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  1. PLEASE can CFG buy a hawk, falcon, or eagle...

    I recon we should put out some laxative pallets for them to feed on an hour before the game and invite them in with maccas chips during the game. The game would be hilarious.
  2. Correct. The issue is the compression of space and therfore a compression of time. Our main objective should be about creating space in key area when teams swarm the box. A perfect example was our first goal, if you watch the player movement you will see what I mean and the space DeLaet exploited. The other tactic that is common is to set up deep in the midfield and wings and draw the opposition out and create space by force, something the Smurfs and Tards do well and imo something Wazza really needs to look at seeing this style of play has had the most success in this league. The problem I see is that we don't have the players atm and play wide way too often however I think Wazza is starting to tweak his tactics towards this style.
  3. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Star player, scored a goal, did his job. Well done Bruno.
  4. Welcome to Melbourne, Florin Berenguer

    It's amazing how players play better in their natural position.
  5. Are you illiterate? Read my post. I have no issue with Metcalfe and I wish the kid well, but it was the wrong decision to put him on and have him running around not know what to do when they were exploiting that side of the pitch in attack. I sit behind the bench also and what you say is true about the yelling from the bench, so why put him on when he can't play his natural game? Wazza did a disservice to both him and the team.
  6. The way I saw it was if Wellington had one star player on the pitch, they would have drawn level when they switched their tactics and threatened the area for that 10 to 15 mins. Wazza did nothing, oh no hang on he did he swapped Bruno for Metcalfe that made things even worse seeing that the kid didn't know how to defend the wing. Lucky we were 2 ahead by that stage. A bloody circus.
  7. This week was a nothing game against a group of chumps. This game tells us nothing about our team at all, it really does tell us one thing though, Wellington are crap and Wazza nearly got out-coached by a shit manager with a shit team and we are very lucky we have 3 star players in our team. Next week will be interesting from the point of view that we are playing a better team with a shit manager, so let's see if Wazza makes it 4 poor coaching performances in a row.
  8. Win lose or draw I hope for passion, effort and creativity and some form of strategy that leads to direct attack with quick ball movement and not slow ball carrying and back passing.
  9. Just getting back to basics; do you think it would make a huge difference to our club if we won both trophies and did well in Asia? I do. Hence, the primary objective is clear.
  10. Totally agree, but it was Wazza's plan to have most of the ball and not give it up, unfortunately it may be the only plan Wazza has. As I have said many times, I would prefer to have the least possession at this level because of the high error rates. What Wazza has to realise is that we can't play like EPL or EFL teams do because the players aren't that skilled. Too many errors means too many opportunities for the opposition to take advantage of players out of position, the other teams know it hence why they play a high pressuring defensive counter attack and just wait patiently. Anyway whatever the case, it needs to be addressed quickly.
  11. We had 60% possession and Wazza made a point post match that it was a good thing, so I assume controlling possession was the plan.
  12. It really irritates me that even our manager brings this up as an excuse. It just a cop out tbh. These are the rules and you play within them like everyone other team, and if you are not good enough then take responsibility and change what you are doing because obviously what you are doing is not good enough. Everything should be up for scrutiny starting with recruiting, to player management, to leadership and culture, and training to on field tactics, strategies and performances. The end result of it is that we are not good enough and has nothing to do with the cap or any other rule in this league. If CFG can't succeed under these rules it just means they are incompetent and can only succeed by buying trophies, well unfortunately you can't do that here, so if CFG don't like it and continually lay blame on the rules for a lack of success, then pack up and leave. Sell the club and piss off. Winning games is on you and no-one or nothing else. Take responsibility and stop with the whinging.
  13. He pretty much reflected what we have been discussing here since the game anyway. He is no bigger authority on the game than what we are in any case. Everyone is scratching their head after that performance and have a rite it do so as it goes deeper than just a pathetic on the pitch performance. Something underlying is definitely broken.
  14. Again I repeat, the elephant in the room is Munn and Petrillo. Drain the swamp. Should have been done 2 seasons ago.
  15. We could play a 442 diamond quite easily with the players we have and still overlap our full backs. With Baccus, Brattan, Florin and Griffiths in the middle it doesn't look half bad to be honest.