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  1. We really need to create a banner for troisi next season like what AC Milan did to Dommaruma (AKA Dollaruma)
  2. Y not just buy Xavi. He is still playing u know 😂
  3. Troisi set to re-sign. Plz dont go Caceres
  4. He was surely fricken successful. He will be a good coach... totally. Wtf r they thinking.
  5. You better have cut your attitude. I am sick of signing wankers
  6. https://www.fotmob.com/news/world/bzdpu5ql2vk01kozys78qahlv-Kaka+uncertain+of+Orlando+future+as+he+targets+MLS+play-offs
  7. I refuse to have stephan mauk. What he did to Wade Dekker, how much ego he had even though i dont think he is that good and also did nothing in Europe. He is the definition of a wanker. I would take caceres any day. City have now waited 4 players in 2 seasons (Koren, Sorensen, Caceres and Colazo). All 4 players in our team with Wazza and Bruno, we would have been unstoppable and thats not bragging folks.
  8. This club has no loyalty for there players.
  9. Brattan played poorly. If he wants to play back in England, he better get rid of his ego and play solid this season. Muscat played well i reckon. He was always supposed to be a full back, dont know y we played him center back last season
  10. Sack Wazza
  11. Hoping he will be our GK coach if he stays
  12. Use cahill as super sub i reckon
  13. We need to look at the free agents
  14. Still have 3 months untill the season starts. Plenty of time to sign players. We will probably start signing in the next month
  15. Has the salary cap been increased?