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  1. They are probably all naturalised Australians or or 1st gen Australians. I am one of them and deeply offended by your characterisation of me. Very racist view IMO. He is Australian , he played for Australia, again very racist view. No, he is English on a working visa to be allowed to work here, is not Australian, born in England, lives in England and will go back to England when pisses off from this club. It's not racism, it's truth, it's where he lives. Just stop being triggered by your own delusional bullshit. You should be ashamed of yourself according to your own standard.
  2. If you add Facebook and Twitter and Instagram you will find its more than a few. The 20 odd people that I have introduced in the last 3 years aren't interested anymore after witnessing the total rabble dished out by the team this year, and some are actually going to watch Honda and Toivonen, and my family don't want to go anymore. Multiply this scenario by a couple of hundred and there is your low crowd numbers and failure of the club to grow. Sad times.
  3. Welcome Shayon Harrison

    Shitness. Did nothing at Newcastle and does nothing here. We got rid of that prick of a bloke Mauk and replaced him with a shit nice bloke.
  4. Ha ha, he got totally triggered with that question. See his eyes, MKUltra- like. Pretty scary tbh, but he is a nice bloke apparently, fruit loop is a more accurate description.
  5. Exactly, and hence the urgency of getting rid of him now to undo what he has done before the next season starts just so our good players might just re-sign.
  6. The failure is in the club signing the wrong player for the purpose. Signing any player and consistently playing them out of position is unforgivable. Budzinski had close to the best attacking stats but never got played. Florin and Brattan were the only players worth mentioning in our performance last night as they at least tried to assemble some sort of creativity up forward.
  7. If the club didn't put certain performance objectives in his contract, then they are idiots. If they did, he has surely failed all of them and the club can get rid of him with no payout. On the other hand this club is managed by idiots so who knows.
  8. Welcome Shayon Harrison

    Summary of his performance. Poor performance, caused by poor tactics, caused by poor organisation, from a poor manager as a result of poor club leadership. Drain the swamp.
  9. Not saying he was errorless but to single him out is a very harsh considering the very good things he did which were potential match winners if Mcgree wasn't so poor. Regardless, 'Wazza needs to go' is the supporter consensus and this is definitely truth. Enough is enough as he has lost his players, the supporters, and the club is a shambles. Based on what I saw of the player's demeanor I think we will struggle to hold onto any of them for next season, so it would be a good decision to install an unconnected manager and give him free licence to get things in order so we have a core of quality players to build on for next season. What a waste of 2 seasons. Cultural change? Yeah right. Absolute destruction is a more accurate description.
  10. What? He set up Bratten to assist JMac, he put the ball on McGree's head, he had 4 shots on goal, bossed the left wing and put dangerous balls into the box all night. I would be picking on another 7 players before he even gets considered for being even close to bad. Mcgree is horrendous, wants to dribble everyone in sight, doesn't look up to see passing options, turned over the ball twice for the 2 goals they score after it was 1-1. Gets the perfect ball from Florin to score a header from 1 metre out and misses. Single handedly lost us the game. Get rid of him. He has had enough chances.
  11. I wouldn't be betting on that if I were you, I have too much respect for people that actually are good at their job to be star struck by those 3 bozzos. Calling people out with the truth has never been something I have a problem with, nor do I have a problem with people calling me out with the truth because if you are not good at something it's more honourable to accept it and move on to something you are good at than to deceive people. But these guys just use their charisma to convince people they are competent instead of manning up and accepting the truth. Total incompetent jokes that are destroying the club and it's supporters. As I said, they should come on here and have an open discord with all the posters here, because it's obvious we are pretty accurate representation of the bulk of the member's sentiments and we give a shit about this club. But they won't because they are weak.
  12. Where is Marwood now the dipshit. He should be here draining the fucking swamp. Munn, Wazza and Petrillo must be sacked. Stuff you CFG, enough is enough.
  13. He has turned over the ball twice for 2 goals and missed a sitter of a header. He is crap.
  14. Mcgree must be the shitest player in the league.
  15. The only thing this whole season that has been functional has been our defence. With Bart RoboCop Jamo and De Laet being by far our best defensive combination. To Joyce Why the fuck would you change this? You absolute idiot.