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  1. Just for all who want to travel to Sydney i feel i have to give a heads up on pricing................... ............$40!!!!!!! to get into the away bay 😳 We ended up paying $38 for a GA ticket and went where we wanted. WTF $40! Maybe theres more to people not going to SFC games. I would have thought all Aleague games anywhere would be $20 - $25 for GA.
  2. Why he was deployed into the strikers role and not Mauk is beyond me.
  3. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    Cant wait to see the wiz kids of CCM, no idea why people wont make time for them tomorrow. Will be looking closely at Danny D silva and the stuff he brings. I remember when we used to play young blokes with skill and now its just established guys with no clear direction running around.
  4. Tim Cahill

    Obviously its everyone else's fault, throw the club under the bus and destabilize the team simples. Then rip up the contract and move on. All about criteria to get into the team
  5. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    Killa is playing with the youth team today
  6. Tim Cahill

    God i hope not
  7. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    Pretty sure its a disgusting money grab by the FFA
  8. Round 10: vs CCM Sunday 10 December AAMI Park @ 7pm

    Are you kidding?! Its Star Wars round 😎
  9. Fernando BrandΓ‘n

    I would love Brandan back but maybe theres something to it.
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Would have been surprised due to the MLS just finishing.
  11. Wazza Watch: The second coming of Aloisi

    Imagine JVS having a back 3 of Bort, Jakob and the Roc. He would be playing Carrusca and maybe Arzani next to him as the playmakers. And definately think the youth would be playing minutes with the seniors.
  12. Ross McCormack

    I dont understand the bloke trying to make runs in behind as if he's gonna run onto it and beat his opponent! He is massively out of form and has no confidence, he doesnt link up nicely with anyone in the team. He continually plays his game hoping that the others will change the way they play to suit him. I really think we should be giving one of the young blokes a crack for a couple of games. I wouldnt mind seeing how JVS would go with this team.
  13. LEGEND!!!!!! We need more Borts
  14. Ross McCormack

  15. Rd. 8 vs Perth, Friday 24/11, AAMI Park, 7.50 pm

    After the cheezels chant and all the cheezels were gone, old mate threw the box. Security came in to tell him off then some bloke a few seats infront threw a beer towards the security guard. Massive overrection from security........it was an empty cheezels box ffs!!!!