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  1. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Looks like it’s 3 so is irrelevant to the finals series just means players may miss games next season! what makes you think jako is ruled out ?
  2. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Geez Bozanic played his best game for us IMO would be very stiff to miss out but I agree with your reasoning
  3. Luke Brattan

    Any updates on his injury? Other than warren calling him out for being soft?
  4. Tried fitting Mauk in but couldn’t find a position for him
  5. I’d love for us to line up like this with Dario playing in the #10 role take the game to Brisbane from the start as they will sit back and look to counter Bench of Eugene, mauk, Ollie, Muscat budz
  6. Budz highlights are as good as any but its his lowlights where he goes missing for 45 minutes that cause him to not be in our side!
  7. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    If Muscat, fitzy and kamooo aren’t around we will be in the hunt for squadies/bench players in the wings and RB position
  8. Talking City Fan Channel

    i hope so maybe im just dont want him to leave !
  9. Talking City Fan Channel

    Is it just me or did Bart give the impression he won’t be around next season.
  10. What about the output of Newcastle in the last month when they’ve had nothing to play for. Gave away a lot of goals and seemed uninterested!! O’donavan even said something about not caring too much in a post match interview.
  11. I’d like Jacobsen rested as if he is injured we are stuffed! would like to see budz get minutes as we may need him to make a goal scoring cameo come finals! Malik also should be tested as we can’t afford him getting reinjured in a final
  12. Spud of the Match - Rd 26 vs CCM

    Connor pain made Atkinson and Arzani look very poor defensively!
  13. Memberships

    If it wasn’t for Villa I wouldn’t even follow the sport! Went along to watch him and enjoyed the atmosphere haven’t looked back since!!
  14. Talking City Fan Channel

    Amazing what a couple of good weeks on the pitch can do to the podcast! Has improved my mood immensly!!