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  1. So we avoided a tool being signed We threw out a decent player And we got back a dk head. 33% success sounds about right. At least we are consistent.
  2. High quality professional. He might push up that bicep for another insta photo. Dkhed.
  3. Troisi is a tool. Glad he has not signed.
  4. Never liked the prick. Fk him. So a Caceres and Mauk midfield attack it is.
  5. Exactly, I wonder if Wazza actually knows the history.
  6. Wasn't it said that they are only available to new members. I am sure I read that some where, maybe someone can clarify that further.
  7. It's Silva
  8. I am convinced this club is fkn stupid.
  9. I have no preference for any player tbh. An AMF's job is to create chances on goal, which he does well. If he gets the ball 5 times and creates 5 chances and works hard off the ball then he has done his job. That's the difference between the bullshit possession based measure and the relevant efficiency measures. I don't want him to chase possession as that's not what attacking playmakers do, and that is why most AMFs always seem to drift in and out of games even though they work hard off the ball. Firstly, we were never in commanding positions because our game plan was rubbish, secondly a CAM needs to link up and given his lack of on field time I think he did well, especially with Fitzy. If they were smart they would have played him as a traditional position rather than Cahill and instead of making him chase the ball out wide all the time. Just remember that our attacks were wide 90 % of the time and setup to bomb into the box with Timmy running in, so as a result there was no CAM role so to speak. But what he did do well was link with the forwards and track back to stop the opposition's DM. And the slowness of ball movement out of defence was a joke. If a traditional CAM role is in our game plan then Caceres has the game. He needs to be played for the most part of 90 mins at least up until Christmas to get a fair indication of if he is average or a match winner. He at least deserves an opportunity, and if he doesn't take the opportunity then trade him off in January.
  10. Disagree. He had no continuity last season and yet opened up the opposition defence on many occasions where no other of our players could, with limited time on the pitch, and with a game plan that was substandard. Caceres and Troisi in the middle would be dynamite.
  11. IMO the Caceres rumour is bullshit. It is obvious that he was left out because he dominated the last practice match and Wazza is satisfied with what he saw, and wanted to give the young midfielder a run purely for assessment purposes. Tbh they are no where near ready for this level.
  12. They are cancer and need to go. Nothing but negative vibes from these two dicknoses.
  13. Problem is we all expect Brattan to be something he is not. He has showed since he joined the club that he is nothing but a holding midfielder with rare flashes of brilliance. He is no regular playmaker that we can rely on. So I think that's what we should expect, nothing more nothing less.