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  1. Don’t read it then. Simple as that. And if I had a kid that played he wouldn’t take shit from that dog, I guarantee you.
  2. This is an interesting article. And for those who don’t know, Mr Impellizzeri was once put forward to coach in some form at City. Guess who put his name in the hat?
  3. Not saying that. But both saw the game exactly the same way. They fed off each other, so there was never going to be friction. True love there.
  4. No I’m letting you know who’s pushing his barrow (Wales). Our trusty assistant has the managers ear, and isn’t a fan of Genreau or Ramy either.
  5. You’re dead right. And guess who that genius is. A lollipop if you guessed dogshit PK.
  6. Wow, surprise surprise. I wonder why players leave. Not all a bunch of idiots but only a few that weren’t part of the clean out.
  7. The Club is not in a mess, however there’s dead weight there that needs to go for it to explode out of the blocks. My dislike for PK aside, he’s not the only one. Eric will make a difference but if he knew what I know there’d be a number in his staff that would already be gone.because they are swimming against the current. I’ll say this, PK is waiting in the wings for failure, and for him the sooner the better. He already has a staff lined up knowing him.
  8. Well unfortunately for you, that dogshit has a blow up doll of WJ that he gives head to every night.
  9. Peter Kratsky is the coach. However he’s only a puppet for the twitchy neck back stabbing sub human, Kisnorbo, who picks the side. And yes, since Palasides has left, also thanks to cancer himself PK, the squad has struggled, actually, they’re shit.
  10. Game was against MC Y-League. Perth had up to 7/8 A-Leaguers, including Ikonomidis. Goal was scored with last kick of match. Keeper did really well.
  11. Doesn’t come from SA so Petrillo will block it if someone mentions it.
  12. I watched the first half yesterday and Bouzanis should be embarrassed by that, schoolboy error. Delbridge not at fault at all, he needs to worry more about his passes being intercepted going forward, as do most of them.
  13. I believe it’s NPL, NPL2, NPL3 then State Leagues
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