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  1. I'm hearing ya man, his name is being thrown around way too loosely
  2. mate he played out of his skin on several occasions and was never rewarded with continued starts
  3. Who the fucks our marquee ?
  4. Visitards on suicide watch
  5. Always wondered who does these teams scouting, He's a mediocre Hal player at best
  6. He's been lowballed big time
  7. Tweet: Malik makes amends for his early slip as Bentleigh break away. The counter comes to nothing literally the second minute
  8. Red and white when ?
  9. Being out for at least 12 months after an acl is just common knowledge
  10. Surely even a yes man like yourself can see the flaws in this ?
  11. Mate i will flip
  12. Certainly interested to hear more about his experience in women's football, Can anyone elaborate ?
  13. Just watched him and Kamua play feature in the olyroos 2-0 win over Brunei, him and Kamau easily our best players Arzani in particular is a brilliant dribbler but needs end product
  14. Jez walker ?
  15. Pierias with game time possibly, Muscat as a stop gap