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  1. Wazza Watch

    Ange wants a break and Wazza's doing a decent job.
  2. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Thanks Embee. Yes it's a stretch, but putting a number of things together I'm hoping somebody can at least reach out to him.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Tin foil. At Woollies. At least twice apparently.
  4. Fernando Brandán

    And I am so looking forward to seeing the little ferret back on the wing. He's worth the ticket price on his own for entertainment value...
  5. Talking City Fan Channel

    I think they just sooked about the whole thing TBH. Distance, they'd get s bigger crowd, they were the bigger club etc. At the time City were getting all the media attention, and the former media darlings were feeling a bit put out, I think...
  6. Welcome Ross McCormack

    He clearly has a problem with timekeeping, or organisation, or something. I keep coming back to something fundamental, like is the guy suffering from depression (and anybody who has met the black dog knows I'm not putting that out there lightly). He's fundamentally a talented footballer who is clearly struggling, and my sense is that it's in his head. And let's not forget that whilst he butchered several chances last week, he was at least in the right place to butcher them, and he cracked in a seriously high pressure penalty. I'm far from writing him off yet, and at least he isn't sooking on prime time media about how he isn't the centre of the freaking football universe... Seriously? Have you ever struggled at anything? When you do, it might be instructive to meet someone with the attitudes you've expressed and see how much it helps you.
  7. Fernando Brandán

    But anything this side of the new year might be a bonus. Sounds like he's not there yet.
  8. Talking City Fan Channel

    Indeed they were. Hence my surprise at the turnout...
  9. Talking City Fan Channel

    Re the discussion with Matt Windley about City attendances, did anyone clock the attendance last night for the Cup Final? Thirteen and a half thousand, yet we got nearly nineteen last year. Clearly Sydney fans not all that bothered...
  10. Wazza Watch

    Quite. He'd hardly be training and too injured to play again.
  11. Welcome Ross McCormack

    I hope the lad does well. I sense he has a monkey on his back, if not several.
  12. Tim Cahill

    No, I understood that Mauk equalled player x. Agreed, this is pretty much a unique situation which wouldn't have blown up if it wasn't Cahill. You're right that media would not have been interested. But it's precisely because the media would turn it into a shitstorm that Cahill chose to do what he did, because by doing so he could bring pressure to bear that others couldn't. He thinks he's bigger than the club. We'll see.
  13. Tim Cahill

    Pleased at the tone suggested here about the attitude of the club. 'Hardball' is a good word in this context.
  14. Wazza Watch

    That was Wednesday night? But yes, I agree on where it started...
  15. Wazza Watch

    And who might that be? I think it started about Wednesday...