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  1. Adelaide does have competition for Mauk with Melbourne City — his former club — and Melbourne Victory also angling to land the box-to-box midfielder who publicly declared he wants out of his deal after NEC was relegated last season.
  2. all Sunday games at 7pm don't know about that
  3. thoughts on vidosic? Been released by his club only 30 tho so might be a bit young
  4. looks like same assistant coaches ffs
  5. could be due to mls only using Adidas hence hands being tied on designs?
  6. Kruse and James Holland available now
  7. according to soccer stoppage time city looking for a no.6 and 10 with a few more players being released
  8. off to Perth, basically a swap with risdon
  9. They chased Gombau first but when he said no they appointed JVs I am assuming they wanted a person with experience in a-league like kreis at new York city
  11. Any different to Viera?
  12. Left end of last year, but returned 3 or 4 weeks ago and they have won every game since.
  13. Can we keep his wife?
  14. It's aami park unfortunately as Etihad use ticketmaster you can pick the seats there