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  1. Ruon Tongyik

    I don't disagree at all, it just highlights the fact you need a mobile and versitile defensive line, with a competent keeper to help command the line, and can come off his own line for competent coverage in a counterattack. I just dont think Ruon has that mobility, not to say he can't improve on it either.
  2. Talking City Fan Channel

    Finally got around to listening to the pod boys. Good chat with Matt Windley. With regards to the possession issue, I feel our problem definitely is a mentality centric problem, we are most dangerous when we run at opposition teams with the ball. I find our players become quite static when receiving and holding the ball without moving with it, and looking for other player to move into positions to receive which most of the time are quite predictable for oppositions to read, (Luke Brattan is a huge perpetrator if you watch him, gets the ball, stays where he is and holds it under his foot and awaits to see what runs from others are made around him, usually two others players making predictable runs to space, for a triangle setup). I still think our biggest problem which hasn't been touched on is our defense, and to a large extent the transition from defense to attack (playing it from the back). We are last in the league for tackles, and last in the league for clearances, they're the facts. Bozanis I feel is another part of why our defense hasn't been up to scratch, I think Sorensen is the man to have in goals (he's much more of a leader in goals based on watching from the sidelines, and his wealth of experience I believe should have automatically given him more of a two game chance at the start of the season before being dropped). Vukovic is a pivotal player for Sydney, and clean sheets are why they are on top. Melbourne wins lies with their defense achieving clean sheets.
  3. Ruon Tongyik

    I agree. Ruon has a huge amount of talent and the skills he has displayed when in possession, especially when under pressure are fantastic. He can make a great tackle. However, he's too slow. O'donovan exploited this on the weekend getting in behind with pace. I've watch him carefully one each conceding play, and I've found he gets caught flat footed in our high pressing style, and is vulnerable on counters to pacey strikers. I had a mate who used to play Vic Prem league, he is a short striker, he used to say he loved nothing more than seeing a tall central defender on the pitch because he knew he would have legs on them with the right ball or touch. I would personally love to see him used more in a midfield role, utilising his on ball skills, and he vision, and passing, which I think are tremendous and can be better utilised.
  4. Talking City Fan Channel

    Haha they just wanna feel surprised when we do win
  5. Talking City Fan Channel

    Hi, Listen to the last podcast. I totally disagree with the dire predictions of 'we'll finish 5th', 'Perth and Brisbane are better than us', ect on the latest podcast. The first half against Sydney, a part from Muscat's red, we were all over them, high pressing attacking football. It has to be said, Sydney's first goal was poor defending by Malik and Muscat, but we had the run of play and we were dominating the league dominating top side, and the Fitzie goal was the perfect reply to balance the game, and help the score at the time, represent what was happening on the pitch. That first half, couple with the fact we had a 5 1 away romp over Wellington, a youthful gutsy draw against Roar, a hard done by but spirited derby against Victory where we were, for the most part, the dominant side, we have a lot to look forward to if we take this form and effort to the rest of our games toward the finals.