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  1. I know it seems high, but is there any relative data compared with other teams in the league?
  2. JMSTEP123


    You are in my heart, Something Magical. Wherever you go I will follow you and sing for you. Football is more than 90 minutes. Stay safe JW1739.
  3. Looking hungry and sharp for goals today!
  4. Saying nothing of Deano - is Glover any good?
  5. The bloke is cooked... what gives?
  6. Should have more rotations be made on Sunday to keep the lads fresh for this game?
  7. A short synopsis: our sense of entitlement leaves us without a fighting spirit. Our football philosophy leaves us without a plan B. Poor showing. I didnt mind losing - credit to Adelaide. But piss poor from City.
  8. Will be tough away at Coopers. This IMO is 50/50. Anyones game. Lets see who is willing to risk it all.
  9. Lets treat his potential - an Arzani is rare. He is a hard worker and dropped at half time. If he has the right attitude then in the coming seasons he could be great for us. Its also been a long off season for everyone, let alone the young guys.
  10. Could have he been the difference that made a difference this season?
  11. Well done! Brilliant listen.
  12. Any way we can listen back at this show?
  13. Moisture drips from this post. Yeah although an overall lacklustre affair, there was still an atmosphere of hostility. I suspect we will see further tension come Christmas Derby.
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