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  1. Serious? I'd rather 3, a handy depth squaddie, foreign marquee, and foreign CB.
  2. It's back to the Imp I think
  3. I'm fairly certain it's going to happen
  4. My dad doesn't watch either, but if he finds out I'm losing he goes and sits on another court and watches the other kids
  5. The Muscat one ?
  6. Fucking idiot
  7. Wasn't his major issue that he created a nasty little clique in the dressing room?
  8. That's true, but the point I was trying to make was that it's unlikely they'll go for unknowns, they seem to prefer ex players more than anything else
  9. It seems to me like they aren't the biggest fans of untested overseas players, it seems like the only players they are linked with are guys like Carrusca, Martinez, Vidosic, who are all good but not great players that know the league. Unlikely we'll see them buying unheard of guys that no one knows, who could bomb but could be great. Playing it very safe.
  10. They have a marquee spot left?
  11. Come on south
  12. I meant to add if they get "?" right
  13. He's a cunt, but he's our cunt.
  14. Agree TBH. Was a dumb thing to do, but was an accident I reckon.
  15. Hahah fuck well played- was actually meant to be a TTDIM tho