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  1. Not yet spoken on but I also thought Galloway had a really good game - should be a good long term pick up for us. Jamo, whose form has been pretty below average lately, was greatly improved as well.
  2. Game day, forum! Gee up and see you all tonight UP THE CITY BOYS
  3. Unpopular opinion but I love the away derbies. Feels like all the City fans in our bays - active or not - get really up for it, a true us vs the world sort of atmosphere (which is typically what it feels like being a City fan in Melbourne). It's just sort of this intangible feeling you get from being isolated in our little corner, kind of like you could go up and talk to any City fan and have a really great chat. Plus giving it to the Visitor's South End is an event in it of itself.
  4. https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/i-was-a-bit-of-a-dick-jamiesons-warning-to-the-next-gen-530925 Jamo on the FTBL podcast
  5. IssySG


    I look at the Victory starting XI and I just see a lot of question marks. Not saying that they'll have a bad year, but I don't get why anyone thinks their list is stronger than ours. Especially considering I could almost guarantee Toivonen and Kruse will miss a combined 10 games through injury this year. Regardless, fuck em.
  6. The club itself didn't post about the game until after it had been played.
  7. I bet you this is almost verbatim what he said in his job interview. In reality, while all those things are true - the other two managers in the sample size are Aloisi and Waz. So, yeah.
  8. All Victorian non-home games are a given. Other than that I'm lining up: Wanderers @ Bankwest 22/11/19 (very keen to check out the new stadium) Adelaide @ Hindmarsh 1/2/20 (a staple every season)
  9. Can this thread please be renamed the Victorian Mariners
  10. Bouzanis Galloway Rich Delbo Jamo Metcalfe Brill Florin Luna Jmac Noone 3-1 to the City Boys
  11. Likely a training top
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