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  1. I'm mates with Michael Petrillo's nephew who does keeper sessions with Bouzanis. Told me today Bouzanis abused a fan after the match in front of the the man's son and Bouzanis is a dead man walking. He agreed Bouzanis is an egotistical shitcunt and deserves the send. Let's bring in a quality keeper who has full command of the area and a huge and confident presence on the field.
  2. RD 27 Perth away Sunday 16th April

    This taggart cunt looks like someone who shouts at their wife in public
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Would strongly recommend Constant. Did wonders for me on football manager, really excelled as a deep lying playmaker.
  4. Fernando Brandán

    Heard from a mate last night who is in tight with a few of the squad that it was a coming together between him and Sorensen. A 50/50 1on1 and he twisted his knee backing out
  5. Aaron Mooy

    http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2017/03/06/huddersfields-song-club-favourite-mooy watch the vid near the bottom for Huddersfield's chant for Mooy. Starts about 1:00 I think
  6. Could Izzo have kicked it into his own net to prevent the red after Bruno went down?
  7. Casual culture

    Yes I realise that a scrap with other fans doesn't require a jacket with a logo or any other attire to show you're "fair game". Also the 'culture' I was referring to doesn't neccessarily refer to a bunch of blokes (organised or not) having a brawl or similar behaviour. Although fundamentally, wearing specific branded clobber does portray to those knowledgable an imagine of hooliganism and thugishness but the culture isn't really like that. I see people at grounds in the UK dress their kids in these brands and the last thing they would want is any type of trouble happening, it's more a universal 'passionate football fan' label now. This is probably a shocking explanation but just trying to say it's not limited to people who want a brawl but shows off your passion for the game when you walk in the ground with your stone island jacket on.
  8. Casual culture

    Not sure where to post this but anyways... At the game last night I definitely saw a lot more people wearing brands associated with English 'casuals' than usual. When I first arrived here from UK in 2012 I saw little to practically no-one wearing these brands. Last night on the terrace I was surprised at the amount of Stone Island, CP company, burberry, fred perry, classic adidas trainer etc etc that I saw. Not just by the supposed groups at the front but in all parts. Anyone else noticed this?
  9. Dean Bouzanis

    Weren't we singing ooooh Besart's a gypsy when the players were warming up near us? Lol could have put it in his head. Also if he gets done for racism, do we also for saying it if anyone of any authority heard?
  10. Dean Bouzanis

    If his family actually are gypsies then would it ever be appropriate?
  11. 3 at the back and completely overdrive the midfield with Crowley right at the top all night
  12. Anyone know why the section next to the active isn't for City fans? Could have sworn it was in round 2
  13. Frank Lampard (now retired)

    Don't take it for granted