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  1. Disagree put it to a good spot plenty of times
  2. Went with Flo! but loved young wales game looked much improved !!
  3. Tore Sydney a new one down the right in the first half!!
  4. If only only Sydney played WSW for the rest of the season 😂
  5. Can’t go past a Hat trick first goal was class! Markel and Atkinson honourable mentions
  6. I feel we play pretty well against sides With a back 3 Susa and Noone staying wide works
  7. My opinion is noone cops a bit of a rough time on here, yes he hasn’t been the superstar we’d hoped after lighting up preseason but he has been a 6/10 player week in week out. Has been smart with the ball and seems to always be positioned in a good spot also gave Elrich a bath so much that he was subbed at halftime
  8. Need Sydney to beat Perth IMO as the other 6 games they have are pretty easy.
  9. I thought florin and Brillante were really good going forward in the first half! Brillante doesn’t get the love he deserves because he is so consistent it’s just expected! hopefully Flo is just a cramp issue in the heat!
  10. Thought he gave us an outlet and chased down long balls well
  11. Yeah I think there just different players DG suits the number 10 roll and Connor suits the 8 role
  12. Just feel like Susaeta and florin had minimal impact in there roles on the weekend try and get more out of those positions
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