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  1. The 100m dash, followed by a test of your social media posting skills. A background knowledge of the cheapest places to buy Fred Perry will also help. Goodluck!
  2. In the USA's case (which probably wouldn't be all too different from us should capital punishment be allowed), the overall cost of having someone placed on deathrow is insanely more costly than a life sentencing. Considering how lenient our system is, I imagine the legal fees and process to have someone killed would escalate out of hand due to appeals, retrials and other general red tape. Idealistic to think that someone would get convicted and then jabbed the next morning to save a few bucks.
  3. MU5 are a continuation of one of the old Y-side youth groups, however largely consist of different members these days. Semi-organised kids, and have contributed to both terrace groups, including some decent displays. Not going to bother with commenting on S16.
  4. For the internationals on here, what channel are games usually televised on? BT sports or?
  5. Nah nah nah, nothing against Anime or having an interest in it, that's fine. Just as long as you're not embarrassingly pushing it on to every Japanese person you come across. The issue is completely misinterpreting circumstance, and before you know it you've subjected the poor Japanese girl working reception at a shitty 1000 yen a night hostel, who's too polite to tell you to fuck off, to a 2 hour spiel about how you have a deep connection with Japan that magically developed after watching a bunch of School Rumble in your teen years.
  6. TTIM: those Anglo cunts who travel to Japan thinking they're on some spiritual journey to their true homeland, all based on the fact that they like anime/manga. Fucking die, the locals hate you, and they still think you're as dumb as the rest of us. And ffs, stop trying to speak shitty Japanese straight from a phrase book.
  7. Would love to hear what the walking AASB has to say about this.
  8. Very quickly: -If you don't want to learn too much about the market, stick to shit like Etfs. Track the market, generally providing decent growth. -A-REITs and other property ETFs are a good option for property, without large upfront fees. -Cash offers fuck all atm, however 80k should still give you an extra 2k a year in income, risk free. -Pay to speak with a professional. 80k is significant, they'll be able to give you the best options according to your goals. (much better than asking a bunch of gamblers)
  9. Except those basic things aren't clinically diagnosed. You'll never be referred onto a shrink by stating that you've got 'the blues', and in fact, you probably wouldn't even present to the doctor in the first place. However that doesn't mean that someone has to be bed-ridden with depression or struggling at work to be suffering from serious illness; in fact a large amount find that work can become a comfort zone, and they are at their best there. I can guarantee you though that anyone who has gone through a clinical episode will come out saying that it is much worse than any physical illness they have had. I agree that there are a lot of people out there incorrectly diagnosing themselves for short periods, however your comment above is so far off the mark it's concerning, and a demonstration of the lack of public understanding surrounding such issues. In terms of funding I don't really have much comment, the 10 subsidised sessions do have an impact, however due to the long-term characteristics of mental illness, they probably aren't the most efficient way of funding. I also don't think medication subsidies are the right way either, and would rather see that money placed in more permanent treatment. I reckon everyone I know has been impacted by a suicide at some point, in fact I would say that other than the complication of old age, it would be the number one cause of death in my social setting/community.
  10. Rofl, I didn't have it in mind when I posted, but it certainly can be applied. Classic.
  11. The name Stefan seems to be reserved exclusively for cunts.
  12. Even if mixed with EDM bangers?
  13. Just to clarify a few things: - I'm defs not Catholic - I absolutely hate kiddie fiddlers - I don't hand out reach arounds for simply winning an internet battle; you have to earn those. I'm all for bringing the church to account for the terrible acts that were committed. I will also concede that I have only been half interested in this issue, as it doesn't register as a passion of mine. Therefore I know that I will be incorrect about a couple of points. However, my main concern with this whole ordeal is that I feel the anger is being completely misplaced. As far as I am aware, Pell isn't under suspicion of assault himself is he? So can anyone here, without looking them up, list the names of the priests who are actually guilty? (looking at you Ceasar). I understand that as a person of leadership, Pell deserves scrutiny, but unless there is concrete evidence that he went out of his way to cover up the acts of lower ranked officials (which hasn't been shown what, 4 times now?), then he only can be labelled as a potentially shady character, rather than the devil incarnate, which is the current narrative. If he was to apologise tomorrow, would everyone then move on to the actual criminals? Even then, when it comes to an apology and adequate compensation, I would be more inclined to go after the organisation itself, rather than a singular individual within it.
  14. I know it's technically not a football film, but surely you give 'The Business' a good rating?