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  1. Last night match result devalued our score. Not sure what to expect tomorrow . On the records, Cup final is to be remembered. All guns , full speed ahead.!
  2. Chapman won the challenge against Fornaroli.
  3. He is excellent in his role. Brattan is more versatile playerr, very good tackler (ask other clubs fans) , better in assistances and scores much more goals.
  4. It's a good time slot for the families. Adelaide (Cup opponent) should generate four figures number.
  5. Maybe not the best lineup but two spots will be given to young players Metcalfe, Najjar, Najjarin. Add also Wales.
  6. Based on the preseason it's obvious that we'll do well. Hopefully, same as NYC, big results without a big stars.
  7. No-one does the derbies early like this when teams are still rusty. Especially when there is zero media and crowd traction.
  8. We need something different this season. We need an early reality check for the coach and strong finish of the season. In the contrast to the first few rounds lullaby when other strong teams still getting shaped for the top finish.
  9. CFG probably dictate youth players to be included in the first team. This is a part of business model for development and future selling. In other words generating profit. On the other hand, why then buy all those visa players in the first place.
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