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  1. Personally dont think this will happen and maybe the rumours are there because we somehow get linked to everyone, also could be his manager trying drum up some more money.
  2. NO!!! We've had our fair share of shit players in the past.
  3. They have had it the last few years im pretty sure. Usually we play away first week and last year we played a derby at etihad the second week but maybe this year we'll play the first 2 away
  4. Bouzanis and maybe a back up goalkeeper.
  5. Im not sure about "ball tampering" tricks though.
  6. I have a feeling we tried Killa at CB last year and was no good. Im pretty sure he got found out and got a little jumpy around the box.
  7. He's that good that he couldnt get a game in holand, what happened to kids bouncing from club to club learning there craft and finally making a fist of it instead these guys come back with there tail between there legs because its to hard ffs. Good luck to the spud!
  8. Cant wait for the derby! If he's as hard nosed like everyone is saying (i have no idea) then imagine if shit gets real on the sidelines with Muscat now that would be a nice little derby in itself. Is it possible to change the thread name again to "Wazza the hard ass" or something not so negative or am i just to positive for a Heart/City supporter
  9. I thought he had a proper recon but maybe he had the LARS ay. I remember a Sydney Swans player having a LARS and he got back in half the time
  10. Didnt United let Pogba go and then have to pay a shitload to get him back when he got good.
  11. Dont go picking on cold custard now, would admit though after watching the video above i am a little underwhelmed
  12. Not sure that they canned the Tim Cahill rule yet, so maybe can throw money at him that way and play all the games.
  13. New song?????? Que Sera Sera Whatever will be will be ................... ................... Spot on just announce it though, if its that big of a name it will be on the back cover of the sun otherwise it will 10pages deep from the back.
  14. Got ya. I was thinking of going City Class this year but i really dont think they would tolerate the home truths and language been shouted
  15. Would that be because of all the people that had seats last year havnt renewed and is now open for anyone wanting to purchase a ticket.