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  1. And surely a marquee to come?
  2. Home kit looks better than the last two seasons. Away kit is mint. FB stream was shite however.
  3. I suspect we'll never fully know what went on. I suspect that we were being used as a bargaining chip. There are plenty of other options out there.
  4. Being charitable, maybe he's grown up a bit. Think back to how much you changed between 19 and 21. He's done stuff I really didn't like, but I'll give him a chance.
  5. Changes things there, that's for sure...
  6. He's definitely pissed us and a lot of others about. Particularly bad since it seems we've lost our only other obvious number ten. It's going to take some work to fill the hole in our plans, that's for sure.
  7. My money is on Silver, Dobbin or Muffin the Mule.
  8. Pleased to see Fitzy in form. Didn't get the recognition from the previous regime, but for me a key player.
  9. He's looking at his players and trying things. Typical pre-season selection.
  10. That actually looks half decent. Would be a great away kit...
  11. We definitely got the worse of the swap between Mauk and Malik, for all of Mauk's dubious personality traits. But not sure what role Mauk will play in the squad. Who would he have to displace to play and/or who will he be playing understudy to?
  12. Evening, I assume? Went to Ballarat for the match against Newcastle last season, even though only our youth squad turned out. Would be nice to get to this.
  13. Red and white away will give me something to buy. Have to hope the new home kit at least looks better than the last two rather insipid efforts.
  14. Eight? Seriously, against a decent, match fit NPL side? Edit, nine, I can't keep up.
  15. Wazza happened.