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  1. Word is he ain’t even in Brisbane
  2. Fernando Brandán

    Once the juniors start playing can he have a run in there games ?
  3. Tim Cahill

    I think it’s good that Tim wants more game tome shows his hungry obviously not the best idea to voice it so publicly
  4. Anyone else think that Crowley would’ve been a better bench option than having 4 midfielders? we needed something at the 80” mark in which our bench didn’t have.(a-league needs to introduce another bench spot) Mccormack looked out on his feet was caught twice for not getting back onside quick enough.
  5. #rushtunaback #weneedBRUNO #PrickleyPear
  6. Osama Malik

    Never thought I’d be reading this in the forum let alone strongly agreeing
  7. Chant for the Visistors

    Next derby when the visitors are still shit He left cuz your shit He left cuz your shit Marco Rojas He left cuz your shit
  8. RD 5 V Sydney 3/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:50

    Theyd give Jamo till the last minute to prove hes 100% id like to see tongyik on the bench to provide defensive cover.

    Double black hat looks mint 👌
  10. If Sydney’s fwd half have the chances Wellington and Adelaide had id exspect them to find the back of the net
  11. He could even go with a Mauk killa. Brattan midfield ?
  12. I’d love to see ya line up like this for Shitbry next week ins are Tongyik (need defensive cover on the bench) Killkenny straight into a starting position apart from round 1 Brattan has been effective IMO
  13. We haven’t even qualified for the ACL - so the beautiful football can wait until were solid enough to win our own league before worrying about that!

    Any leaks of the new hat re this post
  15. If we are going to secure a win away against Adelaide this season then Saturday night is our best chance. they have injuries and had a mid week game! COYCB