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  1. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    Yep. That comes from keeping the same nucleus season after season after season...i.e. Kosta, Gypsy, Troisi, Valeri, etc. Our squad usually don't know eachother when pre-season starts every year.
  2. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    An EXCELLENT point there. Also, I did forget, departure of Brandan was a big negative for me.
  3. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    C+ with occasional forays into B- Negatives: The Budz affair, from go to whoa, whichever way you want to cut it. Ross called back to do nothing back at Villa, and today still our highest scorer No (other) goals threat up front with Bruno out for most of season. And Ross was s-l-o-w.... Kamau just wilting after promising so much on arrival Fitzy on bench too much Tongyik getting the arse...I liked his physical presence and thought he was good. The fizz has gone out of the Melbourne derby, low crowds Arzani hype - too many people in the media dribbling at HIM Positives: Arzani breaking through. Good start, much to do. Bart in defence. Awesome Bruno good as ever on his return Joyce doing things his way, right or wrong (mostly right) Vidosic adding steel Cahill departure - a fine man, refuses to acknowledge his time is up, laughable comments afterwards when on bench at Millwall. Good riddance (sorry) Atkinson breaking through - another good lad, worked hard Best season yet but still felt like a letdown
  4. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Anyone think the week off will work in their favour? I do.
  5. QUOTE: '''For next year AAMI Park are looking at a ban of all those items .... and the club are still in discussons over that.'' TRANSLATION: MCFC pleading with AAMI park administrators to reverse a decision already taken because of the ridiculous actions of a couple of young dickheads, lest it results in disintegration of the excellent active area that the club so desperately needs to fly the flag (literally) for the team. Does anyone here really think a forum topic will have any impact? It is far from ''fake news'' - another ridiculous cliche. In my job, I read *between* every line too..
  6. Seriously wrong, Jeffplz. Listen to the podcast again. My post is based on what was said in it. All you can claim is the hope that ongoing discussions and pleading might restore our status quo. But for now, a BAN is in place, according to Tony . He said it, and the Talking City boys responded accordingly. I did not claim the ban. They did.
  7. Tim Cahill

    But it is NOT about game time, fellas, it's about the being in the zone, preparedness-wise. Are you not listening to St Timmy?
  8. Well, no one seems to be throwing it out there, so I will. Calmly. Just listened to the latest Talking City podcast. Excellent it was too. Good work, fellas,. And the exclusive news within it, according to Tony, Melburnians capo and apparent El Capitano (who may be a forum member, I do not know, I only know his grizzled fizzog at games), is that as a result of the flare incident during the Brisbane elim final last Friday, AAMI Park has now banned **ABSOLUTELY ALL** of the above anywhere in the ground. And City fans cannot bring any of the above to Friday's semi-final in Newcastle, or to the grand final if we make that. The ban seems to be driven by AAMI and the cops, with MCFC acting in more of a mediator role, and Tony was not upset with the club. Which does not explains the final ban. Through gritted teeth, he did confess to being ''really disappointed'' and was still holding out hope that extended talks with AAMI through MCFC would resolve this threat to the active atmosphere. The TC podcast hosts were a little less diplomatic in their verdicts on the flare smugglers who have brought this about. So, let's get that cliche right, shall we? Pyro. No party. Well done, twats.
  9. ^^^^^^ Well I have to admit, I respect your polite reply to my rant. Cheers I think the two styles can co-exist but the critical issue is flares. It brings heat on the club, the game and from the police and media and football authorities. This heat has decimated Victory and WSW support. And we cannot afford that. And really, what do flares add? REALLY? I wouldn't wanna hold one....
  10. You are a stupid kid who has obviously never stood/sat on the terraces in England for 20years like me. I never SAW a flare until I came to Australia. I admit, it's a Euro/South American disease. And those ultra ''ultras'' are *genuinely* scary. People inside and outside the grounds have died in skirmishes over the years, mate. But you won't find that on social media. Did mummy let you stay up late to spot any flares on TV in the recent Manchester / Glasgow / Liverpool derbies this month? Do you want to tell any of those season ticketholders in those cities that they lack passion for their team? I find the Aussie wannabes like you a piss-weak joke. .
  11. Hey kids, speaking as an active supporter from Heart days: take your flares and shove them right up your schoolboy buttholes. we don't want them we don't need them ditto you, shitheads and if you don't like that, do not renew membership, you crybaby cretins. **and for any readers in ANY doubt, I was there last night surrounded by longstanding Melburnians, and 95% booed the shirt out of these idiots**. and this guy calls himself ''Forever CIty''...... oh my gawd, the Comedy Festival got extended, right?
  12. Melbourne Heart and Melbourne City attendances

    Agree that the League has been an absolute fizzer this year. Victory would be really worried about their staggering fall in support. No, I do not care personally, but I want the league to be strong and I want 45,000 at derby games at the footy stadium, and AAMI sold out for the same fixtures. The derbies are not what they used to be. What I don't want is the A-League ending up like the Scottish Premier League where, say, 2 clubs rule the roost by virtue of their riches, and the rest are also-rans every season for decades (give or take aberrations such as Rangers' tax-enforced relegation to the bottom division, Aberdeen in the 1980s, etc...) Even though, on paper, we would be one of those giants. That's the one thing the current set-up must be admired for. Even chances from the off for every club. UNLESS.... EVERY A-League club got foreign sugar daddys.....
  13. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    I'm happy so far. Joyce is on the right track. But Malloy is correct, we need a GF appearance. ''Qualification for ACL'' means zip right now.
  14. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    Nothing up front. Zero. We have no penetration. Bruno, bless him, is far from match fit, obviously. Arzani got cramped from the eyeballs down, reading his own hype. (sorry, youngster) Shit free kicks. Poor corners. We relied on the luck of the bounce to make any kind of decisive move through their pretty decent defence. That really was Melbourne Heart FC on show last night. Poor crowd would be a huge worry to the powers that be.
  15. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    Which is my No.1 gripe about the A-League....this ridiculous AFL-style ''finals series'' which could inexplicably see us win the ''Grand Final''. Stuff the grand final! I guess from an FFA/A-League point of view they need the ''finals'" BS more than ever with year with Sydney running away with the home-and-away season again. Call me a purist, but I think Sydney deserve the title. At least they haven't bought it with a tycoon's treasure trove. That would be our job, if there were no caps. I'm kinda glad there are.