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  1. They touch on the maturity a bit but otherwise dodge the topic
  2. Hahahahahahah what a fucking shitshow
  3. .. I didn't get shit
  4. i don't know what to do with my hands
  5. It was very deliberate. Maybe not to injure, but to physically get at him, yes. He didn't even apologise.
  6. “I didn’t have any until that penalty moment and a few fans started getting into me as I was walking off. I felt it was a bit disrespectful which is why I did that two-nil signal, which wasn’t my brightest moment, but you’re not thinking too straight when you’re out there and old fans are booing you. “It’s all part of it, there’s no hard feelings. I was with the club from day one of my professional career, so it was disappointing, but the fans tried to get under my skin.’’
  7. Love how you drew the circles in City Blue. Well done everyone
  8. Pack it up boys, Troisi confirmed.
  9. Holy fuck I figured it out..
  10. It looks like fitzy's chin
  11. That pisses me off
  12. Yeah a shit game, mostly cause of ramy at the start and ruon / malik being slow as fuck
  13. Something like that
  14. I don't think it'll be stripes. It'll probably be red sleeves with just one white stripe down the proximal side of the kit edit: lateral**, not proximal.