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  1. agree. the best name of the english trash that has been reeled out so far. he has the experience and the presence to give the club a kick up its arse without being a total douche bag. even cahill would pull his head in under moyes - who had such a massive part to do with his development into one of the best.
  2. if we sign a single new player before signing a manager i will be pissed. the manager needs to be calling the shots on recruitment or we are doomed to another shitty season
  3. who said they wouldnt get a replacement? if the formation of the new boss requires a left wing, we will need a left wing. has anyone said anything different?
  4. i thought he was going to be ok by next season. but i just checked, it's going to be 12 months. depending on the formation of the next coach we might need an injury replacement.
  5. injury prone. he wont leave england. his missus doesnt want to live here. whats the news on brandan? imo he's quality and does not need to be replaced. having fitz and kamau are adequate cover.
  6. "if we werent in such shit and in desperate need of someone to overhaul the egos" - was how i started that point. clearly we need someone with the personality to iron out the shit. tough job. impose their vision in the face of CFG interests while also grinding out a squad loaded with big egos and bad attitudes. although scott miller seem to have discipline and determination about him, i would not give this to someone with as little experience or respect attached to his name. if it was a fresh start then yes. but right now we need a ramrod shafted through the club. i dont know many australian coaches who could fit the bill. of the few that do none are free.
  7. the fans at groningen are not particularly enamoured with him. last i heard he was coping buckets of shit from them. also huddersfield fans sound like they would pay the dutch to keep him brad smith might actually be an option. bucket loads of talent. inconsistent and shy in the club games ive seen. he really needs the minutes leading up to the world cup - otherwise i would think our chances were slim. either way no one should be signed until the new boss is confirmed.
  8. if we werent in such shit and in desperate need of someone to overhaul the egos i would want scott miller to come in. i thought he showed immense promise at newcastle. good signings. good shape to his team. stood up to the owner and got the boot. i would like one of the only 10 a league jobs to go to an australian. but there are not many great options right now. i really dont want to get some used up english football hack. it will be so dissapointing if pardew or keane or someone like hodgson comes in. also
  9. faaaaaaaaaark no. we would be better off keeping rose. also 2 nopes.
  10. i would say that they have someone else lined up then. i would love it if we made a move on jurman. quality defender. jakobsen and jurman together would be excellent.
  11. i just need to see a decent boss come in. not pardew ffs. the guy is fkn shyte. and keane is a prick. keane makes kevin muscat seem likeable.
  12. could be a great signing. it seems bit dumb to do it without a new manager in first. although a CB is a pretty safe signing. we have one. i would be shocked as shit if the new manager didnt get a second CB for the club this break.
  13. pardew is useless and keane is a total cnut. no thanks. id rather keep valkanus. id rather a local coach was shit than wasting a precious a league job on another shit import. please please please no. who the fuck voted for hodgson? the article in the herald sun said a decision will be made in a fortnight from may 10. at least there is some information coming through.
  14. yeah he's not going to do much to repair the attitude problem in the squad. we need a creative 10 anyway not just another pair of legs. if we are looking for a work horse i'd prefer to see a move made to try and lure mauk back. whatever happens i just hope a manager is appointed well before any squad decisions/signings are made. it would be dumb as fuck to approach it any other way. i have plenty of players i'd like bought in but there is not much point getting too bogged down until we know who the new boss is and how they like their teams to line up. the signings i would think necessary are gonna be very different if we bring in a 3-4-3 or 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1 boss. no matter who the boss or their style we definitely need a second first string centre back to work with jakobsen. malik and tongyik cannot be the first choice centre backs.