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  1. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    He cant do anything else, he has to be all about positivity. I kinda wish that the head of Melbourne could do this after Mr Mediocrity gets the chop, just so as Melbourne stops feeling like Mini Manchester. And i would just like some truth to be thrown in, "we are still failing in the Aleague because..........." or "the salary cap has been a thorn in the side of what we are trying to achieve in Melbourne" give me something other than we finished the highest we ever have.
  2. Tim Cahill

    So good!!!!!!!
  3. Absolutely sick to death of......... -being refered to as "the Manchester City owned Melbourne City" -right now feeling like a feeder club to fund Man City, which all clubs are in a way but to have it shoved in my face like Marwood and co do is pissing me right off now. -being under SCOTT MUNN'S leadership FMD. Its been yeeeeeeeears and nothing changes each year, we need someone that is not a yes man to the sky blue overlords and he needs a spine to want to take charge and change the back offices. -being expected to renew each year when we dish up the same crap each year. And while im at it going in a competition to go and watch Man City play. -being CFG scouting test dummies, other than TUNA they have got it way wrong!!! -CFG putting ACL ahead of Aleague trophies, this to me spits in the face of what league we play in and i even i got sucked into the hype of being in the ACL. -having so many negatives to get off my chest.
  4. Memberships

    Wasnt it "the last month"?
  5. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    I think it is a minimum the position we finished and as much as not making the GF im not to dissatisfied that it took a goal like that to beat us. Overall a season we can definately improve on.
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Iniesta............announced he's leaving Barca
  7. Wow!!! What a cock this kid must feel like! Well done champ your a legend!!! The best part of the flare was the terrace reaction, im surprised at the ban given the terrace reaction and the pointing out of the flare ripper.
  8. Dude..........🤨 Flares are ILLEGAL........illegal.........I...FUCKING...LLEGAL The terrace just needs some stronger leadership to create the colour and noise you talk of and it doesnt need flares. I agree that the terrace is absolutely disjointed at the moment, but why dont the splinter groups that are so noisy actual sing and inline with the Capo and at seasons end maybe put there hands up to have a crack at the top job? Maybe have a crack yourself. This does need to be resolved but illeagal flares is not the answer.
  9. Melbourne Heart and Melbourne City attendances

    Well well well who's plastic now! Its all gravy when things are going there way. Victim scum!
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    A proper number 10! #missingmooy
  11. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I may have taken Roly as a player that may improve but if people think he's more than a substitute right now theyre mistaken. Goes missing way to much and does no hard work the other way.
  12. 2017/18 Melbourne City Media

    Or a dam good boss that knows its a once in a lifetime oportunity.
  13. Memberships

    I am not a foundation member but i would like to see recognition for years of membership on the scarf etc. I also thought it was a great thing for foundation members to be recognized, also all members would have walked away feeling appreciated last night i would have thought, the club did well.
  14. I know what your trying to say...........maybe i dont see the same in bud as you.
  15. I had to fight tooth and nail to get my Big Macs. Its like there was no memo sent out to the Laverton store, no fucks now though 4 Big Macs and a happy family. Can we get a KFC sponsorship next year though and maybe Hungry Jacks the year after just to mix it up a bit.