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  1. 18/19 Prediction Thread

    I'd argue that Toivonen has proven himself at a far higher level than RDL. Played at a European Championships, scored at a World Cup and been apart of 5 Europa League campaigns for PSV (scoring 13 goals). I think our signings have gone under the radar because they are unremarkable compared to the other signings around the league.
  2. 18/19 Prediction Thread

    1) Visitors Perth Sydney Adelaide City Newcastle CCM WSW Brisbane Wellington 2) Visitors 3) McCormick 4) Aloisi 5) Warren Joyce will continue to unnecessarily add "to be fair" and "really" to the end of sentences. 6) City will start quite well and fade towards Christmas as the rest of the league works out how to nullify us. To counter this, there will be significant squad turnover in January. Our new signings will give us a boost until the last few weeks of the season, where our form will dip again as the rest of the league works out how to nullify our new signings. (Which seems to happen every season).
  3. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    Dario isn't getting dropped, his dad is the Technical Director.
  4. Welcome to Melbourne, Florin Berenguer

    I agree
  5. Welcome Ritchie de Laet

    He seems like a decent visa signing but it looks like I'm the only one a little underwhelmed with de Laet as a marquee. I'm not opposed to having a marquee defender but when Wellington are able to sign Steven Taylor under the cap I was hoping we could find are higher quality of player than de Laet for marquee. The pedigree of imports across the league has increased significantly this season and although we appear to have improved depth, I'm not sure that the absolute quality of our first XI has significantly improved (I can see I am in the minority with this view).
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    De Jong is being spoken about as a Marquee
  7. Daniel Arzani

    So in answer to the question 'What has Celtic done for Rogic?' you have said; 1) He is not injured (currently). 2) Celtic have big crowds. 3) Celtic are in Europe.
  8. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Have we heard anything new on Gulum? With the visitors losing Williams and Donachie I get the horrible feeling they might make a big play for him.
  9. Talking City Fan Channel

    Every time I read "Southern Expansion" it makes me giggle.
  10. Daniel Arzani

    While he remains under contract at Melbourne City for another year, It’s common knowledge Arzani and his management team are intent on engineering the swift departure his audacious ability demands. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/london-calling-as-in-demand-arzani-jets-off-to-resolve-his-future
  11. Daniel Arzani

    They have been trying to resign him since January.
  12. Daniel Arzani

    He is only contracted for 1 more season. If CFG want to make some money they will be listening to offers now.
  13. World Cup Thread

    Its from compuglobalhypermeganet on Facebook
  14. World Cup Thread

  15. Welcome Riley McGree

    Good signing, it will be interesting to see where he fits in to the team. I hope we give him attacking role and don't play him as a 6.