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  1. Paulo Retre

    Thought he was very serviceable as a fullback apart from lacking an extra yard of pace to be able to keep up with the really quick wingers. Given that he is nominally a number 6 he did well there and was more than serviceable when given the opportunity in midfield. . But if he couldn't get much of a run when Rose, Franjic and Muscat were generally playing like useless pricks at full back this season then it is no surprise he could read the writing on the wall and is looking elsewhere. Good luck to him. Always gave his best for us so hope he does well elsewhere.
  2. Another chapter of the "not really his fault but nowhere to be seen for the goals" and "look at how stylish I look kicking it long... oh it went to the opposition" Bouzanis performance. Having said that, a typical gutless performance from the midfield. As soon as things get a bit tough they all go missing. No Jakobsen, no Kilkenny, no Fernando = our soft underbelly exposed. Although given Muscat's previous form at Centre Back, why would you play him there against Sydney? He is psychologically shot. Was always likely to commit another brain fade. Valkanis is a sycophantic Assistant at best.
  3. Another Muscat calamity. And Bouzanis' "organising" skills on view again.
  4. We were weak as piss against WSW and Sorensen gets dropped??!! Typical move of a Manager that has no clue. JVS proved he knew nothing abut goalkeepers by dropping Sorensen after Round 2, obviously Valkanis knows even less.
  5. The road to the 2018 WC

    We really do have a shit squad. Full backs are both plodders. Sainsbury is good at Centre Back yet Ange plays midfielders like Milligan there! Jedinak is getting slower, well past his best, Juric is a big donkey who doesn't know how to get into goal scoring positions, hides behind defenders when the ball is about to be crossed. Leckie is an even bigger donkey, strong and fast but the touch of rocking horse and dumb as they come, just gives the ball away 3 times out of four. Milligan is okay in midfield but a journeyman, not a match winner. Luongo and Rogic have nice touches but poor defensive workrate. Brad Smith's touch is woeful although he is dangerous going forward. Troisis is a "nearly" guy: nearly gets shots on target, nearly makes a defense-splitting pass, beats one player and nearly beats the second. Which leaves Mooy and Cahill as the only real class players without major flaws and Cahill is getting past it. Luckily we have decent keepers otherwise we would be in bigger trouble. When Irvine is head and shoulders our best player then we are in trouble. The worst thing is that we have turned into a boring, boring team. Hoping for a result but not too confident.
  6. Melbourne City Fan Club for quick sale

    How about an accident-prone journeyman left back and a bald right back with a dickhead namesake? Will swap you for a good #10 and the domain name.
  7. I agree with part of this. Cahill should have come off the bench rather then starting. But having started Cahill, may as well leave him on for a few minutes in the second half. Don't agree about Caceres. If we aren't behind he spends 90% of the time looking a little bit flashy and "nearly" influencing games. But he is a front runner who becomes invisible when things get tough and only plays relatively well against the shit teams. Not someone who can run the game for you in midfield. Not hopeless but a bit player at best. We do not have a decent #10, which is part of our problem, but he isn't the answer there.
  8. Sack Valkanis

    Fuck him off. Timmy as player-coach for the rest of the season
  9. Valkanis lost us this one. Muscat = ridiculous. And even taking off Cahill at half time: if you are going to pinch a goal with 10 men, most likely to be from set pieces so why not leave him on for 15-20 minutes? And playing Bruno as number 10 was just change for change's sake When he and Cahill have worked well it is usually Cahill roaming around in midfield and arriving late in the box with Fornaroi up top. Fucking Calamity Rose isn't up to it either although he at least avoided his usual calamity today, but gives us nothing. Just play a kid there. Only bright spot was seeing Sorensen back between the sticks, calmly stepping off his line grabbing high balls, reading the game well and being impeccably positioned. Although he must be the worst guesser at penalties ever. Have never even seen him get close to one.
  10. Josh Rose

    He is "Calamity Rose". Still running now to try and catch the Adelaide guy who scored the winner. His best performances result in an average, nondescript game but always chimes in with a couple of calamities. Shit cunt. Fuck him off. Colazo has been next to fucking useless lately further up the field so just play him at left back, send Rose to the NPL Division 2 and move on.
  11. Bruce Kamau

    I agree with this. Less "potential" brilliance and ability to beat players than Bruce, but if Bruce isn't taking them on regularly then Fitzy is better value. While on this topic, I also don't think Brandan takes on the wide guys very much either. Almost always cuts inside to where there are more defenders. Which is why sides that congest the middle like Brisbane and Perth have made it hard for us and why Bruno has struggled for service in these types of games as the defence doesn't get pulled wide at all. They know Brandan and Bruce are almost always going to cut inside or play it back into midfield. Hopefully this changes now that JVS has gone.
  12. Bruce Kamau

    Not as much decision making in 1v1 situations out wide as you would think. Basically it is: beat the fullback and then deliver to a pre-determined area. Full stop. The "area" can vary but is usually 5-9 metres out from goal, or cut it back to about the penalty spot if you are very close/on the goal line. This "area" can be varied depending on what the coaches want you to do but it is up to the winger to just deliver the ball to an "area" that our forwards know about and then it is up to them to get there. So I think if he can get his confidence up to take players on, then instinct/improvisation takes over and less decision-making is needed. A lot of this comes down to instruction and coaching: support/encouragement to "take the wide guy on whenever you can" and "when you do, just deliver to area X and it is the job of the strikers to get there"
  13. Dean Bouzanis

    This is very accurate. Hard to find "obvious" blunders that have cost goals and he makes the "shot-stopping" kind of saves that any competent keeper should, but just doesn't command or control the area and there have been a number of goals where, although they aren't "mistakes" you just get the feeling that he could/should have done better. Very much like Redmayne. And the distribution thing is just a myth. Ditto the "sweeper keeper" talk. The only time he acts as a "sweeper" is when our players pass it back to him. We almost never see him actually come out of his box and clear a long ball/through ball which is behind our defence. Unlike someone like Galekovic who, as well as being good with his feet from passbacks, actually defensively cuts off a lot of long balls over the top. When that happens to us, Dean is pretty much backpedalling at a great rate towards our goal. Reads the game very poorly, which is what you would expect for someone who has basically been a back up keeper for the past decade: reasonable shot stopper, poor reader of play, poor organiser.
  14. Bruce Kamau

    Just doesn't take people on enough out wide. He is often isolated one-on-one out wide and really only takes on the fullback about 1 in 10 times. Usually just lays it back or comes inside the full back a bit and lays it off which is really infuriating. That seems to be a confidence thing. But did it a little bit more against WSW 2 times out of 10) although you would expect that playing against 10 men. We will see how he goes in coming weeks.