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  1. Poor appointment. Aside from his disastrous spell at Wigan his only first team coaching experience is in the English 4th tier and the Belgian 2nd tier. Especially when you consider that Adelaide's new coach got Kaiserslautern promoted to the Bundesliga where they finished 7th and Wellington's new coach won the Eerste Divisie and has also coached in both the Eredivise and Jupiler Pro League. Joyce does not have the experience, pedigree or past success of these other new A-League coaches (Marco Kurz and Darije Kalezic) Even if he is a good youth coach (which is hard to quantify), he hasn't been appointed to a youth development role, he has been appointed head coach of the first team.
  2. I thought someone was pulling my leg when they said the new coach would be announced Monday, maybe not. I don't know why the club is waiting so long to announce the Pom.
  3. He was fully fit and training well for the final 2 months of that season. JVS for some reason just wouldn't select him. He has just signed a new 1 year deal at Hearts where his coach says he is an important player and leader on the field.
  4. Its interesting to compare our visa signings to those of other clubs over the same time. For all the talk of the CFG scouting network, they haven't really set the standard for imports to the A league like some of us hoped. And that's not to say they haven't made some great signings (Fornaroli and Brandan in particular), but most other clubs seem to do a comparable job with far less resources. ie. Castro, Ninkovic, Corona, Del Pierre, Bonevacia, FBK, Keogh etc.
  5. The FFA "C" license takes one week. And as far as I know, the highest level you can coach with it is NPL u/18s.
  6. It seems to me that those of us on this forum who defend Scott Munn have either met him, know people that have worked with him or have listened to him speak at functions. And those who call for his head have never had anything to do with him and don't understand the difference in roles between a CEO and a board of directors.
  7. A marquee contract?
  8. How else are FFV meant to pay for their swanky St.Kilda Rd office?
  9. There was no transfer fee. My understanding is the main reason CFG invested in an Australian team was to access the best Australian youngsters. They thought that they would be able to attract the best young talent in Australia to CFA Melbourne. Every year the best handful of kids would be invited to trial in Manchester and join the junior ranks of Man City. Once they had graduated from CFA Manchester, the best of these players would be sold to either lower EPL clubs or clubs in the championship. As I have mentioned on this forum before, CFG projected that at least 1 player over a 10 year period would be good enough to play for Man City. CFG expected that the sale of this talent (or the money saved by having an academy player join the first team) would offset the millions paid for the Heart license and the millions invested in the facilities at Bundoora. The problem for CFG is that after 3 years no player from Australia has been good enough to move to Manchester. In fact, during the past off season there was a genuine fear within the FFA that CFG were going to pull out of Melbourne City within the next 24 months because the investment in Melbourne City has not worked out the way they envisioned. Aaron Mooy is seen by CFG as potentially the only way to get a return on their Australian investment. He will either be sold for a large fee or given a chance on the fringes of the Manchester first team so that whoever was responsible for the Australian investment can tell the board CFG that it was a success. It is my understanding that Mooy is being used by CFG to validate their decision to spend millions in Australia.
  10. The FFA were hoping for $80m per year, they got ~$50m per year. The majority of A-League clubs run at an annual loss of ~$2m. This is why Lowy came out and said that the current model is not sustainable and expansion is on hold. I think that would be a bad outcome. No club in the A-league can afford transfer fees (not even city now CFG have tightened the purse strings) and no club can afford to pay for more than 2 marquees. And while I'm at it, increasing/removing the cap doesn't increase the quality of the league. The Australian talent pool doesn't improve, it just gets paid more. And there is not really enough money in the game to continue paying players what we currently do.
  11. Good call. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerard_Nus
  12. Q: You played for a very successful, organised and consistent Brisbane Roar side under Ange Postecoglou and a City/Heart side that was none of those things. What were the differences between the 2 clubs in terms of culture, leadership and tactical organisation?
  13. Cahill's second againsy CCM was from a corner, albeit a second phase ball. As for Bruno's tap in, although it was from open play, it wasn't in the last 3 matches. You don't say
  14. He can cross and take a set piece but can't do anything else. He is the Argentinian Shannon Cole.
  15. Last night we didn't register a shot on target until the 58th minute. Kilkenny's deflected goal was the only goal we have scored from open play in the last 3 matches. These 2 stats are damning. A lot is said on this forum about our rubbish defence (and rightly so) but our attack is at least as bad. Also, we only have 2 wins this season against teams currently in the top 6 (Victory and Newcastle).