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  1. Wazza Watch

    Reckon Ange has mental health issues . Very odd behaviour
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    It's surely a media beat up, There's no where Cahill can go
  3. What about La rocca ffs. Tongyik must be worth a shot at this point
  4. I guess if you're negative every week you're bound to be right sooner or later
  5. Were playing an actual striker. imagine that
  6. christ o mighty Galekovic fanboys quiet
  7. Mauk scores. This cant be real
  8. World Cup 2018 - Russia

    Russia Peru Costa Rica
  9. National Youth League 2017/18

    This should be good
  10. Love to see Arzani or Najjarane make an appearance off the bench
  11. RD 5 V Sydney 3/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:50

    Sign Okon, He could do things with our budget