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  1. With Luna out and other potential injuries.. JMac out is the last thing we need!
  2. Inanimate carbon rod MoM
  3. You should have expected the unexpected therefore expecting this result. You should then also expect a draw or loss from here.
  4. Or lose because everyone expects the unexpected. And because the expected unexpected is a win, we will lose.
  5. Is this the game to tell us 'where we are at' lads?
  6. I.e. feels like one we should win so we probably wont? I am feeling different. It feels like a game we will lose because we should have won it, and therefore we will win it because the opposite of what should happen generally happens.
  7. Win or lose - I will walk away stoked. My team beat Liverpool and not even a thrashing could make me lose any hope I have today. Having said that - Cmon boys. Get in. Make it a win!
  8. And yet before he left he was playing regularly enough and looked like our best creative outlet. Correct me if I am wrong - Frenchy was not even playing?
  9. We've got super Eric Mombaerts. He knows exactly what we need. Curtis at the back, Maclaren in attack. He's gonna help us win the A League. And repeat.
  10. Seems almost written in the stars.
  11. Okay revise because both correct. We cannot seem to consistently dominate. Probably more to do with how teams set up against us, and how much it impacts on our ability to play our game.
  12. We're going down.... We're going down.... We're going down. We're going down. We're going down!
  13. Reflecting on the game... I watch a lot of football. I watch leagues and follow teams who play inconsistent football. A 1-0 loss away in these leagues can be copped on the chin. I cannot help but feel, however, that City just are not up to it against teams who match them. Yes they have the capacity to dominate but rarely have we this season. Many JMAC goals have been scrappy and have needed luck. It just feels like that when a team match our gameplan and compete on the same level then our plan falls to shit because we go out with the mindset that teams have to adapt to us in order to gain an advantage. Reality says otherwise. I know its a long trip across the ditch. Very little gave me confidence lastnight going ahead. 5th seems appropriate.
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