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  1. Yes would have to be mutual termination of the contract
  2. Last night I said make a sub Warren explains what I thought of his coaching performance. was confused when he started Metcalfe the midfield 3 were all very similar types IMO also when cabbie was subbed after being the only one that broke Perth down a bit in the first half perplexed me
  3. Needs to go going to only be 2nd by the end of the round
  4. Yeah for sure Jamo shouldn’t push into the middle when Galloway is attacking; he gives us a lot going forward Galloway
  5. What we’re saying is that jamo Tucks into the midfield as an inverted fullback maybe get Galloway to invert instead of Jamo at times to change it up
  6. Agree for sure, is it the player or the style that’s the issue ? Galloway was pretty crap last night IMO been awesome the rest of the season so maybe change it up be less predictable
  7. Cabbie played his best half for us and you wanna drop him for Wales yes faded in the second half but come on
  8. I reckon we lacked a leader in the midfield to get the ball slow things down and hold onto it in the second half.
  9. I think noones best position is RW as shown last week when he was really good but as we have no LW options he’s been out there to his detriment
  10. Re Luna I think he is suited to playing out wide not enough grunt In him to play in the midfield IMO
  11. Woweee taking our chances today!! i like the top the black shorts don’t seem to be “our” team colours maybe a grey or light coloured short would’ve looked better
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