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  1. Don't see any difference between these kids and any adult who impulsively checks their phone every 5 seconds imo. Which these days we're almost all guilty of.
  2. If you took absolutely any of the out spoken PC-pushing characters away from their Left-Leaning programs and put them in front of anyone with common sense they're immediately an easy target.
  3. Undoubtedly...
  4. The earth is actually hollow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_Earth
  5. The Sun works like a spotlight, illuminating only some parts of the disc at one time.
  6. TTDIM: George Calombaris.
  7. Following in the footsteps of Mark Schwarzer.
  8. Bump. Undefeated Borough playing the Dogs this week, pretty confident Port will get up at home since Footscray struggled against Richmond last week.
  9. There is no Hill in Taylors Hill. Indisputable evidence.
  10. 6. Finland does not exist.
  11. Unfortunately, yes. Prices on everything goes up during Nov-Feb period.
  12. Depends on the time of year though, significantly more expensive in high season.
  13. Not sure how these two can even be mentioned in the same sentence tbh.