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  1. Ruon Tongyik

    I'm not sure about Tongyik in the midfield. A lot of the things that stop Tongyik from being a good centre back (poor positioning, can't read the play, poor decision making) are the same things that would stop him from being a good holding midfielder. Having said that, I'd take Tongyik any day of the week over Delbridge.
  2. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    We managed 1 shot on target from 7 attempts in 97 minutes of football against the worse defence in the league. Do we blame that on Bart too? I guess we have to because Joyce got his tactics "spot on". For the sake of comparison, Perth had 5 shots on target from 15 attempts. There used to be a time when such an impotent, one-dimensional attacking performance would draw criticism but now all the talk is about individual defensive errors instead. We did. And we couldn't finish higher than 4th in a 10 team league.
  3. Nick Fitzgerald

    Late bloomer? Leckie had outgrown the A League by the age 20 when he left for Germany. Also, Leckie is only 1 year older than Fitzy (and has 49 caps).
  4. Daniel Arzani

    Its just a theory given that he has a 3 year deal on the table but is exploring other options, and its got nothing to do with my dislike for Wazza. But thanks for remembering that I don't like him, I appreciate that.
  5. Daniel Arzani

    Arzani wants out, Joyce's comments are a clumsy attempt to make his departure not seem a big deal.
  6. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    I'm guessing that is 4-4-2, Malik and Brattan in the centre, Arzani and Fitzy on the wings, Vidosic and Budz up front.
  7. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    He is miles ahead at football but Bozanic is great athlete with a massive engine. And Bozanic is taller.
  8. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    Go Nix! The stats are seriously one sided. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/match-centre/HAL2017-181504/stats I wish I was watching.
  9. Dario Vidosic

    I reckon he is a good player but I'm still surprised we signed him, he doesn't really strike me as a Warren Joyce type of player. He is more languid and skillful than strong and tenacious. Also, we don't currently play with an attacking midfielder so will he play on a wing or we he assume the Mauk role up front?
  10. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    So its the players fault that Joyce fell out with his assistants? Is it the players fault that our midfield is loaded with defenders? Is it the players fault that Joyce doesn't utilize his subs or change formation during a game? Is it the players fault we didn't sign Nathan Burns? When isn't it time for dynamic creative players to be in the front third? Is it also the players fault that Joyce won't select Carrusca and got rid of Brandan?
  11. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    The way the forum has reacted to Joyce's time in charge reminds me of this classic: http://soccerammw.blogspot.com.au/2010/05/long-ball-managers-short-story.html It breaks down the cycle of a club appointing a cliched defensive British manager to steady the ship. Its well worth a read and remarkably accurate.
  12. Rd 13 vs WSW(away) New Years Day 7.50

    Maybe the playing group has checked out mentally after losing faith in the coach and the likes of Cahill and Kilkenny (who do show some fight) are getting out of the club as quickly as possible. Anyway, WSW have struggled against sides that press well or have an organised medium block. Our press is so bad that Roar and CCM can get through it easily. Wanderers should find it much easier to play out from the back against us than against Sydney or the Jets. Their midfield could have a fair bit of possession tonight.
  13. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    From aleaguestats.com: Number of players to play at least 100 games at each club: AU - 16 BR - 15 CCM - 12 MC - 1 MV - 12 NJ - 8 PG - 9 SFC - 10 WP - 10 WSW - 3 Also, didn't Mauk remark that in his 18 months away from the club that Fornaroli was the only player still playing at the club when he returned? I could be wrong about that, not sure.
  14. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    I read it, you said you hadn't made up your mind. And by the looks of things there were several others in the same boat. I was trying to offer a different angle to the discussion, not have a crack at ya.
  15. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    What would you think of JVS or JA if they were making the decisions and playing the football that Wazza has? Imagine if it was Aloisi that: 1. Removed Cahill, Brandan (and possibly John Roberts) from the club and was forced to start a derby (that we lost) with Kamau and Mauk as a front 2. 2. Conceded 11 goals in the last 6 games despite loading the midfield with centre backs. 3. Was signing another centre back in January despite already having 6 centre backs (but only 1 striker). 4. Demoted last seasons B&F from the matchday squad. 5. Won only 2 of their last 8 games.