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  1. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    inshallah Melbourne Victory falls in the great jihad on saturday I am fucking pumped. Cannot wait to look very intimidating and making as much noise in one corner of a 200k stadium than the rest of the occupants. Can't wait to bully some Back Row Melbourne pussy.
  2. That's something you start in year 10-11
  3. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    The option to buy a membership ticket is an entirely different screen to normal tickets. Yiu won’t be able to find them if you clicked “Melbourne Victory vs Melbourne City”— look for something that shows all ticketed events for melbourne victory, then click the one that says something like “Melbourne Victory vs Melbourne City - Members” . On phone atm so I can’t link it for you.
  4. Vi5it0rs

    Lost 2-1 to Adelaide United in a friendly today..
  5. 2018/19 A League Match Day Thread

    Awesome man. Subscribed
  6. 18/19 Prediction Thread

    I'm interested
  7. The "Where are they now?" thread

  8. Yarraside Knowledge Bank

    Just do what I do, leave it alone and let them call you, you pay 12+months worth of debt, easy.
  9. Probably not, Canberra United has a team in the W-league. It's probably a mix up or intentional if you follow Canberra's women's side.
  10. Memberships

    I personally hate AAMI Park. The bad memories outweigh the good. And i'm sick of seeing those fucking green seats. Colour them black or something
  11. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/majority-of-aleague-clubs-arent-keen-on-adopting-the-controversial-entertainment/news-story/49e68ce551c5e9fde9597fec1be10be0 Looks like our club's idea of fan engagement is the sausage stand and beer? Really? That's it?
  12. Melbourne City FC pre season 2018

    He used preseason friendlies to get everyone fit.
  13. Now that you mentioned it, probably both. But in previous years what i'd call "mid terrace" Melburnians were much more active and passionate about support, rather than passive as of recent times
  14. I'll make a true judgement after our first home game in this season, but it seems like there's been a personality shift in the "Melburnians" over the past year or so.