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  1. call it done, confirmed Troisi 2017/18 season
  2. based on last season, we all can agree on starting Fitzy over Kamau... on the ball Kamau is a great dribbler but strength on the ball is killing me, loses it nearly every run. EXCEPT that one game against Brisbane
  3. FItzy For Socceroo
  4. Agreed. if Trosi comes our way, it would be a massive boost addition to our already have Kilkenny,Caceras, and Brattan
  5. Someone pushed it..."soon" seems legit??
  6. right , i have but just havent yet recieved a reply /: but anyways was just looking if anyone here is a part of it so i could possibly get in contact
  7. hi, Anyone here that works or a part of the city community match day? anything that is related in working for the interested in joining, so if anyone is a part of it i would love to get in contact with.
  8. what shop ?
  9. If JVS somehow comes back, i will request for a refund..actually i Will get a refund (:
  10. hopefully not /:
  11. we'll see in 16 days.....
  12. Just a heads up, FFA cup Round of 32 starts in 2 weeks and 2 days...we can sure defend the cup without a manager (:
  13. posnegative