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  1. IssySG


    I know we're only up to round 5, but can we all enjoy that the Mariners have the same amount of points as Wifebeater FC but have played one less game.
  2. @haz You need to chill on Wales. Yes, he's had some shocking games but today wasn't one of them.
  3. Lachlan was a great on the podcast, super talkative and some generally interesting takes.
  4. IssySG


    Thinking of you through this time JW
  5. I'm aware. And while the sulking tantrums of this forum are most of its charm, the point of my post was; let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.
  6. Every time I come on this forum I get more and more concerned the mean age of a forum writer is 13. The body of evidence of us playing very well far outweighs the single poor game we've had. Fucking relax fellas. Let's go smash "Station Coming Soon FC"
  7. Finally the club are putting their resources to something that actually matters
  8. Squad is in and Maclaren is playing. Given the travels and the weekday Cup tie, should Jamie start or play off the bench? Also worth noting, Florin is still unavailable 1.Tom GLOVER, 2.Scott GALLOWAY, 3.Scott JAMIESON, 4.Harrison DELBRIDGE, 6.Josh BRILLANTE, 7.Rostyn GRIFFITHS, 8.Javier CABRERA, 9.Jamie MACLAREN, 11.Craig NOONE, 13.Nathniel ATKINSON, 17.Denis GENREAU, 19.Lachlan WALES, 20.Adrian LUNA, 21.Ramy NAJJARINE, 22.Curtis GOOD, 23.Dean BOUZANIS, 30.Moudi NAJJAR, 34.Connor METCALFE, 40.Richard WINDBICHLER, 49.Stefan COLAKOVSKI Ins: 9.Jamie Maclaren (returns from international duty), 17.Denis Genreau (returns form international duty) Outs: nil Unavailable: 10.Florin BERENGUER (hamstring)
  9. Said it before and I'll say it again, I fucking love Patrick Kisnorbo
  10. City Terrace will be at the Watermark Docklands from 2:00pm on game day, march to the stadium leaving at 6:45. Regardless of whether or not you sit active, try and get down for a beer before the game with all the fellow City Fans. I've said it before, but derbies bring out the best in City fans and you really love to see it.
  11. Golden Boot winner 19/20 Green line impending
  12. If you have the means to, as many City fans should try to make it out to Adelaide for the cup final as possible. Two days in the middle of the working week is never easy to get off, but this is genuinely one of those times that I think a semi-full away bay would really lift the boys. Plus, this is our second crack at a trophy in our ten year history, what else needs to be said?
  13. Not as much on the forum but on the Facebook Groups and Twitter have really proven to me that when it comes to City - they're damned if they do and they're damned if they don't. More people coming to the game is the bottom line if you want the club to grow. I was fine to pay what I paid for my membership, I would rather a hundred more people at games than save one hundred dollars myself.
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