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  1. WE love jumping to conclusions on this forum haha
  2. stand out last night, that slide tackle in the box at the end of the game was enough for me to give him MoM. Him and Good really excelled last night, rich might find it hard to get back into the squad. these two looked indomitable at the back with brillante last night. yipee!
  3. i am convinced you dont watch the same games as us. When did florin nail and pass or set up the majority of play. the guy can do everything but the easiest things like a simple pass to feet. He killed more attacks than he started. If he could nail a final pass, he would actually be reliable in the middle, plus he tracks back slower than my balls swing.
  4. Brilliante, noone and delbo my pick. Brilliante could be our best signing ever
  5. Boouzanis galloway rich goood jam brill/ griffiths luna cab najjar noone scared of wsw spine, think we need a stronger middle of the park
  6. our defence is going to need to carried by rich by the sounds of it. whether that is possible is another thing all together. is there any word if he is injured or not??
  7. i think cabrera suits our style of play a lot more. high speed and intensity, he will be a monster on the counter
  8. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/pre-season-report-city-1-western-united-2?fbclid=IwAR32OkvgjSrZI4EHKk_J_Ezva4rpvbOMozdFUjd1lLt04eYTplooQfKpsr4 sounds like we were the better team from this report, but meh, the youngsters are showing their skills good to see, wondering about Rich though
  9. lachie wales with a horrendous 1v1 miss in the u/23 game v NZ.
  10. id have both us and WSW as favourites tbf. they have put together a very strong squad
  11. this is huge! my pick for johnny warren medal, you heard it hear first! honestly, i want this guy to succeed. He has probably got it as good as anyone else before him so hopefully he can do some stuff this season
  12. totally agree. he is good enough, if he wasnt, why had he just made his debut. when he got injured. He will go on to do good things with his football if can stay healthy and fit.
  13. keep rostyn! good experience to mentor younger players can do a job on the field when required
  14. given our game against bentleigh, this should be a cake walk. we are only going to get fitter and better with the gameplan. love a good lineup so here is how i think we should set up booozanis atkinson rich good galloway brill florin luna cab jmac noone i think we should try with our 'on paper' best team. see how florin interacts with the fast front 4. ill trust luna to pick up the is non existent running in florins game haha. with metcalfe, one of najjar/ wales/ ramy and perhaps rostyn to come on.
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