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  1. But then it won't be my club any more. To be my club it needs to be in Melbourne, and to do that it needs a crowd.
  2. Welcome to Melbourne, Florin Berenguer

    He did do more than that. On a number of occasions he got forward and made passes or crosses into dangerous areas. Several were very close be being assists for goals.
  3. PLEASE can CFG buy a hawk, falcon, or eagle...

    It's the smell. And our nickname can be 'The Seagulls'. It's a name with form and heritage...
  4. Welcome to Melbourne, Florin Berenguer

    Sorry Chris, but you were clearly watching a different game to the rest of us last night. Had a good game, one of the best last night. I can see exactly what he does, and so could most of the people there last night.
  5. Here's my take on a few things from last night. Our crowd has always been poor at turning out. Given the poor performance last week, wet and cold weather and a terrorist incident in town, the poor crowd last night was little surprise. Lightweights, though... Those who did turn out had a decent game to watch, saw two cracking goals and a fair few near misses. Active were united, noisy and funny, and we cannot ask for more than that. Florian had a good game. He got into good positions, was strong and tenacious, and created problems for WP. He has enough about his game for us to be positive. Bruno is short of form, and struggling for service. He missed one gift wrapped chance, and delivered a couple of mediocre free kicks, but I the end scored a goal which will do a great deal of good for his confidence. I was as delighted as everyone else that he got one. The movement of the ball was much faster, and the width of our play was notably good. I particularly loved the interplay up the left wing and Lauchie's work. We tried a lot of stuff which didn't quite come off, but at least we tried. Its a work in progress, but it's better than last week. RDL is a worthy marquee. I still worry that we're far from top two contenders. Beating Phoenix at home might get us into the six, but it doesn't make us the best side in the league. There is still a lot of work to do. And finally, how is the seagull, and is Bort OK....?
  6. The battle of Bort's nuts, and a stunned seagull. Active were great. A bit of both I suspect.
  7. He'll need extra pickle juice for those gherkins.
  8. Greater pace in transition, willingness to try stuff, width, and genuinely good to watch. Not everything coming off, and Bruno desperately needs one to go in off his arse.
  9. The obvious right winger we have is Najjarine?
  10. It only hurts when I laugh you bastard.
  11. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Sorry to say it but he's lost it. Was never the same after the injury. Not a marquee standard player any more. Living on past glories and goodwill. Hope to be proven utterly wrong, and he's not getting much help.
  12. Bela, on what we've seen so far I think top six will be a struggle. And I'm typically an optimist on here.
  13. They should have looked as gutted as we feel. But they don't, and that's unacceptable. They don't care.