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  1. This was precisely the comment I was about to make. Flexible to the extent of being spineless
  2. Sounds like Colazo.
  3. Not anymore pal.
  4. It’s a joke. If you want me to sit here and explain how the thread is a play on the militant nature of city fans and subtleties involved with making a sarcastic thread like this it ruins it. Make a Le Patron thread if you want a Le Patron thread, this is the Sack Mombaerts thread
  5. Don’t fuck wit my post title- leave “Sack Mombaerts” which is a forum tradition for the past 5 years
  6. He wants a positive, attacking style of football? #SackMombaerts
  7. He pulled that sort of shit off when he was in Melbourne too, cunts fucked in the head
  8. Just getting it warm before we take it out the oven
  9. I was embarassed while david villa was here. He ended up realising we had no offensive plan and tried created things by himself to no avail. then he left like 2 weeks later
  10. How the fuck did this cunt manage to win 5 trophies after leaving
  11. His body couldn't hold up anymore, I believe he's focusing on property now
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