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  1. I'm going on a 1000km motorcycle ride this weekend. By the time I get back, I expect all negativity to have vanished.
  2. Round 3: Sydney FC - 7:50pm AEST - AAMI Park

    I thought Delbridge was our only half-decent player. Otherwise... ^^^^ what you all said. I was there and it was HEARTBURN again
  3. Memberships

    Calm down. The personalised coffee cup is ace. SO Melbourne.
  4. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    3-2 to us. Me screaming at the TV in a Sydney hotel room. Bah.
  5. It's oddly apparent to me that we have become the ''1990s Manchester City'' of Melbourne, languishing in the shadow of a far more successful and far more widely supported crosstown rival In the case of Maine Rd (as was), mega-investment via a takeover purchased success (in very general terms). Doesn't/can't apply here. And I am thankful for the salary caps etc, it makes the A-League an even playing field compared to the EPL. Only success will see us really prosper. We have to get it right on the field. Nothing else will build it in order that They Will Come. Look at Melbourne Storm, battling to give oxygen to a code that is foreign to this city. Look how well they have gone. On the flip side, look at Melbourne Rebels. At present we are closer to them. STILL.. in terms of impact. We won;t get more than 10,000 regularly at home games until we are stuffing Victory regularly and everyone else. THE TITLE will do it.
  6. So I got this email (the bottom image of the 3 below) from FFA this week, nudging me about reading their Socceroos spam emails (I don't, I'm an All Whites kinda Kiwi). When I clicked on ''Update My Preferences" to do just that, the logos of every A-League club popped up. But there was an extra new one: Canberra United! (see the other 2 attached images, Canberra is at the bottom of the second image, I have ringed it) Has someone goofed and let one of two expansion cats out of the bag early? Sure reads like it to me!
  7. I was there too and it was DEFINITELY far more than 1800.
  8. I'm rather hoping that we have signed Blind Freddie by next week. He can start practising penalties.... Big thumbs-up for O'Halloran and de Laet. We are going to be found out in the ''goals scored'' aggregate....but I don't think we will leak many when this squad gets some serious game time
  9. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    $54 for an adult? Jesus wept. That calms me quite a lot, knowing that months ago before the fixture list I arranged to go to Sydney over Oct 20 weekend. I hate Marvel Stadium, except for its new name. Unless yer in City Active, it's a crap evening out whatever the score.
  10. I'm gonna make the second half only due to work but the price is right, it's a short walk from the office, and I'm looking forward to seeing the (to me) newbies.
  11. Curtis Good Appreciation Society

    Think we got him on a free? He's clearly got plenty in the bank, as he was getting getting paid over $10,000 a WEEK by the Toon ALL THROUGH ''the injury years''. . FUN FACT: His each appearance for the first team cost the Geordies over $1,500,000.00 Welcome home!
  12. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    Yep. That comes from keeping the same nucleus season after season after season...i.e. Kosta, Gypsy, Troisi, Valeri, etc. Our squad usually don't know eachother when pre-season starts every year.
  13. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    An EXCELLENT point there. Also, I did forget, departure of Brandan was a big negative for me.
  14. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    C+ with occasional forays into B- Negatives: The Budz affair, from go to whoa, whichever way you want to cut it. Ross called back to do nothing back at Villa, and today still our highest scorer No (other) goals threat up front with Bruno out for most of season. And Ross was s-l-o-w.... Kamau just wilting after promising so much on arrival Fitzy on bench too much Tongyik getting the arse...I liked his physical presence and thought he was good. The fizz has gone out of the Melbourne derby, low crowds Arzani hype - too many people in the media dribbling at HIM Positives: Arzani breaking through. Good start, much to do. Bart in defence. Awesome Bruno good as ever on his return Joyce doing things his way, right or wrong (mostly right) Vidosic adding steel Cahill departure - a fine man, refuses to acknowledge his time is up, laughable comments afterwards when on bench at Millwall. Good riddance (sorry) Atkinson breaking through - another good lad, worked hard Best season yet but still felt like a letdown
  15. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Anyone think the week off will work in their favour? I do.