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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I think what @kingofhearts meant is "in the works". Not world. Could be wrong.
  2. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    My thoughts exactly. Would be nice if Munn did a sort of post season review etc. But then again he would say to much either.
  3. Dylan Pierias

    He's trialing with Genoa.
  4. Melbourne City FC Leadership group

    I'm sure I'm not the only one to think that this whole "leadership group" concept has failed.
  5. Melbourne City FC Leadership group

    With Jakobsen gone who'd be your replacement captain? For me it's got to be Jamo. To date our leadership group has only one player in it that's still on contract and that's Galekovic.
  6. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    Credit: @CaNNaVo93
  7. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    Correct me if I'm wrong but last season was our last year with the red and white (Heart) away kit?
  8. Talking City Fan Channel

    @thisphantomfortress @[LIBBA] @GreenSeater @eric forman Loved your beautiful rendition of true until i die. I'd just like to congratulate all you boys on a great season. Looking forward to hearing you guys back on the pod for next season.
  9. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    last seasons kit was boring AF. Wasn't there rumores about Man City switching to Puma or something?
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    This is going to be a very long offseason...
  11. Official "Simpsons Week" Off Season Thread

    VAR last night.
  12. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    I'm fucking fumen. This is criminal. Fuck the VAR.
  13. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. Top 2 is a minimum and no ACL is an absolute joke.
  14. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    What a shit fucking weekend.