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  1. Germano and Mass have been dominating for Avondale. Germano in particular is somewhat of a cult hero at Avondale.
  2. 10/10 thread.
  3. If there's one player that would be good enough to read his runs in our squad, it would be his strike partner in Tuna. I reckon Bruno would be a much better player with Caleri next to him.
  4. Oh aha that makes sense=)
  5. it's not the same without Strider.
  6. Huh? Which rules did I break that deserve a ban?
  7. How long is he banned for?
  8. Would it work with Bruno?
  9. Haven't we learnt from Fornaroli and Cahill?
  10. For home and away or just home?
  11. Soo shit
  12. Good signing. Could be a star.
  13. @Baka1purchased myself one of these yesterday..
  14. Can a mod please sticky this?
  15. Would be a great fit I think.