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  1. I'm pretty sure they've already reported me, i'll be sure to include that in my defense if the uni decides its worthy of investigating. Fucken pussies
  2. I tried pulling that card but there's no reasoning with these thots. I said i'm more oppressed than black people and therefore have a right, reverse racism doesn't exist, response was NUH SHUTUP
  3. c o n t e x t
  4. TTIM: University liberals. I had an army of thugs (all female, surprisingly) doxx me and expose me on various social media platforms for using the word 'nigger' (ironically) on my own private social media page.
  5. We won't sign a single player until the manager is here
  6. And what? Decisions are made in Manchester, no one in Melbourne has any information on happenings other than the times when buisnessmen leave for England, the time they return from it, and who they bring with them.
  7. Can confirm SST's tweet. Final round of interviews were conducted this week and last week.
  8. a dude on my facebook who came across them at a Nike store in Malaysia. Looks like the material used for the polos, which doesn't seem right.
  9. Malaysia, Singapore
  10. its being sold in SEA Nike shops
  11. Haven't you heard? There's a new subgroup, we're peaceful hooligans now. #religionofpeace
  12. Oooooooooooooh Anders Ludwig Van De Hokenberg is magic, he wears a magic hat
  13. Lol imagine a melb derby in Sydney. siktir
  14. The only rule is, an agreement must be reached by one party. Convince me otherwise: AFL is an un-appealing sport to attend, is more plastic than the A-league and doesn't deserve the funding and recognition it receives.
  15. i think arabs are just angry cause their throats take a lot of wear every time they speak
  16. therein lays your problem.
  17. I think it's fact that personality changes with the language you speak with. I'm much more cocky, sarcastic, honest and to an extent warmer when using my native language compared to english where i'm restricted from using the words i want so as to not trigger half the populace
  18. "AS OF 1 JANUARY 2017, ON-THE-SPOT PENALTY FARES HAVE BEEN ABOLISHED AND A NEW INFRINGEMENT SYSTEM HAS BEEN PUT IN PLACE! While this is great news, it means that this website is redundant for the time being. We're keen to know about your experiences under this new arrangement, and whether you have any problems."
  19. Anyone have experience appealing a myki fine? I have solid proof (location history, schedule) that I wasn't present at the given location at the time of the fine. Even so, if i'm remembering wrong, I never travel without a fully topped up myki, and have never been written up for failure to provide a card in the past 3 months(during which the fine was apparently issued) (I can say never with 100,000% certainty.) What will hold up in court?
  20. say your goodbyes @Baka1
  21. Melbourne City isn't a Red and White club
  22. Senior level worker at the club.
  23. I'm hearing CFG have struck a deal with AAMI Park and are looking to change the seats to sky blue
  24. Anyone heard of this guy? Solid Aussie left back playing in Holland, on loan from Town