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  1. My response to the 'one word summary to the season' question was 'failure'. Tossing up between that or 'rubbish' @johnno cpfc I didn't hold back either. A lot of zero ratings and gave my thoughts on management and coaches that's for sure. Will it matter? Don't think so. Wonder if they will post the results to the survey to their members?
  2. I have just taken the survey. Feel better now.
  3. Never been to one of those parties, are they good?
  4. Exactly. We need a respected, imposing, and enforcer-type coach for 3 years who can get everyone on board within the first month or so and cull all the primadonnas and managerial team/players not suited. He needs to smash the JVS culture to bits and eliminate anyone who doesn't want to do the same.
  5. Hit the Jackpot. Enough said.
  6. You need to see a doctor
  7. May 10 2017 11:11AM Arsene Wenger pointed to a trend in the Premier League, comparing Chelsea to Leicester City. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger questioned Chelsea's style as Antonio Conte's men close in on the Premier League title. Wenger's teams have been renowned for playing possession-based games, but Chelsea are sixth in that statistic this season with 54.2 per cent. That follows on from Leicester City's remarkable title-winning campaign of 2015-16, when they ranked 18th with just 42.4. Wenger pointed to the trend of the Premier League's top teams, and said a lack of European football also helped. "Over the last two seasons, teams who have not big possession have won the league," he told UK newspapers. "And, as well, teams who were not involved in Europe, at all, won the league. "Because the league is so physically difficult, maybe it is very difficult to cope with both. We will see how Chelsea respond next season." While Wenger likes his teams to keep possession, Arsenal's last league title came in 2003-04. Chelsea can secure their crown by beating West Brom on Friday, but Wenger has no plans to change. "Over a longer period it is still the teams who have the most possession," he said. "I still think a sport has to encourage initiative and if it rewards too much teams who don’t take the initiative, then we have to rethink the whole process because people will not, forever, come to watch teams who do not want to take the initiative."
  8. Yep. Just making a statement out of frustration mate. The more I think about how the management/administration steered our team into this season's rot, the more frustrated I get.
  9. I think it is naive to suggest Munn didn't have a significant influence in the appointment of JVS part 2. As for Valkanis, whoever was responsible for that needs to be belted.
  10. When does training start?
  11. I agree with everything you have written with exception to Munn's limited role in poor decision making. Ultimately the responsibility lays with the CEO as I have already stated. I look at it from the viewpoint of going forward and with the some of the the changes imminent, I really wouldn't want anything getting in the way of the radical changes needed for the club's long term success. Furthermore, I don't think anyone can say that Munn is necessary for our future success and if anything he poses a potential risk if indeed I am right. Anyway time will tell, and regardless I just hope everyone gets their shit together.
  12. Colazo replacement, would be nice.
  13. Sorry but I don't see a problem with my posts as in context to the discussion they are pretty clear what the intent is. If we are only allowed to post if we witness everything first hand then nothing would really be open to discussion. I don't get my back up at all mate. All good. I just find it interesting that Munn somehow gets absolved from responsibility when he is the captain of the ship. Sure he may have to point the ship as directed but he is ultimately responsible for everything that happens on there. Anyway enough said. I don't think Marwood and Hodgson came over to play marbles at Bundoora that's for sure. You are missing my point. Anyway I am sure that if he had invested into one of his offices enough needed to have the best of everything to dominate the competition and it was reported that the poor performance was due to a poor leadership and culture, then heads would roll starting at top, I have no doubt.
  14. Where did I try to pass it off as fact, Can't see it can you? Checking a post prior to critiquing the post would be wise.
  15. Don't let logic get in the way of your delusion, perhaps you can enlighten me on the facts of your counter argument, or perhaps you are just the almighty sear who knows everything and there is no need to justify your own opinions. I have given enough detail and you disagree, that's fine, So what! Just because he may be a top bloke and charismatic doesn't mean he is good at his job or that he is the person to lead us into the future. Base solely on performance I don't see anything special and if anything it is quite underwhelming in the last 4 years. The solidity and progressiveness of a long-standing CEO is observed quite easily actually, it's organisational culture and the success of its core business(the money maker) is where it's at. Enough said. To change the culture you change the CEO and my reasoning is given in my previous post. Sorry I don't think grey is the right colour after this season's efforts. The point is if you are going to bring in a new gaffer and support staff to instill change, you don't want any stinking, rotting old wood preventing progress. Totally agree, however one thing that holds true, is that a CEO is always held accountable for culture, morale and giving accurate accounts of business operations for the purposes of optimisation. I find it hard to believe that anyone can say Munn has done this effectively when observing the suboptimal performance and questionable decisions that have been made in the past few years. If I look at it as a potential shareholder scenario, I wouldn't invest in the group if Munn was CEO solely based on the current culture at the club's core business (men's team) and it's lack of leadership which ultimately is Munn's responsibility to manage and he had enough time to make good. In summary, if CFG really want to turn this club around then the old needs to be removed and new need to have a clean slate to build something different and better that what has been. We don't need this rot hanging around.