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  1. Or wear the red and white away kit. Simples.
  2. Calling out racism that would have made a Hansonite blush in the nineties does not make us wowsers. Spouting it is not cool.
  3. If I was a mod that would have been instant ban city for crude racism. Think jw is being more than lenient.
  4. I'd still be in red and white.
  5. I'd be sceptical jw. He's played at bigger clubs, but not made it, and fallen down the pyramid to the basement of English League 2. And now he's been released from there. I don't know the player or his circumstances but we need to be signing players who are English Championship, good League 1 standard. I don't get a vibe that this guy is at that level. Having said that he's a defender, and we are short...
  6. Seriously, if he's found his level at Torquay United, he really isn't good enough for us.
  7. And largely I agree with it. It's precisely why the home draw against Brisbane was for me the best match of the year. Because they were our lads and they tried.
  8. Pigging Bundoora though. That's a shithouse place to get to if you don't live up north...
  9. We have a Fiat and we drive it like a Ferrari. Like a skateboard with a bike engine attached...
  10. There's always a gross misconduct clause...
  11. It wouldn't be the most surprising outcome to me if Bruno left.
  12. Too right. I resent the hard earned $70 I spent on tickets watching that performance. There really should be an apology from the club.
  13. Have to agree with almost every dot and comma of that. It's put into words a lot of what many of us have tried to articulate. The game I enjoyed most this season was perversely the match against Brisbane when we had to play the kids. Then we saw passion, determination and commitment which seems to have been lacking for much of the rest of the season. What we need now is for CFG to work out what to do next (and you have to hope that much of this is actually worked out), and then communicate to us clearly a. That this season failed to live up to expectations, that they recognise that, and express some degree of apology to the fans b. That they know what went wrong, and what needs to be done, and here is what we're going to do and c. Then get on and implement the plan. I can live with something that isn't a quick fix by chucking money about. If it's about building strength through having a brilliant youth development policy and excellent community engagement, that'll be fine with me. I don't need big names, I just want to feel that we're getting somewhere, that the players who run onto the pitch really want to be there, and can play as a team. But there is one hell of a repair job to do. Last night was a fitting end to a horrible season, because it showed up very clearly all our problems. Now we need to know how the hell we move on from here.
  14. Relying on the wings I imagine. Subs bench looks strong.
  15. I'm seriously considering giving this forum a rest. Increasingly all I'm reading is foul mouthed rants ripping into players. Particularly concerned when it is about young players who are still learning their craft. Sometimes some of you need to a. Lighten up and get some perspective on your lives and b. Remember that Bruce Kamau is a human being, and probably quite a reasonable one. No one, frankly, deserves the sort of vile abuse that is being dished out here.