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  1. TTIM: I'm not having a go or being racist to Italians, but I think their food is the most overrated in the world. Pasta is egg and flour combined and varies from different prices and shapes depending on where you go. Pizza is nice food but one of the reasons it's so popular around the world is because the Americans reinvented it. They made their own toppings and different sauces. If I was to spend $20 on food I would not buy pasta because I can make it just as nice at home, and rather get a good meal I won't be able to cook at home.
  2. Shelvey has agreed personal terms. Almost finished deal.
  3. Ah red and city blue
  4. He became an Aussie citizen last year so no visa spot.
  5. When I was 15 I was told not to give personal details online.
  6. Well you said you want to do well with your studies. Givin your age you claim to be you must be in year 9. Who gives a fuck in year 9.
  7. That thread was bull shit he was probably ( most definitely) sitting on his arse at home with his phone or keyboard in his lap. You said a while ago you where doing VCE? Last time I checked you have to a least be in year 10 (16). So when you said you where doing VCE you were 14?
  8. Truck off pfff bike off. They all ride past with their riding suits and gear.
  9. There's 7 minutes of reading that I will never get back.
  10. Love you too. I'm going for @strider
  11. How many premierships have the Bombers won compared to the tigers?
  12. Why are they in the NPL? Oh yeah because the FFA didn't include them. And in a few years time when they might possibly get into the A-league then they will be relevant
  13. TTIM AFL: Richmond. Their so call tough style and fans. The only team that can lead by multiple goals in the last quarts or even last 10 mins and lose the game. As it's said in the song,'like the the tiger of old'
  14. What have South done to you. They have set the foundation of Australian football. Their history speaks for its self