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  1. NZ v Peru WC playoff: 25,000 tickets sold today

    The best team won. But over both legs we gave them a scare until the second half today. Congrats to the Socceroos.
  2. NZ v Peru WC playoff: 25,000 tickets sold today

    Saturday was amazing. Best football crowd/atmosphere ever seen in NZ. Well worth the trip, that was.... Tomorrow at 1.15pm Melbourne time we fight the guinea-pig munchers for the last spot in Russia. And they are shit scared....really. Ranked 10th in the world and couldn't put it in the net in Wellington. The stadium in Lima holds 45,000...680,000 Peruvians applied for a ticket. We can go all out, we have no fear now. Good luck to the Socceroos tonight.
  3. I guess this kind of dream expansion only happens in far bigger population bases....i.e. not Geelong! http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41726695
  4. NZ v Peru WC playoff: 25,000 tickets sold today

    Very good points, all. Yes, as a longstanding fan who first saw the All Whites v Hungary in Christchurch in 1982, I have to agree, I find the Oceania qualifying group to be comparatively worthless in terms of opposition since Australia when to Asia. Oddly, when we are forced to bite the bullet and play strong opponents, we are rarely disgraced now. Remember this, Trivial Pursuit fans, NZ was the ONLY unbeaten team at the 2010 World Cup. And we have had excellent results on European ''friendlys'' tours in recent years. I too would prefer us to be playing Australia, Japan, etc in an attempt to qualify. (We only lost to Japan 2-1 very recently in a friendly). Look at Iceland, which has in total 8 per cent of the Kiwi population. And already in Russia. Like them, we need to match it with the big kids, regularly. Peru will be a fierce opponent. But I've got my ticket and flights booked and I'm going with a very good mate who lives in Wellington, and we will be screaming our lungs out. Interestingly, with a 38,000 sellout definite tomorrow for the Nov 11 Peru game (Peruvian expats bought their entire Active allocation in 7 minutes on Tuesday!) those who attend All Blacks rugby tests and All Whites matches regularly have mentioned this week that the All Whites crowd atmosphere in critical World Cup home games (v Bahrain 2010, v Mexico 2013) absolutely blitzes what the rugby crowds offer in terms of volume. It is going to be some event, whatever the score.
  5. Any other City members going to this in Wellington on Nov 11 / give a shit? Biggest demand ever for a football match in NZ, the local FA reports. It will be a sellout at 38,000 inside Wellington's Westpac stadium when public ticketing allocation goes on sale Friday. We have two EPL aces in Wood and Reid , and Rojas amd Barbarouses of course. But new FIFA rankings out today put Peru at No. 10, 2 ahead of England and 33 ahead of the Socceroos. As a consequence of playing Pacific Islands for most of the last 18 months in the Oceania WC group, we have slipped to 122, despite really good efforts as usual against Top 40- teams in friendlies. Wish us luck, we will need it in Lima in the return leg at altitude.
  6. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Match highlights up on Herald Sun website I thought our defence was fantastic in the first half, but we seemed very nervous at 1-1. Last 15min were gold though. McCormack was less ruthless in front of goal than he should have been. His final ball was a little disappointing for me. Great support .... Active is the only place to be at Etihad....my son was in level 3 and said the atmosphere was absolutely shit.
  7. Melburnians (Melbourne City Active Support)

    It was great tonight. I was there also. Took a young bloke and he had the time of his life
  8. Melburnians (Melbourne City Active Support)

    Read your own idiotic comment. ''Every single serious group in the world has a capo''. I wrote that real slow. So you would be able to understand it more easily.
  9. I think he needs to stay firmly OUT of the spotlight and keep his life on track. The last thing he needs at this stage is even more hero worship from a fresh audience...and out of the view of the UK paparazzi. Adulation has hurt him all his adult life because of his addictive personality, especially since he gave up playing. He has lapsed and lapsed and lapsed. Gazza is only a step away from a George Best fate and that's desperately sad. I've always been a huge fan of his since he was at Newcastle and I did see him play in his pomp ... but he needs zero public attention as it only ends in tears. His. and then those of his fans. But we all know too....he needs the money. I think it's tragic. I wish him good luck, but....
  10. Melburnians (Melbourne City Active Support)

    REALLY? Until I started watching Heart, I had never seen one before. and I am darn sure after many happy years in the Trent End, Nottingham Forest's ''active'' support are far from the only Brits not to have one. This must be a Euro thing....never saw one in two decades in the UK ... Did I miss something?
  11. I love your optimism. I think it will be desperately sad. No thanks.
  12. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    In, out, shake it all about. Ethihad is a rubbish place to watch football. I'm not even sitting with my own son LOL....he's with all his mates from his club in 4 busloads and they are in GA. I've utilised my barcode and let someone else use his. Unless City Active, I can't be arsed going to Etihad
  13. Memberships

    Sorry if this has been covered...but anyone notice the difference on the membership lanyards this year? NO reference to how long you have been a member of Heart/City. It is now on very fine print on the swipe pass. Stops the superiority complex of some, I guess. And it makes sensitive rookie members feel like they are on equal terms.......
  14. Memberships

    ^^^^^ I can pass on the Bruno poster. I *know* I am 1.88m
  15. Player Contracts

    Thanks ^^^^^ very helpful