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  1. Seems like the active bays are back (full bay with pyro for us, two bays of Vic fans making good noise) but it seems like the family sections are emptier and emptier every week
  2. I like it tbh Can spend all afternoon firing up for it and you’ve got more of your night free than usual
  3. My sincerest condolences JW. You and your loved one will be in mine, and I'm sure everyone else's thoughts and prayers
  4. Cheers for the shoutout @thisphantomfortress
  5. Agreed 100% man, there is legitimately no point in standing in active if you chant 1/3 or less of the time, active is for getting fired up and getting the boys over the line, not standing there and booing whenever someone tries to create atmosphere
  6. Getting close now, predictions?
  7. At the very least, the refereeing was bad for both teams. Didn't change the result in any way.
  8. Lmao look at all the whingers on here, we were beaten by a better team and an amazing goal. Refereeing was fine. Onto next season we go
  9. He said talks were still taking place mate. Jump to conclusions anymore why don't you- the only ban that has been put in place is for the rest of this season
  10. Victory have sold over 550, not exactly great
  11. Will not be buying a membership. A League is dead. I'll buy GA tickets into the terrace for big games, that's about it
  12. This is the problem with the terrace right now. There are people like you, who are obviously more about the English style of support (which I respect but personally isn't for me), and people like me, who are more enamoured by the Euro or South American style of support. It needs to be stated as to what Melburnians actually are and stand for, because this confused mix isn't helping anyone
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