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  1. is this guy a ghost?
  2. I'm going, if the Melburnians arent there in any strong form you and I will set it off @jeffplz
  3. Not Troisi, just checked his Instagram and he's presently in Canada.
  4. Nah, it was at home at Bundoora.
  5. Wazza was down at the NPL game today. Said hey to the few City fans that were out. Watched the whole game from the fence.
  6. It surprises me how assuredly everyones talking about us getting Troisi. There hasn't really been anything super concrete that i've seen, more murmurings rather.
  7. Can I commission someone to make this for the next derby?
  8. He reads a script pretty well.
  9. Anyone planning on going and watching the NPL boys this Saturday? At home vs Dandenong City. 1st vs 3rd. Going to make the trip to cheer on our boys.
  10. Had the exact same thought. Imagine a Nike version of this kit.
  11. The new Man City kit dropped today at SPT football, so I'm guessing most Australian retailers are also stocking it. The top stores are stocking don't have sleeve sponsors, so really all someone would have to do is put our badge over the Man City badge and iron the logos on. Admittedly this would be a lot of work, but I'm just saying it's possible. *edit* just noticed that the Nike logo on the Man City top is on the left pocket and not the top. There goes that theory.
  12. TTDIM: Sydney losing the first game they played as A League champions
  13. Suppose this is the training kit, how much better was our training kit for 16/17.
  14. I was expecting for our top to be more blue dominated this season but I was also hoping for a little more creativity. Looks like an U10's top.
  15. My key ring broke the other day and I was genuinely gutted.