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  1. Where did you find this picture man.
  2. Looks like a training top
  3. Just watching the replay now, still cant take corners! He must be absolutely dead eye dick in training for him to be still taking them
  4. Liked just for the use of extended vocabulary
  5. Im shocked that this news is coming out of the SBS. Is it click bait or is someone actually talking from behind the CFG "dont talk to no cunt" policy. Either way im all for it, sick of not hearing anything from CFG and its almost a slap in the face to the paid up members who want to feel part of the club, but instead have to settle to being a mushroom.
  6. + castro = delicious
  7. Im not on facebook so really am only talking city's failings in this forum and am a little surprised to hear that people wear rose coloured glasses on fb. And if im honest i dont keep my sauce in the fridge, but i think there are that many preservatives mixed into it that there is no need.
  8. 100% agree! I also agree with Garby, we arnt the most passionate supporter base but maybe that comes from a 5 year headstart to Victory and a definate acceptance of mediocrity. I know where I sit we start to get under the skin of people around us when we are on the teams back, Its also recognised by one Francis Leach on SEN that said that you could not find a nicer group of fans in any sport in Melbourne or something to that affect. Its never really bothered me but Garby has really put it out there and now it bothers me. I gave no fucks when the "we are shit" chant went out and maybe that can be a catalyst for how the other supporters react next year. I really dont know how JVS lasted so long without week after week of banners saying JVS out.
  9. All good man was a little confused. If Seb Ryall cant get his shit together under Arnie then he probably never will, so i retract my Seb Ryall thoughts.
  10. Ha ha fair enough, didnt even realise he was from the dark side. Nothing sarcastic about it, obviously the city youth are going great guns and thats why we got chapman from Newcastle and Tongjik from Adelaide.
  11. Would anyone take Seb Ryall from Sydney? I know he's second string in Sydney but ive always thought he's played well and maybe partnering Jakobsen could be a good thing without wasting the spot on another visa
  12. I thought this thread was active due to a rumour that Brats was on his way out.
  13. 36 and no clubs have come for him, so trying get back what was once offered
  14. Im not sure that moving to the Aleague as the main man is a downgrade. Majority of coaching staff would love to run there own show, and if you could hide away from the critics whilst trying to find your feet as a manager then why wouldnt he.