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  1. All in all we want what is best for the game. We know its potential. We love it, and know many others could given half the chance. I hope in future we look back from a recognised, credible and valued league and know we all played a part back in the day when times were more dire (Warren Fkn J).
  2. Whilst not in the active - congrats. If I didnt cart the misso and 2 kids I would glady join you mob. Hopefully in the wings we get some more support for singing so the chants can catch on stadium wide. I look like a sole loser clapping along. Must be watching Eng football and knowing it is the norm. Wish has had that culture here.
  3. Fkn Atkinsons workrate and strength is brutal. So happy for him to take the RB spot over Galloway. Metcalfe will do well with more consistent senior football. Has a spark - not total awareness or vision but the capacity to develop these over the season. Narjaarine will be an exciting prospect this season if he stays fit. I suspect we may see his introduction phased in. Najaar is solid. I like his hold up play and presence. Obviously his reflex and accuracy need to be worked on. He has the makings of a very special player. Our youth excite me. Mostly because I do not feel they are a liability if played, and will bring a competitive skill to the team. Oh and Luna and Noone - going to absolutely dominate if they can stay fit. My only question mark is whether we can limit conceding goals. I feel we have no gauge as our preseason hitouts have not been against relatively strong competition. Time will tell! If anything - it will be a return to entertaining football perhaps frustratingly marred by points lost.
  4. Very edgy reading. Any anonymous readers would infer a lifetime of unfilfulled dreams and promises and consistent failures to meet expectations. It is as if people really want to see this club succeed? Funny that. I was there. Bouzanis took me back straight to the nerves of 2017. Cheers for the banter from the active. I thought Metcalfe played well. I remember back last season he played well in seniors too. Both him, Ramy and Najaar seem to be quality up and comers. It is exciting having them at City and hopefully they do well as a result. Credit where credit is due too - whilst we held the ball for long periods Oakleigh did not play crap football. They kept up pace and created some good chances. Whilst freezing it was great to be back.
  5. I agree, he was. Still - nothing I saw warranted a marquee status. He put in some good shifts, as he should.
  6. Better up his game this season. What an embarrasment.
  7. Sure sign our culture has not changed if we are on top after 6 rounds undefeated.
  8. Whilst I absolutely disagree with this statement - Future headlines: Brattan finds career best form at Victory; Brattan puts 3 past City in Demolition Derby; Brattan is a Victory Man and reveals what life was like under the tyranny of Warren Joyce at City.
  9. We will inevitably hear retrospectively about intra-club friendlies at CFA and the like. I agree - we do seem to be in the latter. Looking forward to the pre season games coming up (and the cold).
  10. Looking forward to some football!! Finally.
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