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  1. My sense is that final ladder position is less important than momentum. We're not going to get home advantage wherever we finish, but we can go into finals in good form and on a winning streak (as well as having played fewer games than the competition). Recent form will be critical, not season long ladder position.
  2. We have a deal. We have a chance to reset. We can go forward.
  3. Rate him very highly. Completed passes last season that no one else would even see, let alone achieve.
  4. Interested to see where the WU match will be played. Was originally scheduled for Good Friday in Ballarat, but I'd imagine it won't be there now. AAMI?
  5. I'll tek it. If the oppo are too buggered to show I don't give a stuff. Football. Winning. Love it.
  6. Yeah, nah. It's hardly decimation. Victory will still be shit and Sydney will win the thing. As usual there's plenty in the press with a vested interest in claiming the sky is falling in (good news does not sell), but it'll just be good to watch some football. A little slice of vaguely normal in a thoroughly weird year.
  7. Given all those options, call me controversial but I'd be shipping Delbridge out.
  8. We'll be back. The off season is now, then we're back for a finale and straight into pre-season...
  9. Colours are like flags of countries. People get very attached. For a football club, I suspect its the most fundamental point of identity. The emotional ties to red and white stripes run very deep, and aren't likely to go away, however we rationalise our current situation.
  10. Final will be Heart red stripes vs City red stripes....
  11. We're already heading to several states being virus free, so I don't think it's an impossible aspiration for a virus free Aus. At that point we will be able to interact more freely, though there'll be no international travel until there's a treatment or vaccine.
  12. I hope so. Red kit to win.
  13. It'll all be over very soon. They should calculate league positions on average points per game played. No idea where that would leave it.
  14. AFL season "postponed". So guarantee A-League will now follow. I'd guess no further games after today, Monday at the latest.
  15. It'll be interesting to see how they manage "behind closed doors" at CCM as one end is open to a main road...
  16. We all need something to look forward to...
  17. The third team in Melbourne. Bless.
  18. I don't want clubs to be under pressure to refund fans. The survival of a viable A League is at stake. I can't see the win in getting a few dollars back but three or four clubs going under because their cash flow is buggered. This wasn't their fault. I want a world worth living in when all this shit is over.
  19. Sauce? Nothing from the club or FFA but you sound pretty certain.
  20. We'll meet again, don't know where don't know when...
  21. Since the govt is banning all nonessential public events over 500 people from Monday, Saturday will be our last match with a crowd for quite some while.
  22. Where is Section 9? Infected by some filthy rugger bugger...
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