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  1. Chianese is 30 YO. we would break him with a hammy or Soft tissue injury for sure. Dagastino would be Ok but only if we got him at 100K or less. Although the whole wages and pricing situation will change significantly with the reported 50% cut to any Foxtel deal. So we could possibly get a better player than both of them at a lower price. There would be plenty of players out there who have noticed the continued payment of salary to city players. Some may simply want personal financial security.
  2. So it is a good thing if the player wanted it. I wish him luck.
  3. https://thebridge.in/football/isl-2020-21-a-league-stars-likely-to-come-india-transfer-window/ Brilliante possibly to Mumbai in Transfer window. Seems Like City are leading on this move. Maybe His wage is not affordable for next season and they want to keep him around in case things change. also states that ISL teams need 1 x Asian player. Tough A league Defenders seem popular. Not sure but in general the ISL players are lighter so some aussie muscle seems like what they are after.
  4. telegraph saying players are being told/asked to take %80 pay cut. And Lucy Zelic on TWG saying that she spoke to someone "in the know" who says that 3 clubs don't want the season to be completed. Money will be the determining factor in the end. That might be fine for MCFC with their coffers but the rest of the clubs at the lower end cant exist with no income. Slater saying August, but IMO the players who line up to play will be vastly different to the start of the season for some clubs. This will mean the outcome is not a real reflection of the game especially mid and lower table fight for finals spots.
  5. IMO home: city blue by neccesity. permanenet away:red and white, third strip "- whatever/experiment/one off/themed/extra sponsor/etc
  6. Club CEO, Brad Rowse, said: “Whatever happens, we want to thank you for your loyalty and passion for Melbourne City. Our loyal members and fans are the red, white and blue soul of the Club. Every decision we make at the moment is to try and get the best outcome for you, the fans, the Club and the players.” Confusing??, Red and white and blue - our home strip is City Blue and away Black and white. We only wore red and white for 10 year anniversary this season?
  7. I thought that fox were insistent on the A League playing a minimum of 130 games? which means 11 more to be played to meet this requirement. If FFA postpone it, or better still the government implemets a lockdown or something similiar, the FFA will not have defaulted on the agreement. That means Fox cannot claim that the FFA and A league defaulted on the contract and cancel the next three years of broadcasting. IMO it will wrap up after tonights game with an official Postponement so no announcement of a 'winner'.
  8. Apparently, yes they are in the "Naughty Books" but i think the corona stuff will mean they will have to get game time in the rotations. 😉
  9. This is from Al jazeera " https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/03/coronavirus-travel-restrictions-border-shutdowns-country-200318091505922.html "France French President Emmanuel Macron announced on March 16 that France's borders would be closed from March 17. The French leader, however, added that the country's citizens would be allowed to return home. The EU's external borders were also shut for 30 days from March 17. This does not apply to US citizens departing France to return to the United States. Flights from China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, Iran, and affected regions in Italy arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris are met by medical professionals to answer questions and take into care any person presenting symptoms." I think that Mombearts will be seriously considering returning to France. It may happen very soon. I have heard he has elderly parents etc and City would not deny him a return on that basis alone. If COVID19 worsens, which it will IMO, he might not get back at all. JVS contract mutually terminated on similar grounds so city could allow Mombearts a return for family reasons then offer him the AS Nancy Job so they don't lose him from CFG. If paddy continues to have wins then i would put money on Mombearts leaving once there is mthematically no chance of us losing second spot. Mombearts will have achieved at least one of the metrics of his appointment - ACL qualification. (yea i know it may not happen but he cant control that) BTW i hate the idea of losing Mombearts, but i am just looking at the situation and putting 2 and 2 together on this.
  10. This would be good but I don’t see it happening unfortunately
  11. This will be so he can leave for AS Nancy without any COVID19 complications as soon as we play out the last few games. Its also a dry run of Kisnorbo's ability to be the manager IMO. As mentioned elsewhere, City are looking to save money on players coaches and back room staff and that was the tone before the COVID19. paddy would be cheap is a known figure at the club and has an insight to playing style directly via Mombeart.
  12. The handball came off Maclarens foot onto Mourdakoutas hand. Thats a Penalty. Clear and obvious error form Ref. VAR should have corrected that and it would be 2-1. whole different story then. there is no 'accidental handball'
  13. Honestly i think Mombearts decision to play Suseata in the midfield and wales on the wing was poor. Should have left Susuaeta on wing and Metcalfe into midfield. This is far less disruptive overall. Wales cannot score under pressure and Susaeta is very weak physically and this does not suit A league. Susaeta in space on the wing gets more out of his skills.
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