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  1. Luke Brattan

    He should consider Asia or Middle east for the $$.
  2. National Premier League Victoria

    Youth beaten 2 nil by Werribee today. if they don't start winning soon they will be relegated to the new third tier starting 2020. maybe that is the right level if they cannot win games in the NPL2.
  3. Luke Brattan

  4. Squad 2019/2020

    Delianov to Western United i am pretty sure.
  5. https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/how-citys-rising-star-metcalfe-slipped-through-jets-net-524512/page0 an article on metcalfe. kid was from newcastle. He might have more options for game time if he went back there.
  6. so Najjarine ahead wales????? wales would have been way more threatening if we had swithched harrison to the left to run at their inexperienced RB - and lachie with fresh legs to threaten their tired LB. seems straight forward to me. and i know nothing tactically, really. i agree that Maclaren is not marquee worthy, but if you cross a ball into someone who is 5'7...... make it on the ground. Also get Atkinson off. Brattan needs to be on the ball higher up the park to continue to create opportunity.
  7. not sure if that is a mistake but i think Brattan as a 6/8 and 2 10's Metcalfe and McGree. But wazza will probably throw old broken Vidosic in.
  8. I would really like to see more of Metcalfe, i think he has some real potential to spark our midfield up. If Brattan can lead the show i think McGree and Metcalfe could work really well with him. I have said it before and have seen him in in the Youth, including a grand final, and he is a real talent. He is ready to play. throw him in wazza!!
  9. This kid is absolutely quality. Great touch, and making good runs into box. Seems to want to link up play from Backs to our final third. More minutes is essential for this kid. I think he should get a start before the end of the season.
  10. This from an article on DFS on 15 March: Beyond the defence, Joyce has also flagged the possibility of even younger blood being infused into his side in the absence of his Olyroos trio, namedropping teenagers Gianluca Iannucci and Yaya Dukuly as possible additions to his squad. Both wide players, Iannucci, 17, was a part of City’s pre-season tour of India while Dukuly, 15, made his debut for City’s senior NPL side as 14-year-old after being recruited from South Australia. Though not making any commitments – citing Friday as a major training day for his group – Joyce said that there was a good chance that one of the two would at least feature on the bench for his group on Sunday. The above followed an article on same web site on 14 March: A-League expansion side Western United has continued to bolster their squad ahead of their first competitive season, raiding the academy of local rivals Melbourne City for one of their brightest prospects. A source close to the expansion side has confirmed to dailyfootballshow.com that City teenager Dylan Pierias is set to join the club for their first year in the A-League. I think Joyce has made his decision about excluding Pieras as soon as the article of the 14th came out. Why CFG didnt lock Pieras down sooner boggles my mind. Joyce will put these two kids on the bench to reignite the "youth get a go at city " mantra while trying as best they can to have everyone forget about Pierias and the fact that he got no game time under Joyce at all.
  11. Galekovic RDL Bort Delbridge Jamo Baccus, good Bratts (Mids agree) Vidosic Jmac Harrison Ramy Metcalfe, Griff Florin Birra. I would have vidosic start and replace him with Ramy or Florin at half time. Metcalfe in at half time for Bratts (who will be completely marked out of the game as our most creative player) Griff in at 6 for good at 70th. Joyce has a tendency to wait till its too late to put fresh legs in. I think its time for subs at half time. Ramy and Metcalfe well and truly up to it IMO and should be given more minutes to ready us for finals depth. Pity Pieras has gone to Western United. I think he will lose his spot on the Bench to Ramy as a result.
  12. Found this article. Sound serious.
  13. Melbourne City Terrace

    Could not get to the game but the active was very visible on TV and gave a reasonable vibe. Keep it up it will be worth it.