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  1. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    Did you watch the game saturday night. Sydney play counter attack through the centre with overlapping full backs. Thats how they have played the last two season. We have played this possession shit the last 3 seasons and all we have won is a little cup. We have tried to play similar to Man City and has not worked. Joyce is trying different methods so we cannot expect to win this season but on Saturday we played like last season and we got pounded because possession doesnt work in the A league. I am not saying to go with four centre backs and play through the middle but we need to test out different tactics and one of those tactics is playing through the middle.
  2. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    There are many counter attacks you can make without wingers. All you need is a target forward and fast recievers running through. Its a pretty standard play
  3. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    We deserve to lose. Poor form by the players and poor tactics by Manager and Coaching staff. We are still in the run for Asia so hopefully the players and manager learn from the pounding we received. We are not ready to play a possession type game against good A league sides. We need to play defensive counter attack with two def mids and two att mids. Imo we should play for the rest of the season this Bruno Vidosic Marcin (att mid) Arzani (att mid) Brattan (def mid) Bosanic(low def mid) Jakobsen Bart Delbridge Malik Galekovic Sub: Mauk Scott Bouzanis Muscat Scotty has been poor and does not track back so i have dropped him and i would pick Malik over Muscat but if injured than have Muscat on. I dont blame Bouzanis for the first goal as the defence was poor and he had no other option, it was a lose lose situation for him. Play with four center backs pretty much and do not have Jakobsen or Malik/Muscat pressing up. Always have four or five back at all times and counter with long balls up foward to Arzani, Marcin, Dario and Bruno. And NO possession style football as it has not worked for the last three seasons at Melbourne City and the A-League is not good enough to play high possession
  4. MOTM Rd19 vs Brisbane

    Budinski played phenomenal. Awesome cross to Mauk and a goal for him. Also Bouzanis was unbelievable and saved us tonight as well. Wish i could vote for both. Both deserved it
  5. RD 19 V Brisbane 7pm Sunday 4th Feb Away

    Almost 2 in 5 min
  6. Talking City Fan Channel

    People on the Melbourne City fans facebook page are a bunch of babies and have know idea what the hell they are talking about.
  7. MOTM Rd18 vs Newcastle

    Is someone taking the piss saying Kamau MOTM 😂😂
  8. R18 vs Newcastle Jets: AAMI Park, 7:50pm

    Ross(st) marcin(st) dario (att mid) Fitz (LM) Arzani (RM) Brattan (def mid) Jamosen jakobsen Delbridge Muscat Bouzanis Sub- Kamau, Galekovic, Malik, Generau, Metcalf Swap vidosic to striker and budinski to Att mid is an option And malik as RB is an option
  9. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    Will be a tough game. Can't let any stupid eras appear
  10. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Fitzy is a hog
  11. Anthony Caceres

    You wanna come back
  12. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Thats enough of Bouzanis, Malik, Delbridge and Vidosic for today
  13. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Whats vidosic doing. Missing carusca already i reckon. We have no play making midfielder
  14. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Thats a Kevin Muscat tackle.
  15. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Was unlucky imo Good teams come back. Hopefully we comeback like against nix