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  1. Gaming brahhh

    RIP Arthur I've always liked John more anyway so i'm not too sad. The Talos Principle is a fucken lit puzzle game that's more complicated than you expect. Grinding fps on Star Citizen in the meantime.
  2. The "Where are they now?" thread

    The sickest thing ever was when the talking city boys hyped him up to dribble the entire length of the field and score a goal and he actually tried it in the next game
  3. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    The club literally has the best medical team in the country.
  4. Not all of us grew up in England/Australia and we make up the majority of people who join active areas, cant be too surprising that we also bring the soccer culture.
  5. Selling my ticket. $15. Inbox if interested.
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Bruno, La Rocca and Caceres is training woth the youth today
  7. Tifo talk

    No one has even considered them because there's no money in the coffers to make one anyway
  8. I can assure there won't be any flares during the game. During the march, maybe. But there'll be no attacks
  9. Rest In Piece Melburnians (M14) 2014-2018

    A comment on how fractured the active area became not the cleverest of puns i admit
  10. So i'm not an ambassador for the terrace or anything but the core has announced that the derby on Saturday, 22/12/18 will be the Melburnians' last game as an active area. There are a few groups who want to create a new one already in the works but nothing is set in stone yet. As for now, who can we blame-- Security, vicpol, the people in the terrace itself, Munn, the club-- they all played a part. Can't say i'm too sad in honesty. It reached an absolute wondrous peak at around the 15/16 season when we had Mooy, Novillo, Bruno, but most importantly numbers in the terrace and an awesome core to lead it. As predicted, it probably copped cancer just before the start of last season and has officially died. The regular contributors have become disenfranchised and emotionally drained and it's been toxic to attend as of late. Tribute thread out
  11. Memberships/Season Tickets

    It took me three months to get my refund finalised after being promised it would be done in a few days
  12. Gaming brahhh

    Quick update, more than a month in and still on Chapter 6. Ending has been spoiled for me so i'm just delaying it Heard online was shit. On the side i've put about $1000 into Star Citizen only cause i'm fucking pumped for what it's gonna be, and am already impressed with the progress they've made this year with development.
  13. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Just last week, took my dad to the ER for a 2 week long migraine and extremely high blood pressure and ended up waiting 20 hours just waiting for a room, then waiting for scan results. It's fucked in the face.
  14. The Great Annual "In" or "Out" thread

    Self esteem destroying especially for a 10/10 such as me