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  1. I thought Susaeta showed real moments of class this game which is why I voted for him. Timing of his passes, awareness around him and quick closing down. He looks like he’s getting better with every minute. Only problem is that most players around him aren’t up to his level so he often looks for a return pass or run that never comes. Best game so far from Frenchy......but I’m sorry folks, I remain really unconvinced. Honourable mention for Atkinson tonight. Nabbout remains one of the hardest tasks in the A-league and I thought the kid matched him when it mattered.
  2. Why do we still open both sides of the stadium? Is it for corporate box reasons? Would make more sense to copy the FFA Cup set up - have both ends and one wing open. At least then there would be more atmosphere and on tv it would look better (#metrics).
  3. I'm based in Newport. If Melbourne based supporters (N, E, S or W) think that Geelong is too far away to make the effort then A-league will never grow. I was down there for their game against Perth. Can confirm that GMHBA Stadium provides reasonable viewing (for an oval) and the chicken and waffle chips deserve a Michelin Star.
  4. Can we have a poll of all the forum members who think Bart is better than Delbridge and then also offer the opposite option so that Playmaker can have a vote?
  5. Chances are i will sign up again......but I dislike the constant value erosion of season ticket holders. With the introduction of the new 10 GA membership category, its far more economical as well as flexible for my mates and i to buy a couple of 10-passes, share them around and then get 3-game or 5-game memberships later if we feel like it. Just go to the games we want. Not really an advantage to getting a season pass anymore unless you really like your seat. I suggested in one of the surveys that they should do a season member + top deal (e.g. offer a deal of $290 for City Blue + special rate of $60 for the new season strip). That way you give extra value to full season members and you fill the stands with City colours.
  6. Yep, well reasoned and argued. I strongly agree with the bit above - franking credits and type of fund. You can't make tax changes that only apply to certain people or types of investment. But i do not believe the current negative gearing approach is equitable (I say this as a home owner). There is only one housing market - investors compete against first home buyers everywhere. So my view is that since ALL are an 'investment' then either mortgages should be tax deductions (this has the advantage of reducing tax collected) OR negative gearing shouldn't be allowed anywhere (which recognises that property is fundamentally not the same as other investments). What we have is a half-way house that works more to the benefit of investors and those who already own property. On the last bit, you might be right when it comes to 'tax fraud'. I think many voters of all colours engage in substantial tax minimisation. My view is that any party in Government should give this a look as not all deductions add economic value to Australia. Any additional tax collected should be used to reduce marginal tax rates (which in my opinion are a more equitable approach to tax reform).
  7. Regardless of my views on the next 3years, I think no party will be courageous enough to look at serious tax reform for a very very long time (deductions, NG, superannuation). While I didn’t agree with all the proposed ALP changes I do think our tax system has some serious distortions and leaks. I had hoped that if the ALP got in alongside a more conservative Senate we could potentially of improved some things without upending the economy (kept ALP, in check). Future elections will be fought on ‘small target’ platforms. No leaders will be brave and foolish enough to try what Shorten did....(only in hindsight will we know if that has been good for democracy).
  8. While it’s good that Frenchy and Najjarine looked better, it’s worth noting that the young lad at right back for Roar was completely out of his depth. That won’t happen against teams who haven’t given up on this season yet.
  9. I'd start La Rocca over Delbridge. He's got years of A-league experience. If he can get through 90 last week he can do it this week. Don't know why you'd preference a guy who's essentially still a rookie. The rest of @bt50's team looks good.
  10. Thought Wales was one of our best. Actually ran at defenders and created chances (2 for Bruno). Poor game by Vidosic's standards, pretty anonymous (O'Halloran was good). Atkinson had a poor game. Yes, he was up against quality opposition (and i normally back him) but he couldn't step up. His place should definitely in doubt. For me, the issue continues to be the lack of movement and creativity. Brattan and Griffiths are both great players on their day but they play a similar role. Delbridge can't pass effectively out from the back (like Bart can) and Jamison doesn't have the ability to take players on or bring the ball forward. This all leads to too much stationary play, slow ball movement and sideways passing. I thought McGree did about as well as he could given the options he had. Bruno actually players more like a target man than anything else so doesn't actually create space and movement for those around him (also could be that every team man-marks him). I want to see De Laet and Bart at CB as i think this will help build play. One of Brattan or Griffiths and then a working mid (McGree) and a creative player. Or as an alternative, play Vidosic behind Bruno to allow link-up play, Brattan/Griffiths and McGree and then get wingers who run at their men (O'Halloran and Wales).
  11. Yep, fair enough @cadete. It's politics, so of course we're not going to 100% agree. I don't think Labor being formally split makes the Liberal party any less so. RGR was a farce but currently Coalition is on par. I have worked in the energy industry for a decade so you'll have to excuse me if i don't have much sympathy for the right-wing of the Coalition. Can't comment on school funding, so i'll take your advice on that. Would be nice to see a fiscally conservative but centralist party that wasn't beholden to its fringes. But someone should "tell him he's dreaming".
  12. What you may have meant to say was a conservative government. The Liberal Party is split. It shouldn't even try to exist as one anymore. The conservatives will never be happy with genuine liberal politics so the whole joint has been disappearing up its own arse ever since Howard.
  13. I still think we can do better than have Malik as a starting 11 player. Don't get me wrong, he's been good at times and I'm glad he's in the squad but his forward passing and transition play is still too slow for me. Brattan as the holding mid / deep lying play-maker, McGree box to box, and then Caceras if he's up to it or a Visa 10 if he's not. Supporters complain about slow transition and meaningless sideways passes. If we want to get away from that we need all 3 of our midfielders to want the ball and know what to do with it.
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