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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    nah fk him, good player on his day, but brillante all the way, dont want him and josh side by side, we need more attacking in midfield.
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    i would be starting genreau alongside brillante as our 8. he can battle it out with metcalfe. florin or cabrera can play 10. dont need griffiths when we have brillante and the kids will work their asses off to be the best. metcalfe was great last year and by all knowledge, genreau is even better
  3. Luke Brattan

    wasnt good enough often enough. had it all some games - when he wanted to. get he impression that his head is not totally in the game sometimes
  4. Squad 2019/2020

    appreciate keeping this thread updated
  5. Brillante

    and we are saying you are wrong buddo
  6. Brillante

    sorry but i totally disagree with you. delbridge has a lot to learn in both phases. he got caught to many times not tracking back or ball watching at the back post (he did make some brilliant interceptions however). Bart was at times our only genuine forward ball playing player. not really sure how you could not see that if you watched every game. All of his passes were effective. he took space and played forward when the timing and opportunity was there, nearly always. Good and Delbridge would hoof it down the wing after three side to side passes (no patience). When players dont present for him (jmac, wingers, we had no 10 all of the season as well), he cannot hit a cutting pass. Doubt you watched every game if you couldnt make sense that we were trying to build from the back every game but had no real idea about movement or creation of space in the final third, severely limiting the ability for a player like Bart being able to create play. It is a symptom of the team when a cb can take 10-20 meters of space in a field and still have no options to play an effective pass. If Bart had the quality in attack that we will have this season, he would have been even more immense period. I wont have anyone tell me otherwise that Bart was playing for the whole of our team in many games last season.
  7. Brillante

    bart... you have to be taking the piss right. for a playmaker, you must not have watched bart play much
  8. Brillante

    hope is has a huge impact for us
  9. Pre-season 2019-20

    will make my best effort to get to the bentleigh game, but by god its hard getting their from carlton.
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    one more visa signing in the wing or midfield and we win the league! what a signing in Brillante. Gone under the radar for the past few seasons, integral to sydneys success. Finally, a decisive pre-season with results and quality in mind. birra/booz galloway / rich/ delbo/ jamo brillante/ genreau/ visa (other signing) noone/ jmac/ yoof/ signing/ wales idk for once, the hype building is genuine, we are putting together a seriously good squad
  11. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    seeing real v man city, in front of 98000 people, with bale, aguero, ronaldo, toure, silva and co. was pretty darn epic. people from every code flock to these games because they are household names. if it gets people talking about the game, who cares what it is...
  12. wont be dead for to much longer #independent
  13. top three best players we have had. best defender this league has had in the past two seasons
  14. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    team shaping up nicely, would love if genreau stays! just need another attacking signing and confident with the coach and our youth, we can smash it.
  15. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation