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  1. The new Man City kit dropped today at SPT football, so I'm guessing most Australian retailers are also stocking it. The top stores are stocking don't have sleeve sponsors, so really all someone would have to do is put our badge over the Man City badge and iron the logos on. Admittedly this would be a lot of work, but I'm just saying it's possible. *edit* just noticed that the Nike logo on the Man City top is on the left pocket and not the top. There goes that theory.
  2. TTDIM: Sydney losing the first game they played as A League champions
  3. Suppose this is the training kit, how much better was our training kit for 16/17.
  4. I was expecting for our top to be more blue dominated this season but I was also hoping for a little more creativity. Looks like an U10's top.
  5. My key ring broke the other day and I was genuinely gutted.
  6. Yeah it is a shame. The scarves we had this year were great. Would be good for the club to repeat again next season so theoretically all members could participate in Happy Together.
  7. Respect to Luke Brattan. He went to the City NPL game and watched the whole game from the fence. Was good to see an A league player supporting our reserves.
  8. But lets say that CFG are now starting to realise that we are a "softcock" team, does that necessarily lead to change? One can only hope.
  9. Message me you address and I'll send some out!
  10. Not sure which thread was appropriate but got these made up for the off season
  11. TTDIM: Richmond getting a reality check
  12. Brandan won't be available until late in the next season so it'll have to be Fitzy up with Bruno.
  13. If only, would be very keen on one of those but unfortunately were none for sale. Also saw heaps of people buying City stuff while I was there and had the exact same thought.
  14. Just picked up one of the puffer jackets. Cheers for the tip.
  15. Well obviously