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  1. Michael Jakobsen

    Adelaide just announced him...
  2. The AAMI park pitch will be in great condition for this one....Storm played there last night, Rebels play there tonight then our game Saturday. I'm sure it was this time last year the turf was in terrible shape after so much use.
  3. Sack Valkanis

    Anyone see the prematch on Foxsports? He basically said we play the way we do because it's how the organisation wants the team to play. He also said he believes in it. Sounded very much someone toeing the company line.
  4. I think for the way that we play, Colazo would be more suited playing the LB than the LW role. Correct me if i'm wrong but i would say the majority of crosses last night were delivered by Franjic and Rose with the Franjic/Kamau interplay leading to a lot of crosses also for the night. In my opinion when Brandan comes back he goes to LW, Colazo to LB like the FA Cup final to utilise his crossing/delivery. and rose benched which is probably the strongest starting XI. Football isn't my number one sport so i'm not sure how close to the mark I am when it comes to tactics! Last night it looked like Bouzanis was much more conservative with his passing with only one flying over a players head on the sideline and took a more conservative approach when playing out so i wonder if that was a focus/deliberate ploy.
  5. Melbourne VS Keogh and Ko (27 December)

    Isn't that they way they have been playing every week? 3-4-3 when we have the ball. Then into a 4-3-3 when we don't have the ball with Kilkenny dropping futher and into the back 4?
  6. Nicolas Colazo

    If Colazo was pushed up to LW, there's no reason why we can't have Kamau at RW and then why not Brandan in the middle with Bruno. In one of the earlier games this year when Cahill was subbed off, Brandan went to CAM and a winger was subbed on. Great spot for the team to be in when we have a guy like Colazo that can play LB/LM/LW at a high level.
  7. Did anyone else notice what looked like complete confusion when Cahill was subbed on for Brandan?? It looked like for the next 5 minutes no one knew If there was formation changes and who would be where. I saw Kilkenny and Brattan trying to communicate with the bench when it happened looking as through they were confused. And not until Kamau came on for Bruno did they settle.
  8. Fernando Brandán

    I've been lurking these forums for a while, thought I would chime in. I have a friend who is Argentinian and is involved in one of the professional teams in Argentina. Flicked him a message and asked if he had heard of Brandan. He said he is really really really fast and very skillful. But is a little bit dumb when he plays. Time will tell if they are attributes to suit the HAL. Hopefully he ends up more Fornaroli than Mifsud!