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  1. Who is our greatest player of all time?

    Farce. Joke of a period.
  2. Who is our greatest player of all time?

    Depends how you look at it. If just mens - Mooy has gone on and helped promote Huddersfield and maintain them in the Premier League for 2 seasons. There is a lot of interest in him and he has done well both abroad and in the international squad. Fornaroli was devastating for City in his prime. Set the league alight. Skilled and exciting. Played with passion and for the badge. Mooy will always be remembered for what he has done since City. I suspect Fornaroli will always be remembered for that stunning 2 seasons we had with him in his prime. The next way you can look and say who has done best since being at City? Redmayne confirmed.
  3. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Must be the beard that made the difference.
  4. The "Where are they now?" thread

    You fkn beat me to it. Well done lad.
  5. Talking City Fan Channel

    Always worth the time to discuss a poor season - deserves perhaps more time. You have CFG a season rating which were all informed and well argued. Now time for the season podcast review. Content: general nonsense, increasing expletives and refreshing to hear consistent attemps to bring the convo back on track. I give it 10/10 Guests: all in all very poor. None of the greats. Would have loved to hear from Messi or Ronaldo. Even someone more low key - perhaps De Bruyne with his connections to City. Unfortunately I only remember stars of the season from the Melbourne City team and this was in itself concerning as no one listening really wanted to hear anything from them. An underwhelming season at best. Perhaps most concerning was Troy's constant excuses for not watching the game (yet incredible sense of picking up on the vibes and giving on point analysis of key performances and future development). I give it 10/10. Podular Media Plugs: Podular Media/Podular Media Well done lads.
  6. Suggested changes for 2019/2020 (offfield)

    I hope you find good reason to come back and join us mate.
  7. I wonder what old man Joycey really thinks of his time here at CFG? Away from the rhetoric and politics. I look forward to him going somewhere else and Melb City being a reference for why he should not have been hired.
  8. Suggested changes for 2019/2020 (offfield)

    Very interesting times ahead indeed. FFA Cup final we won was packed out with City fans. We have a vast majority of apathetic supporters who were turned off by Joyce. This was reflected in crowd numbers as well as the minority of faithful who chucked in the towel. I guarantee the enthusiasm to want to support City is still there. People have just deferred their attendance support because they did not like what Joyce dished up. At a guess I would say most of these people will be back if there are some obvious changes in Melb Citys direction including cultural, recruitment, marquees and, above all, manager. If we signed a BIG NAME manager, or signed 1 or 2 massive names which hinted at football more in line with Man City doctrine this would boost support. The way I look at it is that we have so much fringe support who want so badly to see Melbourne City take the league seriously, but they wont support until they see the club share the same sentiment and ambition. For myself I love matchday. I keep going and supporting the boys because I love attending the football and seeing the narrative of the season take shape. Even Joyce did not deter me. It just made my desire to see the club succeed even stronger. For a lot of people it was enough to leave, and I get that too.
  9. Suggested changes for 2019/2020 (offfield)

    I wonder how much reducing ticket costs would boost attendances. What we really want is people who committ to coming regularly. The costs of membership are reasonable. One off events are probably in line with NRL and football? Just a guess. Because of the lower standard of the league (relative to other leagues) should the A League be less to attend? And is yes, would reducing costs improve numbers. It is an interesting thought experiment. Knowing how many football fans, esp Euro followers who follow many overseas teams, if only we could attract them and give them the same connection they have with their overseas teams. Surely we are all dying for some great football here in Aus and would love to see a league with the same following as is in Europe.
  10. Suggested changes for 2019/2020 (offfield)

    Spot on. @TheStig my comment was never about CFG. They would be stoked if we sold out AAMI every week I am sure. As @NewConvert said so well, due to minimal crowds and expected crowds well below threshold they can go with limited costings for security. Above the threshold also necessitatss riot police as you see at the Derby. These are extra security outside pre and post game that cost significantly more money than the standard non VicPol security we see on a general basis. Let me stress it is not CFG paying for security. It is a legal requirement for AAMI hosting events as built into their crowd control management plan. Of this CFG would contribute a small amount. They will only open top tier when they know they have the numbers that exceed the threshold that allow them to make money and still work within the legal requirement of patron:security ratio with the heavy cost of riot police in attendance too.
  11. Brad Rowse CEO

    People criticise Joyce for the regression in attendances at home games. BUT I suspect the correlation between reduction in attendees is more to blame with the removal of the sausage stand. Even Mooy wanted to stay in the ALeague until he found out and chucked in the towel for a lesser career in Englands football leagues.
  12. Harrison Delbridge

    Thought training was just reduction in skinfolds?
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Tip rat perfection. Those were the days.
  14. Talking City Fan Channel

    Release the Poddy
  15. Suggested changes for 2019/2020 (offfield)

    Because it is VicPol who charge AAMI based on visitor/securitt ratios. When you exceed a threshold your management policies have to exponentially grow to meet the demands of a higher intensity crowd. I do not understand all the ins and outs, but my mate who runs the AAMI management and security ops for NRL explained it to me in this way.