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  1. Talking City Fan Channel

    Mmm not really it just made me think of something else I read on twitter lol- just take the free like haha
  2. Talking City Fan Channel

    Fuck sorry I meant @GreenSeater, and idk what else you're on about
  3. Talking City Fan Channel

    Not as good without @Embee
  4. Wazza Watch

    Maybe he won't at all...
  5. Rd. 8 vs Perth, Friday 24/11, AAMI Park, 7.50 pm

    Perth were shit against the Visitors, we've got them easy
  6. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Tbf IMO the standard of taxis has really increased since the additional competition of Uber
  7. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    TTIM- When someone gives you a one star Uber customer rating for no apparent reason, then no one else is willing to pick you up! Had to wait 45 mins for one on Saturday ffs
  8. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Get around it fellas, let's sell out our whole end for this- with the Tards dead last, there has never been a derby I've been more confident of winning (I'm aware a lot can change between now and then but off what we've seen so far we should be confident)! Ticket sales looking good, Victory have already sold half their end and a lot of the unreserved bays are selling quick. Big chance to smash them on and off the pitch in this one.
  9. Spud of the Match - RD 7 vs Roar

    Kamoo was horrendous as well
  10. Fernando Brandán

    Seems as though he's training fully but he hasn't fully recovered his touch then
  11. The road to the 2018 WC

    What a great day for this amazing country.
  12. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    TTDIM: School cafeteria serving homemade granitas
  13. RD 6 V Western Sydney SUNDAY 12/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:00PM

    That one as well, but he also scored a brace that day too iirc
  14. RD 6 V Western Sydney SUNDAY 12/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:00PM

    Tried the same thing after I read this, turns out the bloke serving on Chapel St Maccas is an A League fan haha
  15. RD 6 V Western Sydney SUNDAY 12/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:00PM

    Yeah I know the one you mean, it was that 4-0 win over Newcastle last season- he did manage to bag a brace, but he could have had 5 or 6 iirc