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  1. Budzinski has been poor for a Marquee, he better hit his straps soon.
  2. Wazza really needs to look hard at who he is playing as some of the player's flaws have become evident and can not be ignored. I understand this is his first season with this group and up to today he needed to give players the benefit of the doubt, but progressing from here without big changes is not acceptable. Good coaches will react swiftly and precisely. Show us how good you are Wazza and do what you need to do. Also our wingers need to learn to play narrow on a counter attack as we are being caught out wide way to often which allows the opposition time to organise themselves centrally, we lose momentum and we look mechanical instead of flowing into attacking positions. Poor game by our boys and referee was poor. Questions need to be asked on Budzinski, Mauk, Malik and Kamau three of which are not doing their jobs to create real opportunities for Ross. Lets see how we go next week.
  3. Oooohhh boy. That was trash.
  4. Highlight of the match is Fitzy tripping on grass. Team performance holds us in good stead for Newcastle next week. Come on city!!!! Pumped for next week. Love this game.
  5. Disgraceful refereeing both on and off the pitch. Var is destructive to the game.
  6. Pumped about tonight. Fire up fkn 5-0 win Ross hat trick with Fitzy and Bud to also score. Come on city!!!!
  7. Wazza Watch: The second coming of Aloisi

    Either you believe Wazza who's job it is to advance the team or the media who's job it is to create headlines. That's the choice.
  8. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Don't let the truth get in the way of your delusion. In context to the discussion my comments are very relevant and backed up by many professional studies on the topic. It may not be convenient or related to your experience but I am not talking about you. So drop it, or even better educate yourself on the subject. Yeah it's all fake, I am sick of this bullshit continually coming up when someone goes through a challenging period in their lives. I say let's all give antidepressants to all people when things don't go their way. To give an example of current state of the big Pharma sponsored psychiatric/ psychology industry this is critique on their current bible, According to critics, the new edition of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) diagnostic "bible" – the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) -- will label healthy people with a mental condition and make them prime candidates for unnecessary prescriptions of mind-altering antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs Virtually none of the mental disorders described in the DSM can be objectively measured by empirical tests; instead, they're completely subjective By turning normal emotions and difficult life circumstances into “illnesses” the DSM-5 has resulted in the rampant over-medicalization and over-diagnosis of mental illnesses within the psychiatric profession Quite disgraceful tbh.
  9. Welcome Ross McCormack

    This depression narrative is fake news. He may be sad and wishing for success but it's far from clinical depression. Depression gets thrown around way too easy today and that's why there are so many people falsely diagnosed and medicated causing a downward spiral in their lives. Most psychiatrist and psychologists follow theories of bullshit, over analysis and self absorbed in grandeur and line their pockets as a result. The guy is pissed off that he can't score for fun in a shit league and so he should be, he needs to get off his arse and work himself back into form.
  10. Wazza Watch: The second coming of Aloisi

    Ange is following the money to China that's why he resigned. He is a deceiving liar.
  11. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Hmmmm. This isn't looking good. Hopefully he has enough resilience to bounce back from this as we need him up forward.
  12. The road to the 2018 WC

    Ange out. Yippee!!! Now let's get a real coach.
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Maybe it's our opportunity to get rid of Tim. With Bruno, Ross and Brandan up forward this may be good for us. United States-based Australian defender Harrison Delbridge has been linked with a move to Melbourne City, according to American reports. The Sydney-born 25-year-old is currently on the books of second tier USL club FC Cincinnati, having gone to college at the Appalachian State University. According to Cincinnati.com, Delbridge harbours Socceroos ambitions and wants to play in the A-League to enhance his chances of selection. Delbridge has played for Cincinnati since 2016 and was named in the USL All-League Team in both 2016 and 2017.
  14. Tim Cahill

    Restless Cahill set for crisis talks with City chief Marwood But the Socceroos talisman can expect no guarantees of enhanced game time, or an easily expedited passage elsewhere, as Melbourne City prepare to play hard ball with their costliest asset. Marwood is due in Melbourne at the back end of the week on pre-determined club business, but Cahill's future now tops the agenda after the veteran attacker's public pronouncements that he'll "find a way to play more" if coach Warren Joyce continues to leave him on the bench. The club are unimpressed with Cahill using a TV platform after Australia clinched World Cup qualification with their win over Honduras to voice his displeasure at being used so sparingly this season. "I've got to make some big decisions on the level of where I'm playing at and what I'm going to do," added the 37-year-old, who is desperate to retain his match fitness heading into Russia 2018. Marwood and the club hierarchy would have preferred he kept his grievances in-house and Cahill is unlikely to be afforded any special dispensations when the parties meet. The City Football Group (CFG) invested around $2.2 million in Cahill over three years, with the FFA understood to have kicked in another $800,000. Cahill collected around $1.8 million of that last season in a heavily front-ended deal. With the incentivised component of the deal downgraded this season, Cahill can expect as little as $200,000 from City, not including bonuses. He has 18 months remaining on the contract, with the final year acting as a proposed transition into coaching. However, all is up in the air now as Cahill, whose relationship with Joyce has been frosty since the Englishman's arrival, seeks either first team football assurances or a move elsewhere. Joyce has told Cahill that his physical attributes are not always compatible with the style of football he is attempting to employ, an explanation which did little to endear him to the Socceroos' all-time top scorer. Hence the validity of recent reports claiming the pair's relationship is "at breaking point". There is the possibility of a January swap deal with another A-League club, or a transfer offshore. However, it's difficult to envision a plethora of bidders for a player, who despite his enduring pedigree, turns 38 on December 6. In any event, Cahill will not be allowed to leave without some form of compensation. The CFG were hoping the acquisition of Cahill would boost City's attendances and enhance commercial activity - but neither have eventuated. All eyes will now be on Friday night's visit of Perth Glory to AAMI Park, and just where Cahill fits into Joyce's jigsaw, with four-goal signing Ross McCormack currently the first choice striker. http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2017/11/20/restless-cahill-set-crisis-talks-city-chief-marwood