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  1. Geez I hope he doesn’t celebrate when he scores against us
  2. Thought boz would’ve hated us after Bart left lol he still loves city
  3. As in we still would have a great side on the park in the Sunday team to win points ! Blokes like Generaru, Atkinson, Wales Griffiths would be starting 11 in 6-7 other A-League sides.
  4. Big advantage we have is on the Sunday we can play a respectable B team and still have a good line up in prep for the Cup final!
  5. CCM would be my preferred opponent as we play Adelaide on the 20th of October and the final is meant to be that week! Was super weird playing Victory twice in one week last time around !
  6. The constant bashing of Florin (who was shit last season and doesn’t deserve Marquee) is so annoying he has been millions times better this preseason already
  7. It’s only early days with windbiechler Luna and Cabrera they could be very solid players!! But at this current time they haven’t proven themselves
  8. We have 4 starting spots up for grabs in my opinion the other 7 are locks when fit !! Good/winbiechler to fight out for CB Luna/Berenguer/Metcalfe to fill the 2 midfield spots Luna/Cabrera/Najjarine to fill the RW
  9. How good were Brillantes long balls !! Hit 2-3 behind the deference!
  10. Human nature is to remember the worst in someone and Dean has had some horrific moments but he’s also had some amazing patches in between the sticks! hate is not warranted if Glover deserves to start he will get his chance !
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