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  1. If the red & white goes it'll be on for young and old
  2. It's really neither here nor there. Had they stuck around a bit longer i'm sure they would have cemented their place in the first team
  3. . Mauk Good Garuccio goodwin etc. Most of them moved relatively quickly
  4. I dont know what to do with this information
  5. Hasn't he scored for the socceroos on the last few occasions ?
  6. Well he's going to be injured for most of next season isn't he ?
  7. ugly
  8. Not sure how much of that is mentality or size of the wallet
  9. If it's not good enough for victory it should not be enough for us
  10. Thought Nichols wanted to go to europe ? other than the Latvian 7th division i have no idea who'd have him
  11. yeah one of the worst aspects is the lack of long term contracts, either clubs are scared of the commitment or players dont want to be tied down long term
  12. Poppa magic
  13. Neville released by Wanderers. A handy RB
  14. I seen a bit of him at the AFF u16 tournament, probably one of Australia's most promising young strikers