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  1. Does anybody know if Atkinson wales and Genreau are intending on resigning? All their contracts expire at end of season. They can, and possibly have already, started negotiations with other clubs. I can see Atkinson and Genreau moving on. Especially Genreau who would want more game time so he can stay in the frame for olyroos Olympic tournament. Wales IMO has not done enough to attract attention with goals. Atkinson would do well at a ccm or jets where he would play more. I also suspect Pasquali will try and get over to city for game time. If any of these three U23 leave city would have room. He isn’t even in the match day squads for WU?? He would want to try to impress Arnold and may figure we would take him and Mombaerts would give him game time.
  2. I am a fan of Metcalfe. He has a no fuss, calm but highly skillful style. And has good height, excellent vision and can score.
  3. According to Davutovic, the Top 5 Emerging Players in the A league. Metcalfe in at a Solid #2. 1 AL HASSAN TOURE (ADELAIDE UNITED) 9 (2), Age: 19 Coupled with his FFA Cup feats, clearly the breakout star of the season. Al Hassan Toure has been brilliant for Adelaide. Picture: Sarah Reed 2 CONNOR METCALFE (MELBOURNE CITY) 8 (2), Age: 20 Metcalfe’s goals, aggression, dynamism have been a welcome addition to City’s XI. 3 LOUIS D’ARRIGO (ADELAIDE UNITED) 10, Age: 18 Replaced the massive shoes of Isaias and done it with aplomb. 4 CAMERON DEVLIN (WELLINGTON PHOENIX) 8, Age: 21 Relished playing after struggling for first-team chances. His in-your-face style has been refreshing. 5 MOHAMED ADAM 7 (1), Age: 19 Wanderers winger has excited in his three starts and four substitute appearances. MORE FOOTBAL
  4. Cabreara, with his single goal, has scored more goals than Genreau so not sure what you are basing that statement on.
  5. Metcalfe was excellent in the first game against Iraq also. Would love to see him starting in the Bahrain game.
  6. C'mon JW! Speculation, misinformation, innuendo, chinese whispers, outright lies, sweeping generalisations, espoused wise opinions and an occasional big news break are at the heart of this of this Fan Forum. Dont let the truth get in the way of a Hot Thread.
  7. from A league tweet Unión coach Leo Madelón on the impending arrival of Melbourne City winger Javier Cabrera: “I spoke with him yesterday, he is in Australia. He will be good for us. Cabrera will be arriving Sunday or Monday maybe, but you must resolve some issues in Australia."
  8. So its Done? Source... That was easy!
  9. He also could have had a buyout clause in his contract that has been triggered by a club in a league that are familiar with him and how he plays. They may consider it smart business. City may see it as easing cap space.
  10. I would be excited by a Rojas addition to our line up. I am curious though - other than the ferver on this forum thread what do you mean by " All signs point to Rojas tbh," I am hoping you know something more concrete than the rest of us!!
  11. I think Luna has pipped him based on goals tally alone. Berneguer is and has always been below par.
  12. I am more interested, if it's confirmed by the club, as to who and how soon he will be replaced. TBH IMO Cabrera took way too long to settle in and also can't speak english very well at all and this has hampered his on pitch performance.
  13. Does any body know if his current tally of 4 x yellow cards still stand? ie one more yellow and he misses another game in addition to this upheld Red card suuspension. That wll suck big time if it does.
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