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  1. Doesn’t come from SA so Petrillo will block it if someone mentions it.
  2. I watched the first half yesterday and Bouzanis should be embarrassed by that, schoolboy error. Delbridge not at fault at all, he needs to worry more about his passes being intercepted going forward, as do most of them.
  3. I believe it’s NPL, NPL2, NPL3 then State Leagues
  4. Mills, Iannucci and Chick have made the Young Socceroos squad. Graham has missed the cut by the looks of it.
  5. Four City players in Young Socceroos camp. Alec Mills, Bradley Chick, Mitchell Graham and Gianluca Iannucci. Any info here on these boys.
  6. I hope you’re right. They need to get rid of that pile of shit to truly make a fresh start.
  7. Rudan was a done deal late last year/early this year. Suffice to say he would have known who WU were getting as coaches. Let’s hope City gets a good head coach at this point.
  8. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if the knife wielding bandit Kisnorbo had something to do with this too. In saying that Kalac is a flog of a person.
  9. True, but going by the average age of the squad that I’ve seen lately they are extremely young.
  10. Agree about getting the best out of the keepers but a swine of a man. Well 2 down now. Hopefully Kisnorbo sees the door next.
  11. Well under Joyce it seemed that if you came with the esteem, be it young or old, it was a case of “I’ll show you who’s boss”. Birighitti, Budzinski, Cahill, Kilkenny, Arzani, Pierias, Fornaroli.etc, etc. Fucking tool, even more surprising is the clowns who said, “greattt, let’s give that guy big dollars to sit down for a season. He looks like he could use the R & R” That’s what happens when you let the patients run the mental ward. Idiots. By the way Joyce’s tea-baggers need to go too. Nothing will change if any of those muppets are involved.
  12. Petrillo hasn’t exactly been the best when it comes to decisions on player recruiting. He can’t get past Adelaide on the map for starters. Either way I hope you’re right, but I doubt it.
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