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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    But will he get your arse tattooed on his head?
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Indeed. That's where we should be putting money for defenders. Known quality. Keep the best of what we gave, and put our efforts into attacking options.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    And the club has already said it's focusing on attacking signings. He won't be coming to us.
  4. 19/20 Puma Kits

    England flag. Please no. And I'm English.
  5. The Manager and Assistant Coaches Thread

    Big Tommy's still around...
  6. Security and policing

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/14/football-fans-have-long-been-treated-with-contempt-and-there-is-no-sign-of-that-changing Noted this may need merging or moving, but I felt this needed discussion. I've seen enough inside AAMI to suggest that security and policing is awful. Examples: - Fans of WSW and City sitting together as a group of friends at the pre-season FFA Cup match being asked to separate by security staff - Active supporters constantly being hassled for what looks to me to be nothing - 'waving a flag', 'getting too excited', 'throwing a ball about' - there was even one memorable occasion this season when the capo appeared to be ejected, or at least taken out and spoken to - And the one time a robust presence was needed, when the Victory active arrived beered up at Gate 2 and proceeded to shove waiting City fans out of the way, security were nowhere to be seen Really glad this is finally getting the coverage it deserves. We are law-abiding, sensible fifty-somethings. But I and Mrs F are constantly alarmed at what we see inside the ground - including the unnecessarily overwhelming police presence around Active, and the apparent contempt in which soccer fans are held. Especially when all the violence is at the AFL.
  7. Brad Rowse CEO

    Sorry to tell you, but our sausage man has a permanent gaff at The Glen SC in Glen Waverley. I think he's moved on from being mobile.
  8. Squad 2019/2020

    If Metcalfe and Genreau are willing to stay on (I know both are technically contracted, but it's about wanting to be there) then I'll be pleased. Those two alone could be critical to our midfield. Ianucci I don't know much about but I'll take your word for it!
  9. Squad 2019/2020

    I like the comment about attacking players being a priority. Bart of course is out of contract, but not announced as gone, so that's interesting in itself. And Birighitti listed as under contract when reportedly on the outer. So maybe things are changing with a new manager, or we can expect some of those contracted to move on...
  10. I suspect I'd feel happier if the club gave a few nods towards our red and white heritage, our difference (ie Melbourne not Manchester) and getting away from the mini Man City feel. Some small changes there would really help. Personally not fussed either way about some navy blue, the song choices or Oasis in particular (though I was never much of a fan). What would also help hugely is to have players who 'belong' to us. Terrace heroes, characters and players who came up through our ranks. I'm thinking of people like Bruno, the Tiprat, and fat Scotsman. I think Delbo might get there in time, big Tommy probably got close, Bort too if he stays. The guys you know just by their nicknames. And then some talented kids who come through our own system, stay, develop and get good. Arzani was gone too soon, but we've got a crop coming through that can build not just a team, but identity and allegiance.
  11. Suggested changes for 2019/2020 (offfield)

    Oh I do know that...
  12. Suggested changes for 2019/2020 (offfield)

    They owe me. Just get rid of the bloody mini Manchester sky blue. If anything looks awful, it's that...
  13. Squad 2019/2020

    I like the idea of a brave new world where young players such as Metcalfe and Genreau are pivotal to our midfield. They are good enough, and Denis in particular will have benefited from a year in Europe.
  14. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Especially as moving to the northern boondocks would make it far harder for our fans from the Eastern and Western boondocks.
  15. Squad 2019/2020

    That fifth goal against Adelaide last season...