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  1. Going to be an interesting one, Adelaide are their own worst enemy, as are we. We should hit this out of the park on paper! come on lads~!!
  2. another pointless stat that does nothing but prop us up falsely
  3. cos i love doing XI's: glover hendry good delbo atko brill galloway florin luna susaeta jmac
  4. came for game time, will he be able to nudge out our basically cemented pairing in good and delbo - seems a strange signing - we have rostyn to fill in any cb gaps (adequately might i point out). I get that he is an injury replacement but I dont see him playing anytime soon unless he is drastically better than what we have
  5. luna out wide for wales, susaesta and florin am - very dangerous
  6. agreed, need his quality on the pitch, will lift everyone around him
  7. DZH is scary, with his pace and shooting
  8. he is the best signing on paper we have made no doubt. Lets hope he has an impact right of the mark. him feeding jmac makes me moist
  9. I played against metcalfe in u/16-18s - he is a midfielder mate
  10. doesnt help that they are injured...still would hold onto winbichler - believe he offers more than good or delbridge. Florin i feel is indispensable right now in our midfield. Only player that looks dangerous with a pass - luna gives us nothing in the AM role as I see it, he should be on the wing for wales
  11. you know you are dogshit as a cb when all you can do is block the strikers run with your body - fk that aldred
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