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  1. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

  2. Bruno offside goal .
  3. Iacopo La Rocca

    Finally an answer.
  4. FFA Pyrotechnic Legalisation

    The FFA is just pandering to the active supporter groups to get them back on side. When they leave, then the fans will come on side.
  5. The FFA Management thread

    Well, this happened. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/ffa-to-supply-a-league-active-supporter-groups-with-legal-pyrotechnics-20180309-p4z3o3.html
  6. Melbourne Heart and Melbourne City attendances

    Credit to @mcfc_crowds on Twitter.
  7. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    Bolton has spoken.
  8. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    A year ago I never thought I'd be saying this but we need Malik.
  9. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    Joyce is reactive not proactive. Days like today make me want Heart back. A much simpler time.
  10. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    Nervous as hell. But saying that when am I not nervous for a derby.
  11. The FFA Management thread

    100%, I was just making the point that every A-League club had to sell some of there best players at one point or another. Especially young players.
  12. The FFA Management thread

    I was more referring to the fact that Heart had to sell there best players. On the podcast Munn said that the sale of Curtis Good keeped heart going for a while.
  13. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Any news on Atkinson? He looked to have picked up an injury.
  14. Iacopo La Rocca

    IMO La Rocca has to come in for the derby. Delbridge looks like an NPL player.