stare. I am starting to get it too
  10. @thisphantomfortress you're probably right. Maybe it's time i retire and take up a coaching role. Possibly as a youth coach teaching kids the art of holding down a full time job while still being able to spend an obscene amount of time arguing with people called Donald about JVS
  11. Definitely not blaming him whatsoever. It just says a lot about the mentality behind the scenes
  12. Didn't bother going. Only turned the game in at half time. With i didn't tbh
  13. From his post game interview "we thought we could just attack and not defend" This club is a fucking joke.