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  1. agree doesnt do enough for mine was a huge waste of a visa spot, gotta be able to do more than cross
  2. STAY fornaroli, Fitzgerald, jakobsen, kilkenny, tonyik, brandan, franjic, kamau GO muscat, bratten, bouzanis, Gamero, retre, Malik,colazo,sorensen, rose, caceres put a broom through the joint
  3. all these extras, on route for a sell out at the bubble
  4. we'll be lucky to crack 10k, afl on and kids at school the next day....
  5. 4-3 win at home. surely timmy puts a few in the net. will be as far as we go though, loss in syd next week. gotta take it a week at a time tho.... shit time slot 7k crowd coming up