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  1. https://www.talkingcity.online/shop-1 Pick up something up and support what Talking City do
  2. Still got Western United, Adelaide and Sydney. Would be fine with a win against Adelaide and WU and cop a draw against Sydney. I know we’re coming back from an extensive break, there will be some rustiness. But I tell you what, I’d love to hit the ground running to end this campaign strongly. Mainly because every time I see this meme it breaks me
  3. This is a perfect summation of Western United
  4. I'd just like to give this thread a bump so we can all spend some time showing respect to the King of Melbourne. I'll get us started. 22 games this season. 19 Goals, 4 Assists. We are not worthy.
  5. *Admin's feel free to boot this if it isn't allowed* Selling this size Large Nike Jacket from the 18/19 season. Been worn >5 times. $70 plus postage, DM if you're interested!
  6. When I said I wanted our team to "look more like Sydneys", this isn't what I meant
  7. This was subsequently tweeted a couple hours later
  8. Word on the street (Twitter) is that he's going to be a Vuckwit
  9. IssySG


    10th place and three coaches in one season, file under 'Things You Love To See'
  10. It's the best looking red and white kit we've had as MCFC, but people just want to complain.
  11. Just in case you guys forgot We're gonna win the league
  12. Quick sidenote: If anyone has a 16/17 Home kit (with a number on the back that is anyone but Manny Muscats) and wants to sell it, hit um my DMs with pics and price in mind
  13. Tell ya what I'd love for the 20/21 Kit: a collar
  14. Just a quiet reminder: None of these players have left yet, we saw a rumour on Twitter
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