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  1. Player Contracts

    Thanks ^^^^^ very helpful
  2. Thomas Sorensen

    Thanks to a great professional on the park, and hopefully thanks in advance for some great mentoring off the park this season, and longer.......
  3. Wazza Watch (heading for a pre xmas exit)

    As a Forest fan for 35 years who saw Pearce many times in his prime, I'm potentially ecstatic. He was pretty good manager with England Under 21s but got the Man City job far too early. We might be perfect for him. Plus he's a big Sex Pistols / Ramones / Clash fan. (Did You Know?: When Psycho (as all Forest fans know to call him, even to this day) was England captain, Johnny Lydon got him to introduce the Sex Pistols on to the stage at their first reformation gig in London.)
  4. Melbourne City vs Sydney FC 7:50pm, Friday 24th February

    In the second half we did not give up, which was to the team's credit. But the moment Muscat was ordered off, I knew we were stuffed. GREAT job by Sorenson. And how close did Fernando come to scoring the best individual goal of the season? I have no idea why so many people seem to think we should be top of the league because we have rich owners.. I want a COACHING clear-out in the winter, not a squad clearout (with one or two exceptions), We're in JVS Lite mode right now.
  5. GreenSeater said it all.
  6. Round 16 vs CCM Thursday 19th January

    I'm at the game and this is shocking. Can you say "cow's ass" and "banjo"? We couldn't score in a $2 brothel!! No team will give us so many chances with 10 men. Victory will kill us playing like this. WTF has happened? We look neutered each week apart from Timmy headers.
  7. The JvS thread

    Top avatar. I've always been a Donald Duck man. Do you know how hard it is to find Donald Duck trinkets and souvenirs? Fuck Mickey.
  8. The JvS thread

    Victory are smashing us in the table. After the Perth and CCM fiascos, this is the right time for a new broom.
  9. The JvS thread

    You wouldn't wish the family circumstances upon anyone unconnected with Islamic State. But..... good timing.
  10. David Squires Appreciation Thread

    I've worked alongside cartoonists for over 35 years and I know this man is a genius.
  11. Fernando Brandán

    I'm never going to condone any City player reacting to a kick in the shin as if he was laid out by a punch in the face. It's South American theatrical bullshit. I'll check your reactions next time Victory beat us with an undeserved shameless dive penalty
  12. Fernando Brandán

    I love his skills but I loathe his amateur dramatics. It's a constant ball-ache.
  13. If we cannot beat the Mariners with our expensively compiled line-up just THREE DAYS after their threadbare young squad was run ragged and stuffed 4-1 in exhausting 35C heat by Victory, then our title-chasing season, already hanging by a frog hair, is finished. FACT. The 3-3 defensive shambles on Tuesday that ended with more Hollywood Babylon sinning by Brandan was bad enough, but if we don't get three points here, someone ring Manchester and tell them we really are now done with JVS. PLEASE
  14. Home Derby - SAT 17th December 7:50PM

    That starting line-up must be guesswork. No way is Rose a first choice.
  15. Newcastle United

    As previously stated, I'm a Forest fan for 30 years, but I have no liking for Lansbury's theatrics either. There's a few of us pissing in the wind apparently on our ''moral high horses'' on Forest forums and getting shot down for it, etc, etc, we are being told ''about time Forest got the rub of the green, everyone's at it'' etc etc but I hate the southern European and South American diving antics and I well remember how the Socceroos were cheated by Italy at the 2006 World Cup. And look at recent shenanigans against City here! It sucks. Stamp it out. 450 wrongs don't make a right. I was delighted with the win. Not with the way we won.