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  1. Clubs are pushing for a 6th visa spot could come in this season
  2. Centre Mid that can attack and defend!
  3. In my opinion id rather not know who the 2nd marquee is
  4. Bort to real zaragoza fc is a rumour I've read on twitter
  5. Play Perth at home twice away to Roar twice pretty decent for us TBH Only.get to ay CCM and Nux twice which is a shame
  6. To be fair in the first 25 minutes Metcalfe created all of our decent forward movements not to the same class as Luna but I think your being a bit harsh on the lad! I thought it was giving up the ball to easily at times was his problem
  7. Very quick both to attack and help.defend
  8. Unpopular opinion would've loved him back at the club OSAMA Malik your the love of my life !
  9. In the end of we save 300k on Birri leaving sign another keeper can sign another player good business as I honestly don't think Birri is miles ahead of BooooooZanis
  10. Least this season it'll be a fair contest about who gets to play between the 2 unlike Joyce loving Wales sick last season.
  11. Sorry boys was a memes page on twitter with an offical looking photo 😂😂
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