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  1. Andrew Redmayne

    How the fuck did this cunt manage to win 5 trophies after leaving
  2. The "Where are they now?" thread

    His body couldn't hold up anymore, I believe he's focusing on property now
  3. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Slimmm slim chance of that happening
  4. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Why not just post it here?
  5. Why did Brattan press the entire length of the pitch to open up the gap
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Muscat is finished mate.
  7. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Today was his last day in Melbourne. He’s officially moved.
  8. I used to be able to summon 10-15 of my mates to attend a game, any game. Now? It's too fucking boring, No chance.
  9. Everything is shithouse
  10. The find a job thread

    At what level?
  11. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Nice nice nice, you've said a lot but most of it is non factual assumption Tawhidi is a fraud with no credibility, you only like him cause he's racist to Sunnis but it's alright coz he's middle eastern himself My point was that government is looking into the wrong places in Australia for extremism when they could address the true issue of Salafism and Wahhabism (Saudi brand of Islam, creator of terrorism and all the issues you see today) Don't give a fuck what you think about the religion, I don't know a single Muslim that doesn't actively boycott Saudi funded mosques and ideologies-- what makes you think we don't address this? Meanwhile Trump is butt buddies with King Salman or whoever the fuck he is.
  12. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Every mosque ever has been linked to every terrorist organisation, that's a part of the problematic targeting of Australian Muslims which makes us vulnerable.
  13. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Have 100 years of history with more funding in the league
  14. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Can't believe how far Jacob Melling has fallen