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  1. Denis Genreau

    So nobody in Europe recognized his talent and nobody wanted to buyout his 60 to 100K Aud contract .
  2. Denis Genreau

    The key question is why he's back from Europe competition.
  3. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    He was good, just defenders were one size too large for him.
  4. Memberships/Season Tickets

    I paid my membership in full. Why would they give discount at this moment.
  5. Brillante

    Off the topic but on the conversation, Bart, Delbo and Baccus were top 10 league passers. You don't have to watch the game after this own half statistics to understand there is coaching and game plan deficit. Adelaide scored winning goal through RDL and Bart. Bart was the best defender in the league. Sydney won the league having Wilko as chief defense commander. Good for them but not for us. If we had Redmayne we would the main culprit on the forum.
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    This will be the first time that we have all visa players available for the complete preseason. No more funny excuses that we are still weeks away from the first derby.
  7. Luke Brattan

    Pro is that he is excellent A-league player.
  8. Javier Cabrera

    Couldn't we have Bruno and him to combine.
  9. Luke Brattan

    Brilliante doesn't score and assist. Brattan role in City was much more offensive.
  10. Brillante

    He should be a step up from Baccus providing that he will have better season than the last with Sydney. He's still probably unsettled that his transfer to Korea failed.
  11. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Many coaches like to start and build up the team from the scratch, up to their liking, unless it's championship winning team. Players without contract are good opportunity to release them. Of four of them, Good is the only one who doesn't belong into category being expensive or in vital role for new playing style. Every club forum think that youth players are good enough to win it. So far EM expressed that they lack tactical skills.
  12. The "Where are they now?" thread

    It was probably overlooked as the coach doesn't know local players and there was no body to advise him.
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    What's official statement on Brilliante? Where is Welcome topic ?
  14. The "Where are they now?" thread

    McGree would be very handy. I'm not sure what other similar age and quality domestic player can replace him on the same level.
  15. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Idolisation or worshipping other people is not a healthy relationship in the first place. Mental or emotional pain which always follows is not in fact caused by the idol. Be happy and enjoy the game and focus on soccer field activities. No need to bad mouth anyone who left for whatever reason.